Best Athletic Shoes for High Arches

Athletic shoes are multitasking shoe wear that allows more than running and jogging. You can play indoor soft sports, but challenging sports like basketball requires stiff shoes.

For the high arch beginners, starting with soothing yet stabilizing athletics is a good strategy. There is no need to test your arch with sturdy non-athletic shoes if you are not going to play challenging sports!

Manufacturing companies have given athletics many aspiring features, including flexible training outsoles because of the increasing consumer demand. Your high arch needs orthotic elements that give it a balanced comfort and support.

I have assembled the list of top athletic shoes to save your time and energy. This list contains highly recommended shoes that have been tested and approved by their regular customers. Go ahead and choose a pair for a comfortable run!

In a Hurry? Here are the best Picks for athletic shoes:

  • Under Armour Men’s (Charged Assert Athletic Shoe)
    “Under Armour is quickly becoming one of my favorite shoes. Great style and they offer wide sizes” -Customer Service.
  • Nike Men’s (Revolution 4 Athletic Shoe)
    “These shoes are great running shoes. Nike is tops in my book when it comes to athletic performance shoes ” -Customer Review.
  • Skechers Performance (Men’s Elite athletics)
    “I tried them on right out of the box and they fit perfectly!” -Customer Review.
  • Brooks Women’s (Adrenaline GTS Athletic Shoe)
    “Brooks running shoes are the only shoes that I can comfortably wear. ” -Customer Review.
  • New Balance Women’s (Fresh Foam Athletic Sneaker)
    “I have been running in them and done a lot of other cardio in them already – so I am giving them the thumbs up.” -Customer Review.
  • Voxge Women’s Sock Sneakers (Lightweight Athletic Shoes)
    “I absolutely love these sneakers. The size is perfect” -Customer Review.
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Under Armour Men’s (Charged Assert Athletic Shoe)

Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

Under Armour has always produced shoes that provide an equilibrium in comfort and flexibility. This particular charged running shoe is ideal for exercising because the long outsole that extends past the ankle is motion controlling. To balance the ankle’s stiff outsole the insole is customized with soft cushioning in the middle and front. Your high arch is safe and engaged with the customized designing technology in the material of shoes.

Extending outsole:

The outsole is made of sturdy rubber material. Along with the rubber, another combination of superior synthetic stuff keeps it foldable. Your heel will be protected in sudden twists and turns. You can put all the weight on the heel without fear of outsole softening or deforming.

Durable leather:

The overall lay of the shoes is built with leather. The top mesh has a higher density of leather than the sides. Along with an adjustable lacing system, the leather keeps the high arch snug and in place. It locks the midfoot in position for better running.

Breathable material:

Apart from the durability, your feet must get constant air access. In limited access, the feet start to overheat and burn. It can be irritating and damaging to the skin. The breathable material along the inner lining of shoes prevents that. Your feet will stay cool and dry.


The athletic shoes are composed around a 4E sizing fitness that benefits an ample amount of people. Even with the wide bone structure, it does not feel like it is choking the high arch. The circulation along the feet is maintained freely.


Armour men’s shoes are available in twenty two different colors. Each shoe is more exciting than the last. You have a wide variety of athletics to choose from, that will match your budget effortlessly. However, even at the highest price, these athletics are still within range!

  • Shaft measure is low top.
  • Made of synthetic material.
  • The outsole covers a large surface area.
  • Soft and comfortable athletics.
  • Contains perfect blend of numerous features.
  • The heel is more rigid than average.
  • They do not provide knee support.
  • The heel area keeps popping.

Reason to buy

Under Armour Men athletics is different from many of its competitors because the outsole is hard to break in. It gives your heel extra support for rotation and weight absorption. You will be delighted to own a pair of these athletics.

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Nike Men’s (Revolution 4 Athletic Shoe)

Nike Men's Revolution 4 Running Shoe

Nike is a brand that needs no introduction for itself. It has owned the market of athletic shoes since forever. Nike revolution is suitable for a high arch because of molded pods and multi surface traction. The majority of the shoe structure is made of a comfortable and soft material as the fabric is airy and pure. The unlaying vamp and toe tips make the shoes an ideal athletic. Additionally, it increases rebound properties.

Rubber sole:

Nike athletics have a minimum design which means that there is no impurity of other substances. The outsole is made of a single rubber that extends to the front of toes. It increases stability by absorbing the jarring shock from the ground before it reaches a high arch.

Molded pods:

Your toes are given the same attention as your heels. Molded pods act as light pressure cushioning. So, they flatten quickly at the slightest force from toes. The brittle metatarsal bones will heal and work smoothly. Change in shape of the pods gives the toe joints piston like motion.

Thick Vamp:

The upper part of the feet that is parallel to the arch has a more doomed look because of the high angle of arch. The area gets sensitive to even the slightest force. So, if the laces are to push back, the vamps present beneath the laces dissolves the pressure. Furthermore, they give soothing comfort to the high arch.


The fitness of Nike is provided by the breathable material that also excels in compressibility. Unique overlays run along the sides of the shoes that give the fabric strength. The strength remains intact even if it is stretched in multiple directions.


Nike revolution offers twelve designs with its trademark brand logo in contrasting colors. From a notable brand, you would expect the prices to shoot up. However, good news is all the shoes in the collection are approachable and readily available.

  • Lightweight cushioning.
  • Minimal designing.
  • Made exclusively for running and walking.
  • Molded pods are present for toes.
  • Single layer upper mesh.
  • No slew eye stays.
  • Cause blisters in feet.
  • Make a squeaking sound.
  • Most shoes are knockoffs.

Reason to buy

A high arch causes the toes to curve inwards and towards the center of feet. It can be painful, but not if your Nikes have molded pods. They give the tor bones strength and realign their natural anatomy. In short, it is time to say goodbye to pain!

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Skechers Performance (Men’s Elite athletics)

Skechers Men's Go Golf Elite 3 Shoe

Over the years, sketchers have come forward with the production of shoes that provide essential orthotic support in any shoe type. They give multi direction control and comfort. The responsiveness of the athletics is increased with the incorporation of a Resamax cushion insole. The outsole of the shoes is different because it distributes highlighted points of feet that give uniform traction to the high arch. If you are a golf lover, then these are just the shoes for you!

Waterproof protection:

Many people like to indulge in water sports, with athletes, that allow them to get the same grip they get in dry sports. Men elite athletics have a coating of H2GO seam that is shielded from water. The material of shoes remains dry and does not let the accumulation of water add to the high arch’s weight.

Low drop design:

The bottom of the outsole is designed with 18 holes. They are uniformly distributed, so the maximum foot is in contact with the ground. The low top designs allow you to feel the surface you are walking on which promotes natural movement. Your high arch automatically gets closer to the ground.

Resamax cushioning:

The insole has layers in which the middle one is customized with a responsive Resamex cushion. It is a highly responsive cushion that absorbs the body’s weight and molds to the high arch’s shape. That gives both the systematic and anatomical benefits to the feet.


With the low level ground position of athletics, there is less need for fitness. However, for people who like to be cautious, the lacework is added at the top. You can tug the strands and control the fitness of shoes according to your feet’s width.


These athletics are available in polished yet straightforward seven primary colors. They all look like a masterpiece when you put them on. However, they cost a little higher than average. Even then, these athletics are still out of range of being called super expensive!

  • Multi directional control.
  • Responsive inner sole lining.
  • Seam sealed stitching.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Resamax cushioned insoles.
  • These athletics have a tight fit.
  • No bright colors are available.
  • Spikes at the bottom of the shoe.

Reason to buy

If you like to play soft sports on cushioned grounds, you must know that water from the grass settles on the shoes. Wet shoes start to feel irritating and uncomfortable. However, the Skechers men’s performance has a waterproof barrier that stops any possibility like that.

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Brooks Women’s (Adrenaline GTS Athletic Shoe)

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

Brooks is a well known brand among the top athletes and their recommendations. It has a combination of superior orthopedic key features. This unique Brooks woman trainer is engineered with an upper mesh and other vital elements that energize the feet muscles. Muscle fatigue is controlled by streamlining the forces in the insole. This shoe is for runners and joggers that want flexibility. 3D printing in high arched athletic shoes allows modernized fitness.

DNA Loft Crash pad:

The padding is soft and molding so that once you step into the athletics, the insole immediately blankets the arch. This gives protection to the arch by sharing the function in absorbing and distributing the body weight. With the divided duty, your arch muscles can relax.

Guide rails:

The guide rail is superior technology added in the outsole that keeps the natural motions of traditional moving ankle knee and hip joints. With a strong guide rail, the running patterns and athletic ability can be controlled as far as the hips. They empower your high arch for powerful strides.


The proportion of cushioning is uneven in the insole so that heels get extra soft fabric. This allows the heel to push the boundaries without moving out of the body’s natural symmetry. The muscles shift back to their position, decreasing the probability of overpronation.


3D modernized fitness allows you to fasten the shoes matching the width of your high arch and feet. The material is stretchable with the wool pattern that can absorb the strain you put on the fabric while running. Additionally, it still provides comfort without cutting into your skin.


Brooks women offer you forty two unique designs to choose from. Surprisingly each shoe is different from the last one. Special care is given to the upper and sole. However, apart from a few shoes, most of the athletics in the launch are expensive.

  • .Guide Rails support system.
  • Modernized fit.
  • Balanced cushioning in the insole.
  • Sturdy rubber sole.
  • Low profile shoes.
  • Rubber sole breaks apart quickly.
  • Squeaky complains.
  • The high price of most shoes.

Reason to buy

People who have faced a severe injury know the importance of landing the right athletic shoes. You do not have to be careful any longer because the smooth guide rails will control the high arch movement from the tips to toes. There is no chance of further injury.

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New Balance Women’s (Fresh Foam Athletic Sneaker)

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker

New balance is a modern brand that allows you the freedom of styling and comfort both. It has specialized features like ultra heel design and high opening that sets the athletic shoes apart. You cannot overlook the primary rubber outsole, which is a perfect match for weak ankle and knee joint endurance. These athletics pair up the bold and aesthetic look nicely. Proprietary technology like superior cushioning and air nodes make the insole extraordinary.

Ultra heel design:

The head turning design of the heel is the iconic look of the shoes. It is programmed in a way that as soon as your heel puts the weight on the cushion it is swallowed into a snug and comfortable fit. In case of sudden movement, you will not feel any pinching pain.

NDurance outsole:

You can make the most out of the shoes by looking for a sole that gives its best. The NDurance sole allows you traction on the slippery surface without the fear of falling. The outsole is designed to grip the ground so that a trivial task like walking is easy and smooth.

Foam midsole:

A high arch needs something flexible yet rigid. The midsole of the New Balance is designed to be lightweight and breathable. Even if the high arch is pressed, it will still feel the air bursts from the outside. The area will not overheat and bruise. The support of fresh foam is reliable and energizing.


The lacework of these athletic sneakers starts from around the ankle and spans the upper of the shoes. You can adjust the laces by using the right technique. However, you have the benefit of indulging and changing the fitness around your weak ankle joint.


Roav V1 athletics have thirty one unique designs. You will be delighted to know that each design has the same price as the last one. Even if you choose a luxury shoe, it will cost you the same. However, the prices do range among the high bars of the market.

  • Developed shoes.
  • 8mm heel drop.
  • Snug fitness.
  • Durability at high altitude areas.
  • Fresh foam midsole.
  • Laces are long.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • The high opening rubs against the skin.

Reason to buy

If your feet sweat excessively, you should try the ultra comfort padding technology of New balance women’s shoes. They give your feet access to air on every compression. Even after the long day, your feet remain fresh and dry.

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Voxge Women’s Sock Sneakers (Lightweight Athletic Shoes)

Voxge Men's and Women's Sock Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Athletic Running Shoes Fashion Tennis Sport Walking Shoes

For an easy going brand that is suitable for all the requirements, Voxge is the exact answer. They design shoes for both men and women. The sock fitness envelopes your arch and matches the stride with every step. The sole is elastic that allows you to run on different kinds of surfaces. Even the leveled harsh surfaces are not out of range now!

Expandable upper:

The structure of the shoes works like socks. The fabric can stretch without going out of shape. It allows you to test the boundaries of your exercise. The elasticity of the material makes up for the lack of the shoelace in athletics’ snug fitness.

Outsole proportion:

The outsole is broader and denser around the heels than at the toe area. If you have plantar fasciitis, then your plantar muscle will stay in place. The outsole extends to the sides, so the overpronation of feet is overcome easily. Your high arch will no longer affect the positioning of heels.

MD outsole:

The MD material makes the sole foldable. This allows you to move in any direction and land of your choice. Unlike a stiff sole, the stretchable material will enable you to walk on more than one type of surface. The straight concrete ground is no longer a challenge.


Voxge women sneakers allow unyielding fitness even without the lacework. The enclosing goes as far as your ankles. The athletics act as alternatives to guide rails, but only on the above. Furthermore, hese athletics provide fitness that takes care of your ankles and high arch.


These athletics are available in twenty monotonous colors, with the red and grey matching the shade to the outsole. That gives a complete and comprehensive look. For low profile people, it is the best option. Get ready to grab all your favorite shades because they are available at fair prices.

  • Anti skid sole.
  • Lightweight shock absorbing material.
  • Thick outsole at the heel.
  • MD material outsole.
  • Engineered outlook.
  • The elastic loops break off easily.
  • The slip in causes pain.
  • Difficult to clean.

Reason to buy

Sometimes the pain from the arch reverberates in the whole area. The sock like athletic sneaker is wrapped around the entire foot. So, if there is a vulnerable point, the pain remains limited to it. The softer interior of Voxge takes care of the sore spot by compressing softly.

Sought after features of best Athletic shoes for High arches:

Apart from an orthopedics opinion, scouring through the internet will also benefit you with exciting information. However, you have to choose some reliable sites to get details and facts about your high arch.

If you are going to search for athletic shoes further than the mentioned ones, then read on! I have pointed out unique features of motion that make athletics a benchmark in the retail market.

Sometimes searching takes a lot of effort, but it is worth it if you can get progress in your condition. I will tell you about five essential points that are allocated to each part of the shoe. You will immediately understand the need for the right orthotics!


Cushioning is present in the insole. There should be extra cushioning for the ball and heel areas of the feet. The middle part of the insole has more rigid padding for the high arch. Cushioning minimizes the force of impact. It brings the lift and spring to your running and walking.


Flexibility is present in the fabric of shoes and the outsole. If the material is stretchable, it will allow you movement in multiple directions. It also increases the break in the period of shoes. However, flexibility in outsoles should be comparatively low. The bendable soles enable you a good traction on many types of grounds.


Stability is primarily allocated to the high top ankle support and outsole of feet. It can help you prevent arthritis. A stable outsole aids you in resisting the jarring forces from the ground. The right type of stabilizing outsole realigns the shape of heels from overpronation. This is how you are saved from further possible injury.


The durability of shoes is the resistance to wear and tear. The durable material will hold its worth for a long time. For that, you should look for EVA material, leather, and rubber. They are easier to find because the use of such materials is widespread. Remember, durability is a constant companion to your high arch!


Traction varies from shoe to shoe and the generic high arch. Some people need less traction than others. It depends a lot if you have plantar fasciitis. You do not want thigh traction only to end up with strong friction that interferes with your walk. Examine your arch, and then take the final step!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the categories of athletic shoes for high arches?

Athletic shoes are broadly categorized into four types. All athletic shoes that have an orthotic insole and ankle support can be used for a high arch. It must be a relief to know that shoe manufacturers have developed orthotics in each category. High arched people can wear any type now! The categories are:

  • Walking shoes:
    Walking shoes are less flexible than running shoes. They have a rigid outsole that promotes the natural rolling of the feet. Your arch has the direct support that massages the tired muscles in every step. The heel of the feet is extra cushioned, so the shoes do not wear down because of everyday use.
  • Running shoes:
    The outsole of running shoes is flexible. It can be folded easily, so it gives an effortless side to side motion. The lightweight material is used for manufacturing so the propulsion in running is promoted. The lacing system should be robust, so the feet do not slide out and hurt the arch.
  • Tennis shoes:
    Tennis shoes have a firm heel and ankle support. They help you in traction through the court. That is why guide rails under the sole are uniquely designed to increase friction with the court’s ground. You will not skid while hitting the ball. Furthermore, you will also not displace the high arch from midsole support.
  • Field sport shoes:
    Field sport shoes can be used for cycling, baseball, golf playing, and soccer. The shoes must have studs or pitching holes underneath the outsoles, that distribute the body’s weight evenly. Sports shoes are also closer to the ground, so the distance between the high arch decreases.

Is the high arch harmed by changing running athletics for walking ones?

Most notable companies have designed multi directional shoes that allow you to practice running and walking in the same athletics. However, you should be careful by checking the significant difference in the outsole. Try bending the shoes; if they relent easily, then they are not suitable for walking. A mediocre sole with thick rubber material gives you the freedom to practice many sports. However, professional athletes recommend not to multitask!

How do I confirm that the height of the athletic’s insole matches my arch?

You should do the high arch detection tests at home. Even a visit to the pediatrician will confirm that. However, all those things are not enough because shoes’ size and width vary from brand to brand. Three things will help you in all situations:

    • If you have a customized insole with different width alteration, then that’s good. Most athletics offer changeable insoles.
    • However, if not, then you should tie up the shoes firmly and take a few steps. Strange foam poking and uneven restraints will give a false indication immediately.
    • After a while, lift your leg and wiggle it side to side. If you think there is space or the midsole is sliding in the opposite direction, try another size or brand.


You may be saving up your money for buying athletic shoes, but it is crucial you click with the right orthotic brand. All shoes are appealing until you go over the cons. I have mentioned the significant cons to help your search. Athletics are an excellent deal in variable exercising and high arch support, so you should not overlook their importance.

If you have any questions, you can ask them. I will be delighted to answer on time!

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