Best Athletic Shoes for Bunions 2021 | Suggested by Podiatrists

Athletic shoes are versatile footwear appropriate for all kinds of outdoor sports. Regardless of running, tracking, or tennis, you can rely on a pair of functional Athletic shoes.

However, that is not the only reason why you should be picking athletic shoes!

For people who have a prominent bunion that cannot be overlooked, athletics are suitable. Whether it is a late stage Bunion or hardly noticeable, one thing is for sure. You do not want it to grow any further.

Innovative features like rebound properties, fluid movement, and vast interior make this shoe choice superior. You need something that helps you cover the embarrassing bump without increasing its progression.

To help you in this matter, I have gathered a list of top athletic shoes for bunions. I have pulled apart all the features to choose the appropriate ones. Hope on to the list to save your time and energy. It will not be long before you start agreeing on why they are an excellent choice. Happy walking to you!

Our Top Picks For Best Athletic Shoes for Bunions 2021

  • Altra Men’s -(Torin Athletic Shoe)
    “I like the fit, comfort, and neutrality of the shoe. It is a very wide shoe, which allows your toes to splay naturally. “ -Customer Review.
  • Fila Women’s Memory -(Slip resistant athletic Work Shoe)
    “I like these shoes; they encourage you to stand up straight and are slip…and well cushioned.” -Customer Review.
  • ASICS GT-2000 6 -(Women’s Running Shoe)
    “I wear orthotics, and I finally have the perfect shoes. It has enough cushion and stability.” -Customer Review.
  • PUMA Men’s -( Tazon Athletic Shoe)
    “These shoes are wide – perfect if you have wide feet or just want the extra room for thick socks like I wear most of the time. Plenty of room.” -Customer Review.
  • Under Armour Men’s (Charged Assert Athletic Shoe)
    “Under Armour is quickly becoming one of my favorite shoes.” -Customer Service.
  • New Balance Women’s (Fresh Foam Athletic Sneaker)
    “They look great and are very light to wear – Brilliant price for a great pair of trainers.” -Customer Review.

Comparison Table Of Best Athletic Shoes For Bunions 2021

Altra Men's - (Torin Athletic Shoe)Altra Men’s – (Torin Athletic Shoe)
  • A bound top layer
  • Zero drop platform
  • Toe splay
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Fila Women's Memory - (Slip resistant athletic Work Shoe)Fila Women’s Memory – (Slip resistant athletic Work Shoe)
  • Memory foam sock liner
  • Coolmax fiber
  • Slip resistant outsole
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ASICS GT-2000 6 -(Women's Running Shoe)ASICS GT-2000 6 -(Women’s Running Shoe)
  • Toe Off Phase Supported
  • Forefoot Gel Technology
  • FluidRide Midsole
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PUMA Men's - (Tazon Athletic Shoe)PUMA Men’s – (Tazon Athletic Shoe)
  • 100% Leather
  • Midfoot Saddle
  • Ultra Stability Outsole
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Under Armour Men's (Charged Assert Athletic Shoe)Under Armour Men’s (Charged Assert Athletic Shoe)
  • High Responsiveness
  • Durable Overlays
  • Compression Molded Foam
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New Balance Women's (Fresh Foam Athletic Sneaker)New Balance Women’s (Fresh Foam Athletic Sneaker)
  • Fresh Foam Midsole
  • Endurance Outsole
  • 8 millimeter Drop
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1. Altra Men’s -(Torin Athletic Shoe)

Altra Men's Torin 3 Athletic Shoe

On my list, the first athletic shoe is the Torin Men Altra that is better than the previous generation shoes and has a combination of desired features. An area of the inside is ignored, which makes it a perfect choice for bunions. The Torin 3 is more responsive, breathable to your walking. There is special padding for the shock absorption and natural muscular framework of the foot muscles.

Physical Outlook
Altra Men Torin is a fashionable athletic pair that has a similar look to our running shoes for bunions. The textile upper is extremely comfortable against the skin. The softer upper is paired with a harder rubber sole that increases traction on ground. Additionally, the 28 mm stack height gives plenty of bounce while doing regular exercises. These weigh 10 ounces and are 14 x 9 x 6 inches dimensions wide.


FootPod Outsole:
Bunions end to produce a minor change in the anatomy of feet that should be accommodated accordingly. For that matter, a FootPod outsole is installed that imitates the natural shape from outside increasing the functionality of tendons and ligaments surrounding the Bunion indirectly.

Zero Drop platform:
A harmonized balance is given to the front and back of the shoes. If the heels are padded, then so are the toes. This decreases the probability of your toes getting attacked by additional pressure. With a level platform, the heels and arch work equally maintaining the equilibrium of the body.

Foot shaped toe box:
Bunions make your toes vulnerable not only locally but increase the symptoms as well. Foot shaped toe boxes keep your toes straight and angled. The flexing will not create a further wedge in the metatarsophalangeal joint. The already present shape further assists the walking around the field.

The insole is a combination of Abound layer with EVA upper and inner flex sole. This increases the stretchability of feet. The soft surface lets you push to your boundaries. You will not be hitting a hard plane as you move forward or land from a high jump.

Altra men’s shoes are available in four natural colors. These are suitable for low profile people. Not all the colors are of the same shade as there is an exciting yellow and blue color. The collection of this shoe is affordable and readily available.

  • Zero platform shoes.
  • Help maintain equilibrium while exercising.
  • Decrease the burn of a high jump.
  • Adaptation for the functionality of toes.
  • Sturdy outsole.
  • The durability of the shoes is questionable.
  • They are half a size bigger than usual.
  • Difficult to clean.
Reason To Buy

People who face problems in flexing their toes while avoiding hitting the Bunion, these shoes are for you. The adaptation of Altra Men Athletic Shoes around the Bunion is reliable and fast for a long time.

Customer’s Perspective:
Customers have enjoyed their experience with Torin athletic shoes. They are suitable for weak muscled feet that have undergone TMT and MTP joint surgery. As they do not alleviate foot pain you can wear the shoes without a worry. However, they do have a low breathability rate. So, it will be difficult to work around with sweaty feet in this pair.

2. Fila Women’s Memory -(Slip resistant athletic Work Shoe)

Fila Women’s Memory Runtronic Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila memory shoes are suitable for sports and exercises that require long hours of practice. This particular shoe is a formation of performance and quality. This shoe has been tested according to the performance standards and beaten all odds. The traction increases with a slip resistant shoe. The memory foam installed in the midsole helps the Bunion in healing and working.

Physical Outlook
Fila women are as strong as they look. It has a strong build for aggressive performance. The rubber outsole looks like an extension of the similarly colored upper. The external leather and textile material allow you to flex your feet without losing balance. While it is a low top shoe the back of the ankle is slightly raised and padded for protection. These weigh less than competitors making them extremely lightweight.


Lace up closure:
In the front, the lace up closure allows you adjustment of fitness. This is where the variation comes in handy because you can adjust the vigor and foam pressing according to your Bunion’s inflammation. There is no sacrifice of comfort to achieve ideal fitness.

Sock liners:
Soft and compressible sock liners are installed in the interior and front of the insole. They increase the rebound properties of walking, enabling you to work all day. Each step is full of a cloudy feeling that doubles as the energy you put in the shoe increases.

You can control the formation of painful calluses and corns due to excessive rubbing and no air outlet the skin hardens and gets tender. Micro sized perforation in the interior increases the area for puffs of cool air. They keep your feet cool and dry.

Fila memory shoes are durable as they are covered with synthetic leather. The leather upholds the promise of durability without interfering with fitness and movement. It stops the shoe from getting out of shape, especially in the bunion area after a long time of use.

Fila athletic shoes have been presented in four primary colors. They are elegant and speak of your personality. However, the good thing is despite different colors and design the cost of shoes remains stable. You can grab a pair or two without worrying about the price.

  • Gives the feet time to breathe.
  • Suitable for long hours of exercise.
  • Make of durable material.
  • Elastic lace up closure.
  • It is tested and approved for working.
  • The arch support is moderate.
  • The laces are a bit smaller.
  • The padding is too soft.
Reason To Buy

Instead of hopping from shoe to shoe, you should stick with Fila Memory athletic shoes because the adjustment comes naturally. Your Bunion will not be compressed further to the int that the situation worsens!

Customer’s Perspective:
Fila is a soft athletic shoe with comfortable sock liners that prevent feet from overheating while exercising. These are suitable for young athletes rather than the aged community. You might face flaking problems as many customers have highlighted the weak stitching and gluing of the shoe upper.

3. ASICS GT-2000 6 -(Women’s Running Shoe)

ASICS GT-2000 6 Women's Running Shoe

Asics know your bunions well even better than you. After years of scrutinizing the bunions, they have put forth shoes that increase energy, have enhanced cushioning, and better heel accommodations. The shoes have a broad front to prevent alleviation of bunions but a thick tongue on top for the better toe to heel connection, they are lightweight shoes whose influence spreads as far as the knee joints.

Physical Outlook
Asics is that one pair which excels both the looks and the performance. It is built with contrasting colors that hide technologies useful for working out. The upper is the traditional mesh but with a gel cushioning system. Not only that but the rubber outsole has special square layers attached to prevent slipping. That also increases your gait efficiency adding confidence to your walk. These weigh 10.1 ounces with a wider forefront.


Flytefoam Technology:
The insole of shoes has flyted foam technology that is effective in reducing the shock. While running, you do not have to anticipate the pain from a high jump because the landing will be smooth. As you land, the shock is distributed and broken down, so all vital parts of your feet feel only a dull thud.

Gel system:
There is a gel system in the insole where microbeads have installed that increase the surface area of weight distribution. This increases the responsiveness of running. The gel technology is combined with microfibers that keep the shoes connected to the toes and arch, assisting the weight distribution.

Guidance line:
When you flip over the shoes, you will see a guidance line in the midfoot area. The addition of the guidance line increases the efficiency of shoes. Your steps are measures and firmly placed on the ground. The diagonal line channels the momentum from heels to toes keeping the steeping range intact and level.

Wide rearfoot:
The vast area in front of the shoes gives space to the Bunion toe. It may overlap the second toe, but with plenty of space and guidance in moving the toe can regain its natural anatomy. The pressure accumulating at the front is blocked, so all metatarsal joints are working unanimously.

Asics GT 2000 has more than ten colors. The clash of fabric color to the outsole is breathtaking. Along with that, these shoes may cost more than average but are pretty affordable. If you are saving up for these, then it will be worth it.

  • Multiple plains for running.
  • The gait is smooth and streamlined.
  • Guidance for midfoot.
  • Shock absorbing gel system.
  • A wide span of lace system.
  • The shoes are rigid.
  • Too much cushioning in the back.
  • Have to install orthotic insoles for better functionality.
Reason To Buy

Bunions can grow if the pressure and shock are not kept in check. People who have progressive bunions Asics GT2000 athletic shoes are a must as they attenuate the shock and help in the running.

Customer’s Perspective:
While the breathable upper is great for sweaty feet, inflamed bunion joints and rigorous tasks it is also less durable. As compared to the competitors Asics GT wears out quicker than expected. You can enjoy GT 2000 for beginner or lighter tasks. Other than the fitness of these shoes is to die for.

4. PUMA Men’s -( Tazon Athletic Shoe)

PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

There is no way you have not heard of the Puma brand. Puma excels in producing orthotic and sports shoes that take care of the Bunion and the arch. One look at the shoes and you will be impressed with the streamlined silhouette and double padding for the midsole. These shoes are more centered towards the lateral arch and heel that focus on the bunion area.

Physical Outlook
Puma men is a fashionable and oriented pair that has extra detail added to the heel. The silhouette is streamlined and more suitable for tasks where you are on your feet for long hours. The upper is leather and has micro holes for flexibility and bending tasks like squats. The high density rubber layered outsole is a great shock deflector. These weigh 11.04 ounces that is slighter more than the previous pairs (Dimensions 12.7 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches)

The mesh chosen for athletic shoes is two toned heart material that makes it durable and easy to fit. The fitness does not come in rigid rubber material but a soft double layered fabric that keeps your steps light and free of hindrance.

Now the rubber comes in where it belongs. The outsole is made of rubber that increases friction and grip with the ground. It bends easily but maintains the anatomy of the feet. The thick band of outsole keeps the shock from reverberating in the vulnerable joints.

The midsole of Puma athletic shoes is thick and features the TPU shank. It comes in direct contact with the arch and lowers the angle, so there is increased stability and connection with the ground. The front end of the midsole is joined with the balls, so the arch and toes work to break body weight.

Midfoot saddle:
The midfoot saddle works as an extension of leather material that is both durable ads stabilizing. Even after hours of exercise, you will not feel wobbly or inclined away from the vulnerable Bunion. As long as the shoes are on the saddle stabilizes the feet to involve the neglected sore points of feet.

Puma shoes are the definition of sleek and sophisticated. Men Tazon has four exclusive colors that ooze class. The all black and white shoes should surely be a part of your cost. Considering the brand, all shoes are available at a stable and budget friendly price.

  • Supportive fitness.
  • Unique release in the running.
  • Heels absorb impact.
  • Futuristic mono mesh detail.
  • Wide toe space.
  • The glue is prominent.
  • Challenging to get rid of stains.
  • They do not hold up as promised for some customers.
Reason To Buy

A well known shoe brand has done a remarkable job of producing multiple layers in the insole without adding weight. Puma Tazon athletic shoes deflect the shock and keep your Bunion healthy and healing!

Customer’s Perspective:
We assure you one thing that will drive you towards the Puma men like most customers is the sporty look. Don’t worry it does not stop there. The comfortable feel, great fit and the heel cupping enhance athletic experience for diverse sports. However, another thing that should be your focus is that the grip is not as good on super slippery surfaces.

5. Under Armour Men’s (Charged Assert Athletic Shoe)

Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

Under Armour has always produced shoes that provide an equilibrium in comfort and flexibility. This particular charged running shoe is ideal for exercising because the long outsole that extends past the ankle is motion control. The insole is customized with soft cushioning in the middle and front to balance the ankle’s stiff outsole. Your high arch is safe and engaged with the customized designing technology in the material of shoes
Physical Outlook
Under armor is the epitome of balanced stability and flexibility. Due to the low arch opening and a neutral design it works excellently in basic athletic tasks. The upper is textile but with extra durable leather overlays and seams to hold the sides together. Along with this the lace up is pretty well built as it is wide spanning to give more area to the bunion. These weigh 10.6 ounces and are close to dimensions 12.87 x 8.5 x 4.84 inches.

Extending outsole:
The outsole is made of sturdy rubber material. Along with the rubber, another combination of superior synthetic stuff keeps it foldable. Your heel will be protected against sudden twists and turns. You can put all the weight on the heel without fear of outsole softening or deforming.

Durable leather:
The overall lay of the shoes is built with leather. The top mesh has a higher density of leather than the sides. Along with an adjustable lacing system, the leather keeps the high arch snug and in place. It locks the midfoot in position for better running.

Breathable material:
Apart from the durability, your feet must get constant air access. In limited access, the feet start to overheat and burn. It can be irritating and damaging to the skin. The breathable material along the inner lining of shoes prevents that. Your feet will stay cool and dry.

The athletic shoes are composed around a 4E sizing fitness that benefits an ample amount of people. Even with the wide bone structure, it does not feel like it is choking the high arch. The circulation along the feet is maintained freely.

Armour men’s shoes are available in twenty two different colors. Each shoe is more exciting than the last. You have a wide variety of athletics to choose from, that will match your budget effortlessly. However, even at the highest price, these athletics are still within range!

  • The shaft measure is low top.
  • Made of synthetic material.
  • The outsole covers a large surface area.
  • Soft and comfortable athletics.
  • Contains perfect blend of numerous features.
  • The heel is more rigid than average.
  • They do not provide knee support.
  • The heel area keeps popping.
Reason To Buy

Under Armour Men athletics is different from many of its competitors because the outsole is hard to break in. It gives your heel extra support for rotation and weight absorption. You will be delighted to own a pair of these athletics.

Customer’s Perspective:
According to our survey 80% of the customers have approved of the responsive cushioning that bounces back the energy. The 3 color digital print gives the shoes a sophisticated and polished look. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend looking at size guides as a number of customers face sizing issues. Under Armour Shoes are a little to the shorter side.

6. New Balance Women’s (Fresh Foam Athletic Sneaker)

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker

New balance is a modern brand that allows you the freedom of styling and comfort both. It has specialized features like ultra heel design and high opening that sets the athletic shoes apart. You cannot overlook the primary rubber outsole, which is a perfect match for weak ankle and knee joint endurance. These athletics pair up the bold and aesthetic look nicely. Proprietary technology like superior cushioning and air nodes make the insole extraordinary.

Physical Outlook
New Balance is a unique athletic shoe with a bold look but a softer interior. The heighted shaft gives arch support while propelling your steps forward. It feels like you are walking on clouds with fresh foaming. The heel has a patterned cover shield. Additionally, the heel to toe drop is 8mm. Fresh foam sneakers weigh 2 pounds that is the heaviest on this list but still lighter than the shoe standards (Dimensions 10 x 15 x 6 inches).

Ultra heel design:
The head turning design of the heel is the iconic look of the shoes. It is programmed in a way that as soon as your heel puts the weight on the cushion it is swallowed into a snug and comfortable fit. In case of sudden movement, you will not feel any pinching pain.

NDurance outsole:
You can make the most out of the shoes by looking for a sole that gives its best. The NDurance sole allows you traction on the slippery surface without the fear of falling. The outsole is designed to grip the ground so that a trivial task like walking is easy and smooth.

Foam midsole:
A high arch needs something flexible yet rigid. The midsole of the New Balance is designed to be lightweight and breathable. Even if the high arch is pressed, it will still feel the air burst from the outside. The area will not overheat and bruise. The support of fresh foam is reliable and energizing.

The lacework of these athletic sneakers starts from around the ankle and spans the upper of the shoes. You can adjust the laces by using the right technique. However, you have the benefit of indulging and changing the fitness around your weak ankle joint.

Roav V1 athletics have thirty one unique designs. You will be delighted to know that each design has the same price as the last one. Even if you choose a luxury shoe, it will cost you the same. However, the prices do range among the high bars of the market.

  • Developed shoes.
  • 8mm heel drop.
  • Snug fitness.
  • Durability at high altitude areas.
  • Fresh foam midsole.
  • Laces are long.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • The high opening rubs against the skin.
Reason To Buy

If your feet sweat excessively, you should try the ultra comfort padding technology of New Balance women’s shoes. They give your feet access to air on every compression. Even after the long day, your feet remain fresh and dry.

Customer’s Perspective:
Once you wear a New Balance women’s shoe it will be your go to pair for years to come. Same has been the case with many reviewers who have enjoyed walking and working especially doing nursing jobs in these athletic shoes. They work the same as our nurse shoes for women. However, the only catch is that the front is prone to tearing in rugged areas.

Sought after features of best Athletic shoes for Bunions:

Apart from an orthopedics opinion, scouring through the internet will also benefit you with exciting information. However, you have to choose some reliable sites to get details and facts of your bunion.

If you are going to search about athletic shoes further than the mentioned ones, then read on! I have pointed out unique features of motion that make athletics a benchmark in the retail market.

Sometimes searching takes a lot of effort, but it is worth it if you can get progress in your condition. I will tell you about five essential points that are allocated to each part of the shoe. You will immediately understand the need for the right orthotics!

Cushioning is present in the insole. There should be extra cushioning for the ball and heel areas of the feet. The middle part of the insole has more rigid padding for the high arch. Cushioning minimizes the force of impact. It brings the lift and spring to your running and walking.

Wide toe box shoes:
Another major cause in this list is the avoidance of narrow shoes. It is also the most common reason for bunion progression. Narrow shoes offer less space and more pressure on the tender bunion region that makes it worse. Wider shoes give the engorged area room to breathe and help the joint gain the natural anatomy, and the Bunion is harder to notice.

Flexibility is present in the fabric of shoes and the outsole. If the material is stretchable, it will allow you movement in multiple directions. It also increases the break in the period of shoes. However, flexibility in outsoles should be comparatively low. The bendable soles enable you good traction on many types of grounds.

Stability is primarily allocated to the high top ankle support and outsole of feet. It can help you prevent arthritis. A stable outsole aids you in resisting the jarring forces from the ground. The right type of stabilizing outsole realigns the shape of heels from overpronation. This is how you are saved from further possible injury.

The durability of shoes is the resistance to wear and tear. The durable material will hold its worth for a long time. For that, you should look for EVA material, leather, and rubber. They are easier to find because the use of such materials is widespread. Remember, durability is a constant companion to your Bunion!

Traction varies from shoe to shoe and the Bunion to Bunion Some people need less traction than others. It depends a lot if you have plantar fasciitis. You do not want thigh traction only to end up with strong friction that interferes with your walk. Examine your Bunion, and then take the final step!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I have a Bunion, and I am getting back in sports. What do you recommend?
You may not be as fit as you were when you were active. If you have maintained your exercise regimen, it will take no time for your Bunion to adjust to athletic shoes. However, there are particular features like stability, motion control, and compressible padding to look out for. Buy shoes that are proportional to your weight as running is channeled directly proportional to that.

Is it possible that the same pair of manufacturing shoes differ in Bunion fitness?
Yes, despite being the same model and company, there is always a difference between the two shoes. This can affect the fitness of Bunion. That is why you should always try on shoes, walk a bit and look out for prodding and poking. Even so, if you look for different models within one company, you will find it easy to get a better match.

What are the categories of athletic shoes for Bunions?

Athletic shoes are broadly categorized into four types. All athletic shoes that have an orthotic insole and toe support can be used for a bunion. It must be a relief to know that shoe manufacturers have developed orthotics in each category. Bunioned people can wear any type now! The categories are:

Walking shoes:
Walking shoes are less flexible than running shoes. They have a rigid outsole that promotes the natural rolling of the feet. Your arch has the direct support that massages the tired muscles in every step. The heel of the feet is extra cushioned, so the shoes do not wear down because of everyday use.

Running shoes:
The outsole of running shoes is flexible. It can be folded easily, so it gives an effortless side to side motion. The lightweight material is used for manufacturing, so the propulsion in the running is promoted. The lacing system should be robust, so the feet do not slide out and hurt the Bunion.

Tennis shoes:
Tennis shoes have a firm heel and ankle support. They help you in traction through the court. That is why guide rails under the sole are uniquely designed to increase friction with the court’s ground. You will not skid while hitting the ball. Furthermore, you will also not progress the Bunion in the forefront position.

Field sport shoes:
Field sport shoes can be used for cycling, baseball, golf playing, and soccer. The shoes must have studs or pitching holes underneath the outsoles, that distribute the body’s weight evenly. Sports shoes are also closer to the ground, so the distance between the bunioned toes decreases.

Is my bunion harmed by changing running athletics for walking ones?
Most notable companies have designed multi directional shoes that allow you to practice running and walking in the same athletics. However, you should be careful by checking the significant difference in the outsole. Try bending the shoes; if they relent easily, then they are not suitable for walking. A mediocre sole with thick rubber material gives you the freedom to practice many sports. However, professional athletes recommend not to multitask!

What are the best gym shoes for bunions?
Although most people’s athletic and gym shoes are the same, we have the right ones for you. Athletic shoes are more diverse than gym shoes and can be used for a multitude of tasks. If they have a wider toe box, adequate cushioning then you can swap it with your previous gym pair. From our list we recommend trying Altra and Puma Athletic shoes.

Should I size up my athletic shoe if I have a bunion?
A comfy athletic shoe with a spacious toe is all you need if your bunion is small. Low heeled athletic shoes that are less than 1 or 2 inches are adequate. Although, with appropriate room for your toes should be worn. To get the proper fit, you may need to go up a half size or more.

Will athletic shoes increase pressure on my bunion?
No, not if you choose the right pair. It ultimately comes to size and heel height. Avoid heels higher than 2 inches because they push forward your bunion. Also, the cliched sides rub against the inflamed joint and increase pressure painfully.


You may be saving up your money for buying athletic shoes, but it is crucial you click with the right orthotic brand. All shoes are appealing until you go over the cons. I have mentioned the significant cons to help your search. Athletics are an excellent deal in variable exercising and Bunion support, so you should not overlook their importance.
If you have any questions, you can ask them. I will be delighted to answer on time!

+ 4 Sources:
You can ensure the accuracy of our information and content by clicking on the added sources. We adhere to strict sourcing guidelines related to medical associations and statistical research. Ensuring avoidance of data that could be misleading as to any matter of fact is our priority.

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