About Shoes Resolved

Shoes Resolved is a site dedicated to face all those problems faced by people with wide feet. At Shoes Resolved, we’re specifically looking to provide knowledge about various kinds of shoes and work boots for men, women and kids with wide feets. It is our motto to provide people with the best product who are looking to save their time and energy to search for an ideal product under the budget they have. No matter what sort of shoes you are looking for your wide feet. We will make your shoes selection trial a more straightforward, time saving and fun task. 

What do we do

We are conducting reviews and giving you recommendations after doing thorough research. First, we decide on the product whose features are worth considering. Then we go for the best selling items out there in the market and then compare the characteristics of each product. We pay much attention to the reviews, warning and advice of real buyers. After all these considerations, we can write a full product description, buying guide and answer some of your frequently asked questions. 

How do we conduct reviews

Here are some steps which we follow to conduct reviews; it is quite a fun task to conduct surveys for you. 


First, we do market research. We consider the novelties of the products available in the market. For this we roam the market and find all those products that are loved by the consumers.

Key features

We identify the critical features of the products which are essential for the particular user. In critical features we keep in mind all those aspects that bothers people with wide feet.

Consumer Reviews

Now it comes to product selection. For this, we go for those products that are most loved by the customers. Then we analyze real buyer’s reviews to gain real advice and reviews.


After doing all these things, we compare every product with each other and select some best products among them. Then we write reviews or descriptive product details. Sum up everything with a buying guide, and some frequently asked questions.

Our Work Process

For choosing the right products for you, we go through the market and observe which products are popular among the people. Then we observe the rankings of the products. After this, we decide which one is the best product for you.

We take pride in our reviews and decisions as we conduct reviews with significant considerations. As it is the fact that we need to gather your belief. For this, we are conducting reviews based on real buyer’s reviews, ratings and rankings in the market.

Winning Products

Several products contain overwhelming features with average functionalities. So we consider this factor a lot that the product we are observing should be highly functional as well as stylish and affordable. This is the criteria which we keep in mind while observing and conducting reviews.

Shoes Resolved
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