Best Formal yet Stylish Dress Shoes for High Arches | 5 Top Picks 2021

High arch support does not mean that it is only available in iconic shoes like sneakers, joggers, sandals, and flip flops. With the development in the insoles, they can be incorporated in all shoes. There is a variety of high arch insoles available that are adaptable in both wide and narrow dress shoes.

Dress shoes have long been undermined for having no arch support. You could not be more wrong as there are brands that have launched dress shoes for high arches. You can attend any formal event standing in supportive dress shoes for hours, and you will still be comfortable.

I have collected the list of best dress shoes suitable for high arches. The brand of all shoes is approved by professional pediatricians and APMC (American Pediatric Medical Association). You will have no time to find the right match. Happy walking to you!

Our Top Picks For Best Dress Shoes for High Arches 2021

  • Clarks Women’s May (Marigold Slip-On Loafer) “These are the most comfortable shoes I have worn, and my feet can finally breathe.” -Customer Review.
  • LifeStride Women’s (Abigail Ballet Flat) “I wear these shoes off and on during the day so it doesn’t really hurt that bad and I haven’t gotten any blisters. ” -Customer Review.
  • Dr. Scholl’s Women’s (Dynamo Work Shoe) “It appears to be made very well, with quality materials. The fit is good once they’re on my feet “ -Customer Review.
  • Franco Sarto Women’s (Carolynn Loafer Flat) “So glad I purchased this pair at a discount: it’s comfy and classy at the same time. “ -Customer Review.
  • Rockport Men’s (Get Your Kicks Mudguard Blucher Oxford) “This shoe is very comfortable, looks good with jeans or khakis. ” -Customer Review.

Clarks Women’s May (Marigold Slip-On Loafer)

Clarks Women's May Marigold Slip-On Loafer

Clarks women have a classy and professional designing in matte black color suitable under all kinds of uniforms. It is made of pure leather from synthetic animal hide and has a sleek shine. The upper makes it durable against the highest strains. Another prime feature of these dress shoes is the ortholite footbed that makes it an excellent support for all-day working. With the wide opening, it has an easily worn ability. The stitching is done so precisely that it blends with the material.

Ortholite outsole

The ortholite outsole makes it a fantastic shoe for weak heels. Often, if the front of the feet is secured tightly, only the heel is left to change position. After getting hot many times, the heel muscles can tear. Ortholites prevent the shock by blocking it.

Wide boot opening:

If you are in a hurry, then you do not have to worry about damaging your arch by wrong shoving inside feet. The wide opening makes the dress shoes comfortable wear. Apart from that, the vast ankle space saves the hard lining from cutting into the sore spots.

Upper tongue:

Instead of lacework, the upper tongue is shaped so that it is upright and anchors the high arch to its place. It can be stretched because of the elastic on both sides. The rigid tongue from above ensures the motion waves coming from the knees pass to the toes smoothly.

Break-in period:

Leather is a traditional material that has been used for years. In Clarks, it provides the same sustainable function without tearing apart. Even after years of use, the upper is not as damaged as the heel might be. Leather also ensures less room for movement, providing a secure molding.


These dress shoes are available in a variety of colors. Because of the premium lather used it understandably the customized shoes can get pricey. Not to worry, because there are formal shoes available at great prices.

  • Synthetic sole.
  • Pure leather material.
  • High heel.
  • Soft cushioning.
  • Ortholite technology.
  • Sides fall apart within a few runs.
  • Leather can be too rigid for sensitive feet.

Reason to buy

Most dress shoes have a narrow opening, but the material is too stiff to be called comfortable even with the wide opening. You do not have to worry about Clarks women because space is approximately 0.5″ vast. That decreases the chance of your feet slipping out when you are running in a hurry.

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LifeStride Women’s (Abigail Ballet Flat)

LifeStride Women's Abigail Ballet Flat

Lifestride has you covered in from fashion and must-have styles to comfortable arch support shoes. You can wear them to dress formal events to casual wear as well. They have superior technology in which, unlike the majority of dress shoes, they have flat ballet shapes. They have a cleverly engineered arch support inserted inside that is changeable. The smooth lining and comfortable, flexible sole help you navigate the day without worrying about the stabbing pains.

Flexible sole:

Coupled with the customized insole, the flexible outsole helps you support the high arch and the back of feet. If you have swollen feet that need frequent relaxation, then the flexible sole allows you freedom of movement. The outsole will distribute the shock, but the flexibility will direct the action of shock.

Comfort technology:

The inside of the shoes is lined with a soft suede material that allows you to walk briskly without feeling irritation on the skin. It will take care of swollen feet and feel like heaven on the skin. There will be no blisters and bruising at the end of the long day.

Rigid toe box:

The front of these dress shoes has multiple crisscrossing of leather straps. Their rigid toe box makes up for the flexibility at the back. Rigidity ensures that the force directed at the heels ends up in the toes with perfect alignment. It will keep the toes and ball of feet grounded, creating natural upward tipping of feet.

Break-in period:

Faux leather and synthetic sole can prolong the break-in period of these ballet shoes. However, they wear out quickly because of the flexible sole that allows more twisting of shoes than average. If you are not bending the dress shoes too much, then they will meet your time demand.


Get ready to buy two or three pairs of these shoes because they are available in an affordable price range. You will not be disappointed to buy them. They will make fair use of the money you are investing.

  • Flexible sole.
  • Soft material along the sides.
  • Ballet shape for streamlined movement.
  • Rigid toe box.
  • Suitable for all occasions.
  • A wide opening causes the shoes to come off.
  • You have to wear socks to ensure fitness.
  • The heel areas of the shoe are wide and open.

Reason to buy

If you have faced past injury and cannot settle on appropriate dress shoes, then try Lifestride women. They will take care of the injured support with loose fitness in the heel area. You will not feel like you are walking on the rock because the twisting for pain relief is freely allowed.

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Dr. Scholl’s Women’s (Dynamo Work Shoe)

Dr. Scholl's Women's Dynamo Work Shoe

Dynamo is stylish yet comfortable, versatile work shoes appropriate for attending sophisticated events. They are designed for work, but these clogs are ready to meet all other standards. They are available in designs that suit both men and women. The thick outsole with a prominent arch is uniformly spread under the dress shoes. The outsole is also scratch and slip-resistant. Apart from that, the soft insole and buttery leather let you enjoy the smooth, relaxed feel. Padded collar around ankle bracketing allows easy slip-on.

Padded collar:

These shoes are categorized as high top because the three are extra fabric around the ankles. The opening surrounds the ankles without completely enveloping, allowing free movement. The soft material will prevent excessive rub against the ankles and discomfort while you walk.

Insole technology:

The comfort insole technology is made of special foam that can change its shape. It is soft at first, but after a few runs, the foam hardens and adapts to the arch’s shape. With direct support, you have to use less energy to press on the ground. The cushion will feel natural and support the shifting of the arch muscles from inside of dress shoes.

Anti-compression insole:

The insole may have a soft foam, but the material securing the insole is tight and unyielding. The anti-compressing insole supports the weight enabling the toes and the heels to maintain their natural position. With the rigid material, further supination of feet is prohibited.

Oil-resistant outsole:

Oil resistant outsole does not mean it is only useful in wetland and slippery terrains. The lower area of outsoles is designed with a micro pattern that increases the dress shoes’ grip on the ground. Even if it is a moist surface or a pristine stone floor, you will not fall while running. The support ensures you get a proper footing and most contact with the land.

Break-in period:

Like most other dress shoes, Dr. Scholl is also made of sturdy leather material and a thick sole. The resistant material enables the shoes to overpass their use duration, impressing the users, and making them loyal fans. Even with all the scratches to the body, Dr. Scholl is not damaged.


Even with the best features, Dr. Scholl’s dress shoes come across at affordable prices. Some of the designs can be expensive, but many people invest in them, given the shoes’ durability. They do not need frequent changes, so they are the right choice for a longer run.

  • Moisture controlling.
  • Anti-compression insole.
  • Stretch gore for extra flexibility.
  • Shield odor control.
  • Oil resistant heel.
  • The gluing of the sole is weak.
  • Formation of Calluses on a few walks.
  • Heavyweight shoes.

Reason to buy

The best form of support for your high arch is when the material’s foam is pressed tight to the lower tendons. They will allow you to encourage and share the weight, effectively decreasing pain. Think of the mold foam insole as a natural ground on which you walk every day!

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Franco Sarto Women’s (Carolynn Loafer Flat)

Franco Sarto Women's Carolynn Loafer Flat

Franco Sarto is designed to impress even with the inspiration from men’s dress shoes. They have a feminine appeal. The strap with tassel detail and patent upper leather gives a polished yet comfortable and approachable look. The lightweight tug dress shoes are shaped in an almost form that facilitates the movement of your feet. The wide heel and narrow front collaborate evenly for the distribution of body weight. The inside is lined with suede and foam for compressibility.

Thick outsole:

The thickness of the outsole breaks the shock of heavy thumping and jumping. It is spread throughout the base of shoes. The outsole is made of rubber material that will not sag under your weight. It will keep the feet upright and maintain the connection through the base.

Narrow front:

For people who have brittle toe bones, a narrow front with broad back is a good deal. It will stop the toes from excessive movement and rubbing against each other. If the metatarsals maintain their position with coordinating fitness, then your toes will recover quickly.

Padded footbed:

The padded footbed allows you to walk on clouds. The feeling of relief is instant and heavenly. Padding will stop the contraction of the arch and heel muscles. The weight of foot alignment will be shifted off the foot muscles, and they will get time to relax and heal.

Break-in period:

One look at the dress shoes and you will understand why it has so many good customer reviews. Apart from the material, the stitching of shoes is done with precise machines that keep the fabric from losing its strength and breaking in a long time run.


These shoes are available at excellent prices that are often in the sale, saving you an extra load of money. Apart from the discount, the price is budget-friendly that convinces you to order a pair for yourself immediately.

  • Cushioned footbed.
  • Sole can bend to adapt to the ground.
  • Synthetic material is used for construction.
  • Almond shape.
  • Rigid toe area for support.
  • Loose around the ankle.
  • Slips off frequently.
  • Too stiff around the middle.

Reason to buy

Metatarsalgia is a common occurrence in people who have a high arch. You need firm support for the ball and toes of feet. Franco Sarto delivers that promise with an efficiency that improves the condition of toes within a few weeks of use.

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Rockport Men’s (Get Your Kicks Mudguard Blucher Oxford)

Rockport Men's Get Your Kicks Mudguard Blucher Oxford

Rockport is famous for its lightweight material. They will absorb light shock before the attack reaches the high arch and lets you feel like you are walking on clouds. Unlike most dress shoes, they will stop foot dropping. You can take more massive sprints because the downward pulling is erased. The lightness is extended to the functionality and durability of shoes. Strobel construction is unmatchable for the flexibility it provides to the front of feet.

TRUTECH technology:

While a rigid material is famous for absorbing maximum shock, that is not the case here. The cleverly engineered technology absorbs full shock with its thin surface. The thick outsole of dress shoes is already adding height to your silhouette, so a light trutech foaming is the best solution.


The lightweight materials are handpicked, so when they come together, the purpose is fulfilling. Even with the padding and rubber material, light material removes any chances of muscle fatigue. The forces will travel straight to toes instead of breaking at the arch.

Extended ends and width:

A high arch is not limited to one type of wide or narrow feet. The increase in size will not lose the firmness of secure shoes. You have a variety of fitness available as you level up the dress shoes. For weak heels, you can use wide feet that have a safe forefront.

Break-in period:

The lightweight material and memory foam allow the inside of shoes to surround your feet firmly. That means because of no loose ends, you are less likely to rub the shoes excessively. Without much rubbing and stabbing of shoes, they can exceed their breaking limit.


The aesthetic designing of dress shoes has added a pricing tag to the brand. The shoes are quite expensive, but if they give you relief and have an extended break-in period, go ahead and not hesitate to look them up.

  • Extended size and width.
  • Removable footbed.
  • Provide unyielding support.
  • Trutech technology.
  • Provide balanced functionality.
  • The material of the shoes is hard.
  • Come apart at the seams quickly.

Reason to buy

If you have weak ankles and need a break from heavy dress shoes. Then lightweight Rockport is a perfect break. They will decrease muscle feet increasing the time of your running and standing. The tired muscles of feet will get time to heal.

Features of Best Dress Shoes for High Arch you should search!

Sometimes you go to a shoe shop, and the salesperson finds you an appropriate shoe. It seems like you have found your match, but when you come home and start running in them, you realize the particular dress shoe was a mistake. You will be surprised to know that most orthopedic dress shoes end up in this situation.

Professional events mean you cannot wobble around, affecting your polished reputation. If you have an exceptionally high arch, then standing or walking can get painful. The front and heels of your feet are rolled inwards. If the shoes do not have proper support, then the ground’s shock is not evenly distributed.

How can you make a quick assessment that will not make your regret anything? It is effortless. You can prevent the mistake by looking at special features. The presence of these features removes chances of error without you wasting money. They are a comprehensive way of your arch’s improvement.

Please read the list below that I have gathered through a thorough search. You will find the same useful elements in every pediatrics selection of recommendation!

Fitness in width:

Most people forget that while finding the right size, you might be compromising the width. The right size is fundamental, but the width is the practical step to ensure the proper fit’s reasoning. Remember that while changing the size, the changing width can interfere with fitness around your arch and of the dress shoe.


There is less possibility that the middle of the feet will distribute the weight evenly in a higher arch. The arch is essential for shock absorption, but at a higher longitude, the angle is disturbed. That means now instead of the arch, the front and heels of feet are targeted with additional weight.

It can cause muscle fatigue and anatomical twisting. Cushioning in the midsole will absorb the weight and provide support to the arch and prevent additional pressure on the heels and balls.

Ankle support:

The primary joint for motion controlling movement is the ankle joint. However, if the high arch is causing the problem, the ankle will get the brunt of each step. a little heel in the dress shoes only aggravates the process. Ankle support in the form of heel dips in the insole or high-top padding will ensure that the joint’s alignment stays with the symmetry of the body.

Wide toe space:

If there is a secure connection between the heel and arch, you should allow the toes some freedom. Safe fitness all over the feet will affect the toes because as you tip your feet, your toes bend. However, if there is no space, that will affect the skin and joints. Excessive rubbing can result in calluses and brittle metatarsal bones.


Leather is an old-fashioned technique that provides both style and sturdiness in dress shoes. However, you have to remember that ideal softness will come if the leather is combined with another material inside it. If it is only leather, then its non-stretching nature can cause blisters and supination. It will not allow your heels to come back to their natural shape.


Understandably you cannot overlook the style at formal events. The purpose of dress shoes is to add to the sophistication. However, that does not mean you should compromise the support for styling. Find shoes that coordinate the design and orthotic support in a harmonized way. The style should add to the support and arrangement of the musculoskeletal system of feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the difference between Oxfords and Derbys shoes?
At first glance, they both are similar, but upon getting a closer look, you will get the difference. The differences are minor as they both have capped toes. However, Oxfords are more formal and have closed lacing patterns giving them an uncluttered look. On the opposite, Derby’s are less formal, and they have a closed, open system.

Are slip-on shoes with a lacing system an only option in dress shoes?
While most shoes with a Vamp foundation use a lacing technique for fitness, you have numerous other options. Things like tassels, clasps, and straps also provide the same fitness with a different outlook. They even make the shoes more comfortable to slip on compared to the fumbling of laces when you are in a hurry. Straps in the forefront of shoes provide strength to the toes during the tilting of feet making them the next best option.

Are loafers the only form of formal dress shoes available?
You should not fall for the iconic stereotypes because they have long been broken. There are formal sneakers and suede boots available that have the same theme as dress shoes. They are inspired by the dress shoes and can be worn instead. Orthotic customizations are more comfortable to add in them while they are serving the same purpose.

Is it true that inserting orthotic insoles in loafers leaves less space for feet?
No, that is not true because while some shoes have narrow space even then, they have functionality that allows adjustable fitness. Orthotics will help your high arch accommodate in the shoes. You can add an unusually thick midfoot and change the room in the shoes by changing your lacing methods. Even the top flaps in non-lacing shoes have stretchable elastic that allows additional space.


Dress shoes are suitable for professional and high-end occasions, which requires long attentive hours. That will affect not only your arch but also the hip and knee joints. You should give your arch proper care by choosing the best fit shoes. I hope the list has helped you find your match.

If you have any quarries do not hesitate to ask, I would love to answer!

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You can ensure the accuracy of our information and content by clicking on the added sources. We adhere to strict sourcing guidelines related to medical associations and statistical research. Ensuring avoidance of data that could be misleading as to any matter of fact is our priority.

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