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Cross training shoes are extra supportive and comfortable footwear for people with high arches, who like to indulge in fitness sports and exercises.

If you like to spend your time dancing, jumping, and weightlifting, then cross training shoes are just the pair for you!

For an average person, walking to a shoe store and finding the right pair is close to a piece of cake. However, if you have a high arch then finding a particular shoe can be challenging concerning your profession and passion. Factors like extra cushioning in the middle and forefront along with features like spring absorption set cross training shoes apart from walking and running shoes.

To save your time and energy, I have done the due research for you. I have added orthopedic shoes from the list of professional athlete recommendations approved by the podiatric lab tests. A detailed description is dedicated to the unique features of each pair. Happy exercising to you!

Our Top Picks for Best Cross Training Shoes for High Arches 2021

  • Ryka Women’s (Hydro Sport Training Cross Training shoes)
    “I love the color and added Navy Lace locks that are a must for water shoes. “ -Customer Review.
  • UMYOGO Women’s (Running Non-Slip Cross Training shoes)
    “Love the fact that you can tie them up and just slip them on without having to tie them again. “ -Customer Review.
  • Reebok Women’s Nano 9 (Cross Trainer Shoes)
    “Excellent cross trainer for women with wide feet!” -Customer Review.
  • Belilent Womens Sneaker Socks (Nurse training Shoes)
    “Love these shoes. Fit perfectly, heel doesn’t slip. No side support.” -Customer review.
  • Skechers Performance (Go Walk Max Cross trainers)
    “It’s hard not to like Skechers – ultra lightweight, comfortable.” -Customer Review.
  • Fila Men’s Memory (Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe)
    “Walking with them, you walk very smoothly.” -Customer Review.

Ryka Women’s (Hydro Sport Training Cross Training shoes)

Ryka Women's Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe

Ryka is a notable brand that is known for producing supportive shoes for high arches for many years. So, the probability of you finding appropriate cross training shoes is automatically high. Ryka women have hydro sportswear technology that allows you to do aerobics in wetlands. If your sport is centered around water, you have the facility of firm attachment to the ground other than the lining with webbing midfoot. The installation is an inspiration from the adaptation of wetland animals. Hence, it mimics their function and increases your stability.

Webbing midfoot:

Webbing means the surface area of contact between the midsole cushioning and your arch has increased. Apart from the center, the midfoot is extended to the medial and lateral support. When you jump from a high altitude, you will land smoothly.

EVA midsole:

EVA cushioning allows you to put your maximum force on the cushion, which will successfully absorb all the weight of the high arch. It will navigate the weight to your toes and the heel. The midsole of Ryka cross training shoe has drainage ports inserted for extra compressibility and rebound properties.

Speed lacing:

The lacing is designed to extend below the eyelets, to the outsole of the training shoes. If you tug at the string, the effect goes as far as the lower parts of feet with the right lacing technique. This removes any space for excessive moving and shifting as you will be practising in wet conditions.


This hydro sports training shoe provides good flexibility with unbeatable cushioning. All the essential points of the feet responsible for stability are attached to appropriate support systems. There is no pain in the high arch even after prolonged hours of practice.


Ryka water support cross training shoes are available in ten exciting designs. However, that also means fluctuation in prices. All the shoes are cleverly designed, so whichever pair you end up buying will be a fantastic deal.

  • Webbing midfoot cage.
  • Lateral and medial support for the arch.
  • Compression insole.
  • Webbing technology for the midsole.
  • Great for traction in wet areas.
  • The insole is challenging to insert.
  • Heavyweight cross training shoes.
  • The shoe strings are too long.

Reason to buy

If you like water aerobics and want to find a stable shoe for your high arch, then Ryka Women are perfect. The sport training shoes do not let water accumulate as the drainage pores quickly remove any water keeping the comfort level maximum.

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UMYOGO Women’s (Running Non-Slip Cross training shoes)

UMYOGO Women's Running Shoes Non Slip Athletic Tennis Walking Blade Type Sneakers

Umyogo produces launches of single shoes in a collection that are supportive of high arches. Each shoe is designed to give an aesthetic feeling. Superior mapping is added to each part of the training shoes. They are lightweight shoes despite many accommodations and give a boost to the high arch. You can use them for trivial tasks like jumping, gardening, dancing, and Zumba. These sneakers like trainers are soft and durable.

Rubber outsole:

The rubber outsole of these training shoes is durable and long lasting. It does not wear quickly and keeps up with your exercising routine, light or not. The durable material will protect the midsole from abrasion and give flexible movement.

Breathable mesh:

The cross trainers should match the strength of your strides without holding power back. The stretchable mesh allows you freedom in curving strides. The mesh is elongated to a greater extent, allowing you to test the arch’s potential in your athletic field.

Side support rubber:

Apart from the insole, there are two enjoined rubber straps at the sides. They hold your high arch firmly and don’t allow it to slip from the inserted arch support. This decreases the chances of twisting in your feet, which could hurt the medial arch muscle.


The non-slip athletic cross training shoes have not only advanced lacework but also durable knitwork. Meaning it provides comfort for movement even in heavy exercises. Furthermore, any potential of uneven force that might attack your high arch is stopped at the curb.


Umyogo cross training sneakers are available in twelve exciting colors with a small area designated for their signature words. Each shoe is unique and available in exceptional colors. If you like bright neon colors that reflect your personality, then grab them at affordable prices!

  • Soft and protective cushioning.
  • Knit upper material.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Appropriate for more than one sport.
  • High top sneakers like cross trainers.
  • The toe box is narrow.
  • You have to order one size big.
  • They are a bit too snug.

Reason to buy

If you have a weak high arch which is not improving, why don’t you try Umyogo cross training shoes? The side rubber is designed to give you fitness especially if you are recovering from brittle bones. Your passion should not wait if you have ample opportunities like this!

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Reebok Women’s Nano 9 (Cross Trainer Shoes)

Reebok Women's Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes

Rebook is an American aspired brand that is centered around the fitness of feet. They give you the best version of shoes for a wide variety of exercises. The nano cross training shoes are built to push your boundaries. It helps that they are adapted with additional cushioning and FlexWare uppers that are reliable. They absorb the shock before it is centered towards the high arch. As for running and jumping, they provide a rigid, durable base.


The flex weave woven sneakers are handpicked with light materials that prevent your feet from dragging and limiting movement. For high arches, foot dropping is common. In that case, light materials allow you to take higher sprints without anticipating pain in the arch and heel muscles. The fibers are also spread throughout the side lining of the shoes.

Flexing groves:

The forefront of these cross trainers has flexing grooves. It is time to give attention to the poor, neglected, and bruised toes. They allow them to stretch without feeling like they have hit a boulder—this improves the condition and functionality of balls of feet.


The outsole of feet is divided into two major parts—the design and thickness, which are different at the back and front. Less thickness in front is balanced by flexing groves. Additionally, the high thickness at the back also gives’ stability to hell muscle and ankle.


Nano trainer cross training shoe is efficient in providing stability because of the installation of a new soft absorbing midsole. The bootie construction adds to the fitness and wraps around the high arch so that its weight does not escape to the targeted toes. That increases your performance in training.


Get ready to buy an extra pair of cross training shoes because you have twenty three designs to choose from! Furthermore, the good news is that most of the shoes in this collection are economical. Even if you skip the pricey ones, you will not be at a great loss. All the shoes share a significant spotlight.

  • Flex weave technology.
  • The upper of the shoes is stretchable.
  • Lightweight cross trainers.
  • There is extra room for toes.
  • Midsole protection throughout the wrapping.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • The front of the shoes lacks fitness.
  • The insole is flatter than average.

Reason to buy

Weightlifting can produce strain on your toes as much as it does on high heels. If you hit the gym frequently, then there is no need to damage the metatarsals anymore. Please give them the flex and vast space Rebook women successfully provide. You will surely like it!

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Belilent Womens Sneaker Socks (Nurse Training Shoes)

Belilent Womens Walking Shoes Slip on Sneaker Socks Platform Nurse Mesh Breathable Lightweight Comfortable Socks Shoes

Belilent takes pride in producing shoes that not only facilitate exercising but casual running and walking also. They are effortless shoes that give you a polished look and unyielding stability. The long day comfort is enhanced by the extra cushioned lining in the inside of cross training shoes. The arch is protected all the time and remains attached to the cushions steadily. With a simple slip on technology, you can easily slide on a pair and start your day!

MD Sole:

The platform sole allows you to go through daily activities without the fear of stabbing pain in the high arch. The outsole is spread throughout the base of the shoes that match each stride with a barrier. The barrier successfully deflects the strong reflecting forces from straight and level ground.

Arch design:

If your training takes hours, then the perforated arch design in cross trainers will be your constant companion. It is easy to compress, and as soon as you lift the weight, the cushion molds back. It helps the arch absorb weight before it attacks the toes and heels. The muscles of the arch will relax on a firm yet soft surface.

Breathable knit:

The knit fabric is preset along the sides and upper part of the feet. It is stretchable so that quick bursts of cold air are allowed in. Frequent rubbing of the feet against the snug fitness can cause high temperature and inflamed areas. Access to cold air prevents that and keeps your feet fresh.


A particular pattern is engraved in the underside of the outsole that resembles a rolling ball’s mechanism. It gives the feet stability as the forces slip through the round surface and reach their target. They can be controlled and coordinated with the movement of feet so you can run effortlessly.


You will be amazed to know that the price remains fixed despite the color and design you choose from fourteen options. Unlike most cross training shoes, you do not have to sweat over your favorite pair. Each option is good as the first one and likely with the best support!

  • Convenient to take off.
  • Promotes a long time standing.
  • It has a perforated arch design.
  • MD thick sole.
  • Seamless fabric.
  • The design of shoes forwards the pressure to heels.
  • Give off a harsh chemical smell.
  • The arch support is stiff.

Reason to buy

Taking care of the resonating shock waves from beneath the feet is as important as the upper arch support. You have to press deeply to get the functionality of a normal arch. MD outsole in Belilent Cross training shoes allows you to relax and save all the extra energy.

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Skechers Performance (Go Walk Max Cross trainers)

Skechers Men's Go Walk Max-54601 Sneaker

Skechers provide advanced comfort and protection technology in all their shoes. They have laid a strong foundation for cross training shoes that have unique orthotic adaptations. Go walk is slip resistant and washable training shoe. Due to their durability, these shoes last longer than other shoes. The insole has Goga max technology that provides extra cushioning in the toe and heel area. They are molded with lightweight injected materials that give lifting property to the high arch.

Padded heel:

The heel of the insole is extra padded and installed with a non compressing cushioning. Padding keeps your heels anchored while you have to take sudden 360 turns. The heel will be aligned to its natural shape without going out of symmetry to the ankle’s line. This gives you superiority in jumping and badminton.

Synthetic laces:

The laces of sketchers are added on top of the extra padded tongue of cross training shoes. An additional layer with strings gives you a changeable fitness that will not dig into your skin. The lacework is uniformly distributed over the tongue, so there is more extensive support for the arch.

Goga max technology:

Outstanding technology is installed in the insole that not only absorbs the shock but also reflects it. Not in the wrong way, but with an additional dose of potential energy! The arch muscles will be thrummed to walk instead of shying away from the attacking motion waves.


The cushioned supportive sole design gives maximum comfort. Combined with an unyielding lace system, your feet are less likely to shift from their place in shoes. It can be injurious if you wear loose shoes that have decreased stability.


Skechers’ motion cross trainers are available in drab colors. Even with that, the trainers are made in twelve earthy colors. These minimalist shoes are designed with a grace that comes at a hefty price. Most designs in the collection are expensive. However, they are the best choice for low profile people.

  • The shaft measure is low top.
  • It is made of synthetic material.
  • Padded tongue.
  • High level cushioning in the heels.
  • Flexible upper mesh.
  • The back of the shoes sticks to the ground.
  • The shoes fold under the light curving of feet.
  • Not available in exciting colors.

Reason to buy

For people with brittle ankle joints, playing a sport that requires sudden twisting and jerking is painful. In that condition, you need strong heel support that lets you move effortlessly. The thick outsole of Go Walk Cross training shoes stops the pain radiating from the ankle to travel to the high arch.

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Fila Men’s Memory (Workshift Slip Resistant Shoe)

Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila memory cross training shoes allow you to have comfort without sacrificing fitness. They are constructed with durable leather that allows you to push the shoes to their limit, without fear of breaking and tearing. The advanced material meets occupational and exercising needs. The soft liners inside the shoes keep your feet light and dry. Additionally, the unique addition of midsole support engages your neglected high arch actively!

Memory foam:

It saves a lot of hassle if you buy one shoe that will change and mold to the high arch at the first try. The memory foam has a malleable material that is rigid at first but softens within a few walks and perfectly matches the height of the arch.

Thick midsole:

If you are going to choose a shoe for arch support, then an ideal midsole is necessary. A thick midsole forms a continuous connection between the toes and heel. No additional weight lands on former parts while the arch absorbs the weight evenly. The high arch muscles can relax on a protruding soft midsole.


Fila provides exceptional stability to the front toes. The outsole of cross training shoes extends to the front and above. The soft padding blankets your toes and stops them from getting stabbed or turned when you land from the jump. This will increase your traction while landing.


Memory cross training shoes are available in standard black and white color. However, there is no interference and collaboration. The same shade surrounds the shoes with patterns of similar color. That gives the shoes a polished look that is available at affordable to high prices.

  • Leather upper.
  • Solid performance.
  • Additional ankle support.
  • Soft sock liners in the inner lining.
  • Rigid midsole support.
  • The quality is dwindling.
  • The outsole is not glued properly.

Reason to buy

Fila men cross trainers completely glove your high arch from all sides. The ultra-soft sock lining is present at the top and along the sides of the shoes. They give you the chance of ultimate comfort and limit testing while exercising many sports!

Problems of High Arches that ideal Cross training shoes help in improving:

What would be the purpose of going through the trouble of finding the shoes if they do not benefit you in any way? An ideal cross trainer shoe has all the essential features that will let you exercise your favorite support. Practically finding such a shoe is difficult, but there should be maximum comfort features present in your pair. Because without the essential features the shoe is incomplete!
I have listed some crucial points for you to consider. If your cross training shoes have the majority of these, then your condition will positively recover. For your aid, each point has been designated to a specific high arch problem:

High Top cushioning:

High top cross trainers mean there is additional material that surrounds the ankle. The opening of the shoes is high and adjustable around your ankle. Those people who have arthritis should look for this feature because it will balance the forces and help them travel back and forth to the feet.

Rigid yet compressible midsole:

The high arch in question should be considered primarily. In cavus feet, the arch is higher than usual, which means the weight and pressure of forces stop at the heel and balls. The forces do not get the chance to travel to the arch. Contracted muscles in the middle have decreased the arch height and surface area. So, midfoot fitness gives the tendons a chance to relax and lower the arch height.

Heel cupping:

Cross training shoes are more suitable for jumping, weightlifting exercises than running. So, your under protonated heels tend to move away from their normal symmetry. That causes plantar fasciitis due to the inflammation of the plantar muscle in the heel. Heel cupping grounds the heel and stops it from slipping.

Wide toe box:

You may need fitness for toes in running and walking, but for exercising, you should give the metatarsals free support. When you are working up, the toes need to flex and spread to engage the ball of feet. Vast space gives them more area, so they do not rub against each other. This, in other words, will cure metatarsalgia.

Thick outsole:

The increasing longitudinal length of the high arch automatically curves the toes and heel inward. The thick outsole keeps the position of lateral ends of feet firm and upright. A dense surface increases the shifting and regularity of muscular coordination. Because of this, the force passes over the arch area and extends up to the heel joint smoothly.
Furthermore, the heel is also thicker than other shoes that help you in heavy lifting exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can running shoes be used for cross training shoes?
Running shoes cannot be used for cross training shoes. There is a big difference in the use of your muscles. Although cross trainers do facilitate running, however, athletic running shoes serve the same purpose better. Cross training shoes have a thick sole and more weight than running shoes. Furthermore, they are also extra cushioned. Running shoes are less effective for exercises like skipping, weightlifting, and aerobics that require training safety.

Is tight fitness in cross training shoes appropriate for high arches?
It is a well-known fact that cross training shoes should not be loose. You have to receive training and gym workouts in these shoes. Do not worry because the tight fit is coordinated with adjustable lacework and compressible cushioning that does not chock your high arches. Additionally, they facilitate movement and propulsion.

Does Cross training shoes’ special outsole make any difference for the high arch?
Cross training shoes have a wider sole than an average shoe. The wide sole gives more excellent support and stability to the high arch muscles. The greater area of the sole allows the arch to trust the rubber material for shifting of weight. The toes and heel flex, so the angle lowers, and the normal function of feet continues. Furthermore, the movement does not cause pain because the sturdy sides do not let the weight escape!


Please take note of the difference the cross training shoes make in your high arches. Do not neglect the idea but indulge in the features mentioned above. Once you find the pair, there is no turning back. Your training and profession will improve, and you will get back in court like a king.
If you have any queries regarding the information, you can ask me. I will be happy to respond!

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