Top 6 Best Cross Training Shoes for Bunions – Reliable Shoes for Workout

It is no big deal if you exercise barefoot while doing yoga. However, if you are going to multitask several sports then it can be challenging choosing the right cross training shoes.

Not to mention your bunions which also need coverage as well as support!

There are two aspects to choosing the right shoe wear. Ideal cross trainers have extra cushion in the front which is already a plus with bunions. Along with that they have heel cushioning for running, stability for tennis and much more. You can perfect many sports with cross training shoes.

Considering the importance of cross training shoes, it is important you click with your match. It will be like killing two birds with one stone. Only you will be killing bunion pain here!

I have assembled a list of reliable and functional cross training shoes for bunions. To save your time I have further added pros and cons. Mull over them while you are choosing your favorite pair. That will eliminate most of your doubts. All shoes are rated high on the recommendation list. Happy cross training to you!

Our Top Picks For Cross Training Shoes for Bunions 2021

  • New Balance -(Women’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer) “These shoes are super light, super flexible, and oh-so comfy. ” -Customer Review.
  • ASICS Women’s -(Gel-Contend cross training Shoe) “Great shoes! I have long tried to purchase quality shoes.” -Customer Review
  • Inov -(8 Men’s Lite Cross Trainer) “I love these shoes. I am in them 4-6 times a week for Cross fit classes. They fit great with a large toe box. They are the perfect shoe for my wide feet.” -Customer Review.
  • NOBULL -(Men’s Strengthening Training Shoes) “The grip on these shoes is tremendous. The flat sole makes great placement for workouts I have to do.” -Customer Review.
  • Ryka Women’s (Hydro Sport Training Cross Training shoes)
    “I love the color and added Navy Lace locks that are a must for water shoes. They do not slip in the pool.” -Customer Review.
  • UMYOGO Women’s (Running Non-Slip Cross Training shoes)
    “Love the fact that you can tie them up and just slip them on without having to tie them again. I’m thinking about buying my third pair.” -Customer Review.

New Balance -(Women’s Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer)

New Balance Women's Minimus 20 V7 Cross Trainer

New Balance shoes are for trainers who like to push their boundaries. The innovative design along the sides of shoes and the outsole are added to test out your strength. They give back what you invest in shoes. The paper breathable mesh gives breathability and fresh air inlet. The asymmetrical collar at the back of shoes gives stability to ankles so the forces do not hit the bunions. They are amazing for gym training and weightlifting.

Collared back:
The thick collar around the back of the shoes is a necessity. The thick padding envelops the ankles and gives them stability. For sports like tennis sudden movement will not affect the tendons of the Achilles heel. The sharp movement will be your new expertise now.

Vibram outsole:
The one piece Vibram outsole is a ground breaker literally. How? Because the shock from the ground is withheld and broken down before it travels to the balls and arch of feet. It is a small thud by the time it hits your feet. The light shock does not further Jarr you’re your brittle bones.

Low platform:
Low platform shoes mean there is an equilibrium between the balls and heel of feet. Due to the level presence, no additional pressure falls on the metatarsals that can widen the intermetatarsal angle. Over time elimination of pressure can reduce the size of the bump.

REVlite midsole:
The REVlite Midsole is made of special material. Not only is it thick by multilayered. Due to the raised surface of the midsole, it gives additional height to the arch. Overweight people can take advantage of that without worrying about their arch and bunion brittleness.

New Balance is available in six exciting colors. Apart from black and brown all other colors are unique and exciting. The logo sign along the sides stands out the most. All pairs are affordable and even with the range variation there is not much difference.

  • 4 mm drop heel.
  • Comfortable underfoot.
  • Flexibility.
  • Maintenance of natural stance.
  • REVlite midsole.
  • Size is larger than average.
  • Perforations are no barrier against water.
  • Hard outsole.

Reason to buy

For people who have tender ankles and their Achilles heel often poses as a hurdle in their exercising New Balance cross trainers are a reliable option if your ankles have freedom of movement while maintaining stability.

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ASICS Women’s -(Gel-Contend cross training Shoe)

ASICS Women's Gel-Contend 4 Running Shoe

Not each shoe is built for professional runners as something should be left for the beginners. For that Asics has put forward shoes for low lineage trainers. It has a combination of features that assist your bunions. The laminate mid cage on above coordinates with ortholite midsole in streamlining the motion running through your feet. Extra padding in the toe box keeps your Bunion surrounded by a cool material that is soothing on the inflamed lump.

Soft sock liners:
The interior and base of shoes is engineered by sock liners. While playing different sports no position will face hindrance. You no longer have to rely on your lucky side to get your best shot. All directions along with the upper are lined with light material that eases steeping and jumping.

Laminate mid cage:
The arch is essential in helping the bunions absorb most of the pressure. For that arch support is necessary that is provided in the form of a laminate mid cage. The mid cage is compressive and allows the arch to absorb bodyweight so the balls of feet do not fall victim to potential metatarsalgia.

Gel cushioning:
Gel cushion is the standard expertise of Asics running shoes. The gel beads increase surface area for shock absorption in the layer added to the insole. This makes the insole ten times more effective than an average insole. The influence of gels spreads to both ends of the insole.

Low top shoes:
Unlike most high top shoes, the low top opening of shoes is as effective in helping the ankles. It also gives additional freedom to move in multiple directions. The base of the heel is firmly attached to the front of the shoes even with the lack of material around the ankle.

The thirteen variations of designs in Asics running trainers are breathtaking. The stark contrast of the logo with base material makes the shoes bold. They are budget friendly shoes that will last longer. You do not have to worry about the cost.

    • Gel cushioning system.
    • Removable sock liners.
    • Moisture wicking.
    • Rubber outsole.
    • Ideal shoe fitness.
  • Not suitable for dirty tracks.
  • Serious hiking is difficult in these shoes.
  • These shoes need more flexibility.

Reason to buy

The middle of feet is important in helping the bunion in absorbing the pressure of training and several sports. That pressure can be harmful but not so if you have Asics women gel cross training shoes!

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Inov- (8 Men’s Lite Cross Trainer)

inov-8 Men's F-LITE 260 Knit (M) Cross Trainer

Inov is a chance for people who like to explore rocky and hard areas. The mountains are easy to track with lightweight, motion controlling shoes. The ergonomic fit shoes adapt the shape of the feet gaining high fitness and orthotic support. Not to mention the lave system that widely spans the upper of the shoes. The power flow midsole prepares you for whatever your workout is going to throw at you.

The material of the shoes is handmade and chosen with a special combination so extra padding and insole do not add to the weight of the material. This makes them a good fit for tracking on Rocky Mountains so the weight of shoes does not drag the bunion and ankle down in Favour of gravity.

Knitted fabric:
The shoes do not need to be worn with socks. Due to bunions, you have to choose a material that fits around the lump limiting its progression. Wool material adds comfort and fitness both. The shoes adapt to your motion so they do not slip off.

Wide forefoot:
The wide forefoot of shoes gives plenty of room to the vulnerable metatarsals. That is also a good adaptation since you might knock your feet once or twice against the rocks on the mountains. The toes will not overlap each other covering maximum surface area.

Unrivaled grip:
The outsole is made of sticky rubber material that grips the ground effectively. It decreases the chance of slipping across the slippery and smooth surfaces. It is now a chance to give relief to your bunion feet from working too hard to grip the shoes from inside.

Inov cross training shoes are epitome of class and adventure. That may be an odd mix but one glance at the eight blends of exciting colors and you will get the meaning. Along with that the shoes are affordable and readily available. Since you will be tracking in rough areas why don’t you grab an extra pair?

  • Non slip grip.
  • Heel cage wraps.
  • Toe bumper protection.
  • Versatile shoes.
  • Suitable for rough tracks.
  • The inside is too soft.
  • Ankle support is rigid at first.
  • The top mesh tears easily.

Reason to buy

It can be quite easy to slip across wet terrains if you do not have the right shoe wear. Do not let anything hold you back when you have an option of Inov lite cross training shoes.

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NOBULL -(Men’s Strengthening Training Shoes)

NOBULL Men's Training Shoes and Styles

Nobull products are not the best in the market for no reason. This is a team of people who have analyzed bunions and produced shoes that best work for people who have liked to train hard. This shoe motivates you and gives way to no excuses. There are special sidewalls for the protection of bunions along the sides of feet. The outsole is engineered with special design that increases distribution of body weight on ground.

Tuen over the shoes and you will notice a unique outsole lug. The pattern is uniformly distributed and folds easily. These lugs are added to improve walking and exercising on all kinds of surfaces. Regardless of hard or soft surfaces you will get expert rebound property.

The material of shoes is made for hard outworks. The shoes have great strength in its fabric. It does not lose shape while maintaining the fitness and position of the shoes. The soft material also reduces the chance of you getting calluses and painful corns.

Rope grip:
Unlike most shoes the rope grip does not stick out and unleash on your feet. It remains intact in a harsh environment and under the greatest of strains. The grip is unyielding and lets you feel the ground you are walking on giving full control of strides.

Medial guards:
The guards act exactly like their name adding protection of the sides, especially the toes. It effectively decreases the angle of the bunion without adding to the pressure. Over time you can successfully regain a normal anatomy.

Another reason why Nobull shoes are among high recommendations is their vast variety of colors. You can choose any pair to match your outfit and temperament of the day. The shoes may be labelled as a little expensive however even with the variation of design and color the prices remain fixed.

  • Extremely durable.
  • Breathable material.
  • Guide rails along the sides of shoes.
  • Super fabric for comfort.
  • Abrasion resistant material.
  • The outer material is rough vinyl.
  • There is a little drop in the toe box.
  • The shoes have little ankle support.

Reason to buy

The guide rails along the sides are medicated and designed to control the progression of bunions. Its mechanism is extensive and does not apply more pressure on the tender spot. You can gain that by using Nobull cross training shoes.

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Ryka Women’s (Hydro Sport Training Cross Training shoes)

Ryka Women's Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe

Ryka is a notable brand that has experience in producing supportive shoes for bunion foot for many years. So, the probability of you finding appropriate cross training shoes is automatically high. Ryka women have hydro sportswear technology that allows you to do aerobics in wetlands. If your sport is centered around water, you have the facility of firm attachment to the ground other than the lining with webbing midfoot. The inspiration from wetland animals is installed which mimics their function and increases your stability.

Webbing midfoot:
Webbing means the surface area of contact between the midsole cushioning and your bunion has increased. Apart from the center, the midfoot is extended to the medial and lateral support. When you jump from a high altitude, you will land smoothly.

EVA midsole:
EVA cushioning allows you to put your maximum force on the cushion, which will successfully absorb all the weight of the bunion. It will navigate that to your toes and the heel. The midsole of Ryka cross training shoe has drainage ports inserted for extra compressibility and rebound properties.

Speed lacing:
The lacing is designed to extend below the eyelets, to the outsole of the training shoes. If you tug at the string, the effect goes as far as the lower parts of feet. This removes any space for excessive moving and shifting as you will be practicing in wet conditions.

This hydro sports training shoe provides good flexibility with an unbeatable cushioning. All the essential points of the feet are attached to appropriate support systems. There is no pain in the bunion even after prolonged hours of practice.

Ryka water support cross training shoes are available in ten exciting designs. However, that also means fluctuation in prices. All the shoes are cleverly designed, so whichever pair you end up buying will be a fantastic deal.

  • Webbing midfoot cage.
  • Lateral and medial support for the bunion.
  • Compression insole.
  • Webbing technology for the midsole.
  • Great for traction in wet areas.
  • The insole is challenging to insert.
  • Heavyweight cross training shoes.
  • The shoe strings are too long.

Reason to buy

If you like water aerobics and want to find a stable shoe for your bunion, then Ryka Women are perfect. The sport training shoes do not let water accumulate as the drainage pores quickly remove any water keeping the comfort level maximum.

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UMYOGO Women’s (Running Non-Slip Cross training shoes)

UMYOGO Women's Running Shoes Non Slip Athletic Tennis Walking Blade Type Sneakers

Umyogo produces launches of single shoes in a collection that are supportive for bunions. Each shoe is designed to give an aesthetic feeling. Superior mapping is added to each part of the training shoes. They are lightweight shoes despite many accommodations and give a boost to the bunion joint. You can use them for trivial tasks like jumping, gardening, dancing, and Zumba. These sneakers like trainers are soft and durable.

Rubber outsole:
The rubber outsole of these training shoes is durable and long lasting. It does not wear quickly and keeps up with your exercising, light or not. The durable material will protect the midsole from abrasion and give flexible movement.

Breathable mesh:
The cross trainers should match the strength of your strides without holding power back. The stretchable mesh allows you freedom in curving strides. The mesh is elongated to a greater extent, allowing you to test the Bunion’s potential in your athletic field.

Side support rubber:
Apart from the insole, there are two enjoined rubber straps at the sides. They hold your bunion firmly and don’t allow it to slip from the inserted bunion support. This decreases the chances of twisting in your feet, which could hurt the lateral metatarsophalangeal joint space.

The non-slip athletic cross training shoes have not only advanced lacework but also durable knitwork. Meaning it provides comfort even in heavy exercises. Furthermore, any potential of uneven force that might attack your bunion lump is stopped at the curb.

Umyogo cross training sneakers are available in twelve exciting colors with a small area designated for their signature words. Each shoe is unique and available in unexpected colors. If you like bright neon colors that reflect your personality, then grab them at affordable prices!

  • Soft and protective cushioning.
  • Knit upper material.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Appropriate for more than one sport.
  • High top sneakers like cross trainers.
  • The toe box is narrow.
  • You have to order one size big.
  • They are a bit too snug.

Reason to buy

If you have an inflamed bunion which is not improving, why don’t you try Umyogo cross training shoes? The side rubber is designed to provide fitness to the bunions, for recovery from the brittle bones without you taking a break. Your passion should not wait if you have ample opportunities like this!

Problems of Bunions that ideal Cross training shoes help in improving:

What would be the purpose of going through the trouble of finding the shoes if they do not benefit you in any way? An ideal cross trainer shoe has all the essential features that will let you exercise your favorite support. Practically finding such a shoe is difficult, but there should be maximum comfort features present in your pair. Because without the essential features the shoe is incomplete!

I have listed some crucial points for you to consider. If your cross training shoes have the majority of these, then your condition will positively recover. For your aid, each point has been designated to a specific bunions problem:

High Top cushioning:
High top cross trainers mean there is additional material that surrounds the ankle. The opening of the shoes is high and adjustable around your ankle. Those people who have arthritis should look for this feature because it will balance the forces and help them travel back and forth to the feet.

Rigid yet compressible midsole:
The bunion in question should be considered primarily. In Hallux Valgus, the bunion lump is wider than usual, which means the weight and pressure of forces stop at the heel and balls. The forces do not get the chance to travel to the bunion. Contracted muscles in the joints have decreased the lump size and surface area. So, midfoot fitness gives the tendons a chance to relax.

Heel cupping:
Cross training shoes are more suitable for jumping, weightlifting exercises than running. So, your under protonated heels tend to move away from their normal symmetry. That causes plantar fasciitis due to the inflammation of plantar muscle in the heel. Heel cupping grounds the heel and stops it from slipping.

Wide toe box:
You may need fitness for toes in running and walking, but for exercising, you should give the metatarsals free support. When you are working up, the toes need to flex and spread to engage the ball of feet. Vast space gives them more area, so they do not rub against each other. This, in other words, will cure metatarsalgia.

Thick outsole:
The increasing longitudinal length of the bunion automatically curves the toes and joints inward. The thick outsole keeps the position of lateral ends of feet firm and upright. A dense surface increases the shifting and regularity of muscular coordination. Because of which, the force passes over the bunion area and extends up to the heel joint smoothly.

Furthermore, the heel is also thicker than other shoes to help you in lifting exercises. Therefore, there should be firm support to land back.

Lightweight cross training shoes help you make high jumps and get bigger strides. Heavyweight shoes can cause foot dropping and damage the ankles. Not to mention they drag your feet and add pressure which is the exact opposite of what you want. The weight on the metatarsal joint increases and the bunions also bends more than required. The situation can be pretty painful.

Choose comfort:
The size of the shoe undoubtedly plays a vital role in ease and walking. However, if you were to choose, you should rely on comfort because the shoe’s outward protrusion needs inward space. That automatically increases the size. Sizes vary from company to company, but comfort remains!

Choose the socks wisely:
It is not a joke when you are advised to choose the right socks for bunions. The right kind of fabric can heal the pointed tender area within a few months. Cotton socks are commonly used; however, they are not a safe option. Cotton increases friction that causes redness and swelling of a bunion.

Choose spandex or wool socks. They are not only comfortable but provide maximum coverage.

Toe separators:
Toe separators can work wonders. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to them. Choose padded separators that will absorb the shock as well as keep distance between toes. Widening of angle even in unaffected toes, helps balance out the bunion so it can heal quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can running shoes be used for cross training shoes?
Running shoes cannot be used for cross training shoes. There is a big difference in the use of your muscles. Although cross trainers do facilitate running however, athletic running shoes serve the same purpose better. Cross training shoes have a thick sole and more weight than running shoes. Furthermore, they are also extra cushioned. Running shoes are less effective for exercises like skipping, weightlifting, and aerobics that require training safety.

Is tight fitness in cross training shoes appropriate for bunion foot?
It is a well-known fact that cross training shoes cannot be loose shoes. You have to receive training and gym workout in these shoes. Do not worry because the tight fit is coordinated with adjustable lacework and compressible cushioning that does not chock your bunion lump. Additionally, they facilitate the movement and propulsion.

What is the difference between cross training shoes and Crossfit? How do they affect bunions?
There is not much difference in the efficiency of both shoes. However, if you look deeper you will notice minor changes. Cross fits are offsets of cross training shoes. They are more specialized for exercising and sports. As of bunions the Cross fits and trainers work the same way. If they have side guards, flexibility and extra forefront cushioning along with a gel system then you can grab any pair.

Cross trainers help in weightlifting but is that not damaging for a Bunion?
It is no brainer that weight lifting is not a good option for people with bunions because it is an open invitation to adding pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint. However, the question is if cross trainers are any help. If you do weight lifting occasionally then you can use cross trainers. However, regular exercising with a bunion even with cross training shoes is not recommended by orthopedic specialists.


Please take note of the difference the cross training shoes make in your bunion. Do not neglect the idea but indulge in the features mentioned above. Once you find the pair, there is no turning back. Your training and profession will improve, and you will get back in court like a king.

If you have any queries regarding the information, you can ask me. I will be happy to respond!

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You can ensure the accuracy of our information and content by clicking on the added sources. We adhere to strict sourcing guidelines related to medical associations and statistical research. Ensuring avoidance of data that could be misleading as to any matter of fact is our priority.

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