Top 6 Best Flip Flop for High Arches 2021

Companies have developed flip flops from their old rubber texture. The material that used to cut into the skin is now soft and provides motion controlling fitness. The iconic interlocked straps at the top of flip flops give support to prominent foot conditions like a high arch. Additionally, they are also a sign of beauty and recognition for top notch brands.

After a long day of work, you want to come home to a more comfortable pair. Flip flops may have a smaller surface area of contact than the work shoes, but they have taken it upon themselves to provide stability and comfort.

Companies have installed orthotic changes in flip flops’ insoles that help you distribute the body’s maximum weight. There is quite a wide variety of flip flops available in the retail market. To help you choose your ideal type, I have compiled the list of top ranked Flip Flops. That will save you time and energy. Happy walking to you!

Our Top Picks For Best Flip Flops For High Arches 2021

  • Vionic Women’s Rest (BellaII Toe Post Sandal)
    “This is hands down the best feeling sandal I have ever worn and supportive throughout my extremely high arches.” -Customer Review.
  • LLSOARSS (Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal)
    “I ordered my normal shoe size and they fit perfectly. Very comfortable and the arch support is great! ” -Customer Review.
  • Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flop (Casual Women Sandals)
    “My daughter needed shower shoes for college dorm use, and these are perfect for that.” -Customer Review.
  • REEF Men’s (Fanning Flip Flop)
    “They take about two days for the straps to loosen but are NEVER uncomfortable. ” -Customer Review.
  • OluKai Men’s Ohana
    “They are so comfortable as to provide me with a greater level of activity.” -Customer Review.
  • OOFOS ( Sports Recovery Thong Sandal)
    “I was worried that the rubber would rub my foot raw but I have had no problems. These are very comfortable.” -Customer Review.
Vionic Women's Rest (BellaII Toe Post Sandal)Vionic Women’s Rest (BellaII Toe Post Sandal)
  • Microfiber footbed
  • Human Made upper
  • Flexible
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LLSOARSS (Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal)LLSOARSS (Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal)
  • Heel cupping
  • Contoured footbeds
  • Made of sturdy material
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Crocs Women's Kadee II Flip Flop (Casual Women Sandals)Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flop (Casual Women Sandals)
  • Lightweight
  • Croslite foaming
  • Flexible
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REEF Men's (Fanning Flip Flop)REEF Men’s (Fanning Flip Flop)
  • Non marking outsole
  • Anatomical contouring
  • EVA forming
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OluKai Men's OhanaOluKai Men’s Ohana
  • Jersey lining
  • EVA midsole
  • The toe area is made of comfortable nylon
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OOFOS ( Sports Recovery Thong Sandal)OOFOS ( Sports Recovery Thong Sandal)
  • Charged footbed
  • Recovery foam
  • Gives floating ability in the water
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Vionic Women’s Rest (BellaII Toe Post Sandal)

Vionic Women's Rest BellaII Toepost Sandal

Vionic Flip Flop brand is famous among the flip flop lovers. It has gained its reputation for producing footwear that is comfortable and supportive. They are also approved by APMA (American Pediatric Medical Association) strict standards, which is an honor for the shoes and the brand. Apart from the comfortable footbed, elevated arch support, and foams, these shoes are aesthetic looking. You can wear these on casual occasions, and the little rainbow on the stop of straps will flatter everyone.

Microfiber footbed:

The material that covered the footbed extends to the sides of the insole. It is soft looking so you can imagine how it must feel. The microfibers of flip flops keep your feet cool and dry. They are also great at delivering the weight across the shoes because the fibers are combined with small precision coordinated with each other.

Human Made upper:

The upper straps are made of soft rubber that keep your feet grounded. Each step you take will be matched with the security provided by the straps. They keep your arch fastened to the insole, so you do not feel pain. The upper is primarily hand made for extra durability.


These flip flops are flexible with their contoured arches that finish at flat surfaces on both ends. This engineered shape keeps your feet upright and stops them from further under protonation. The firm ends will align your feet back to their natural formation.


Rest Bella is available in more than twenty-seven vibrant designs. They range from casual to luxury patterns and fabrics. The price range can change dramatically, but you can easily buy your favorite pair as each design is radical.

  • Underfoot support.
  • APMA approved.
  • Bella shape of the shoes.
  • Microfiber covered footbed.
  • Innovative biomechanics.
  • The thong part seems incomplete.
  • They feel like they will fall off.
  • Suitable for moderate walking only.

Reason to buy

You can celebrate your girl power with the soft footbed of the shoes. The microfibers of Vionic flip flops keep the energy flowing throughout the arch muscles involving the musculoskeletal system of feet neglected in this condition.

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LLSOARSS (Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal)

LLSOARSS Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal with Arch Support - Best Orthotic flip Flops for Flat Feet,Heel Pain- for Women

Shoe wear like Llsoarss is cleverly designed, taking its inspiration from a simple thing like the wet sand in water. The midfoot of shoes is designed with elevated support that gives instant support and comfort. Even after hours of wearing the shoes, there will be no dull pain. The arch area of the insole footbed provides a coiled spring effect to the arch’s medial and lateral parts, connecting them successfully.

Heel cupping:

There is unique heel cupping technology at the back of the shoes that minimize the side to side shifting of the heels. High arched people often face supination, which causes the heels to roll outward. Heel cupping will realign the natural anatomy.

Contoured footbeds:

The footbed is shaped for maximum stability from all sides in flip flops. The arch is high and rigid, and there is enough space in the toe box for the flexing of metatarsal muscles. This way, in wet sand, you can spread your feet muscles and grip the shoes without hurting the arch.


The thickness of the heel decreases these flip flops’ flexibility, but you can achieve them from plenty of pace above the shoes. The straps easily relent to the folding of feet, allowing you to curl your arch muscles for quick steps.


Llsoarss is available in five unique designs. They change not only their color but the insole and outsole patterns. You can choose your type of shoe at a reasonable price. Even the most lavish flip flop is affordable and a great deal to grab!

  • Coiled spring effect in feet.
  • Natural shock absorption.
  • Heel cupping cradles the heels.
  • Available in more than one design.
  • Made of sturdy material.
  • Flip flops give a strange chemical smell.
  • They are less flexible.
  • The footbed is too comfy.

Reason to buy

If you have tender plantar heel muscle because of severe plantar fasciitis, then try these shoes. Llsoarss Flip Flop will take care of the bone cushioning at the back of the feet and arrange the body’s natural position to the lower limb’s symmetry.

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Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flop (Casual Women Sandals)

Crocs Women's Kadee II Flip Flop | Casual Women Sandals or Shower Shoes

Crocs is a well-known flip flop and sandals brand. If we are talking about Kadee II shoes, then they are a perfect blend of a sneaker and flip flops. They provide fantastic comfort through the sleek straps that are perfect for any casual day event. They can be matched with flowery dresses in summers. These flip flops are made of unique lightweight material and cushioning footbeds for rebound properties.


The lightweight material not only stops you from foot dropping that is commonly seen in high arches but also from flapping shoes. Light material is ideal from traction through the wetland, and even after you move out of water, they still provide a buoyant and soothing feeling.

Croslite foaming:

Croslite foaming enables you to put your whole body weight on the flip flop insoles without flinching from arch pain. The foam shapes itself so that the balls and heel are cradled and connected to the middle arch to distribute body weight.


Crocs are notorious for being flexible. It allows you to run in slippery areas without the mud crusting in the flip flops. The front of the feet is tilted higher than average for natural propulsion and relaxation of foot muscles. This provides flexibility in movement as you can bend the front more than average.


Crocs Kadee II has fifteen other designs in this launch. They are all packed with beautiful designs on the straps and variation in insole patterns. Unlike many flip flops, they are all designed in monotonous colors that keep the launch level’s price range.

  • Comfortable straps.
  • Relaxed fit.
  • The sleek and soft surface of heels.
  • Slimmer upper flaps.
  • Suitable for a casual event.
  • Do not leave them out in the sun for long.
  • The heels are not glued properly.
  • Sometimes the size shrinks up.

Reason to buy

A heavyweight in advanced high arches is problematic because it can cause permanent damage. Lightweight material gives your contracted muscles break and freedom to relax. Instead of adding more burden to the feet, you can let the arch recover by using Crocs Kadee II flip flops.

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REEF Men’s (Fanning Flip Flop)

REEF Men's Fanning Flip Flop

Reef Men flip flops have won the shoe champion award thrice and have been best selling flip flops for a long time. The brand is known for producing comfortable synthetic water friendly straps. They are durable and grip your arches from all sides evenly, so they do not slip from flip flops. The footbed is eye catching because the cushioning allows 360 movements with high quality PU material. It is suitable for lounging in the pool or traction through the lakes.

Non marking outsole:

The outsole of shoes is designed with the above pattern, but the surprising part is the lower half. It is non marked but still provides good traction. It increases the attachment to the ground so that no water layer stays between the sole and ground.

Anatomical contouring:

Anatomical contouring in the footbed allows dual support for the arch. You will notice that the toe area is thin, and the thickness gradually decreases along the heel. This increases the level of footbed for arch support and alignment of the forces to the heels.

Air space in outsole:

The outsole of Fanning flip flop is multifunctional, looking from the side. You will notice an air space. That gives the outsole an extra layer of support as it strips the forces from the ground and promotes them into boosting potential energy for walking.


The flip flops’ footbed is extra cushioned, which compresses slowly as you increase the weight on it. That allows you to run and walk for hours without feeling the jarring pressure from the stern and uneven concrete ground from below.


The Reef is available in twenty four unique designs. The collaboration of the straps with the footbed is beautiful. Pricing depends on the aesthetic appeal of the shoes. Some designs are pricey, but you will agree when you look at the effort put into them.

  • Man Made Nubuk outsoles.
  • The outsole is made of imported rubber.
  • The footbed has outstanding EVA foaming.
  • Water friendly shoes.
  • Padded lining of flip flops.
  • The sizes are smaller than average for all flip flops.
  • Shorter break in period.
  • They lack the protection for the skin.

Reason to buy

Unlike many shoes, the non marking sole decreases the chance of you slipping from a wet surface in the retail industry. Reef Men Flip Flops remove any potential water layer from under them and increase the gripping on the ground by direct contact.

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OluKai Men’s Ohana

OluKai Men's Ohana

Olukai flip flop sandals are as unique as their name. They are a part of the “Towards the ocean” brand collection. Ohana sandal is multipurpose and quick drying so you can stay in the water as long as you like. It has a soft nylon toe post webbing that keeps the flip flops from slipping off. Apart from the non-slip compression foaming in the middle, these flip flops take excellent care of the front toes as well. The gum rubber outsole is designed with coral reef patterns that increase the surface area of contact.

Jersey lining:

The flip flops have an extraordinary Jersey knit lining in the straps and the outsole. That means that the seams do not tear apart and add unnecessarily strain to the high arch. It keeps the lining of shoes intact, so the feet have maximum fitness and contact with the insole.

EVA midsole:

The midsole positioning is done cleverly, so if it is a bit out of proportion to your generic heels. Within a few steps and runs, it will contour its shape and shift to your arch’s height. This way, it will connect the ball and heel to the feet’ angle, successfully sharing the forces.


The wide strap from the top and sir cushioning from the insole allows you to clench your feet. The flip flops will match the shape of your movement without losing their designated shape. Even after a lot of bending, they will retain their natural position and support.


Olukai is an exotic brand that is famous on an international level. Because of their supreme quality and a top selection of material, these flip flops are expensive. They may be out of reach for everyone, but their purchase is undoubtedly worth it!

  • Quick drying.
  • Multipurpose sandal.
  • The upper straps are double coated and water resistant.
  • Webbed toe post.
  • The toe area of the footbed is made of comfortable nylon.
  • The flip flops wear out quickly.
  • Most designs are not aesthetic.
  • They are expensive flip flops.

Reason to buy

The seamless stitching of the Olukai Men’s shoes allows you movement in multiple directions. There will be no unnecessary slipping and pulling on the foot bed’s material. That will enable you to take firm steps without the flip flops sliding off your feet.

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OOFOS ( Sports Recovery Thong Sandal)

OOFOS - Unisex OOriginal - Post Exercise Active Sport Recovery Thong Sandal

Oofos has gained a reputation for producing OO flip flops suitable for those high-arched people on their road to recovery. The insole of the shoe is divided into significant parts giving functionality to all areas. The heel area effectively absorbs 37% more weight. The footbed is designed in a boat shape that cradles your feet from the toes to heels. Along with the arch adaptations, there is close cell foaming in the midfoot.

Charged footbed:

The charged footbed absorbs most of the body weight so that the tired muscles, cramps, and soreness reduces. You can cover a more considerable distance without additional pain. Even while doing the work, your muscles will be loosening as far back as the knees.

Recovery foam:

The recovery foam is present in the heel and the middle layer of the insole. It reduces your stress up to 37% more than average. That is a perfect opportunity to realign your supinated heel muscles. The shape of memory foam enables a natural walking motion.


Once cell technology in the flip flops is not very useful in dry areas, however, it works in an excellent way where you need it. The cells swell and help your float in the water without compromising the flexibility of the flip flops. You could use this technology for the bruised toe areas!


Oofos are both readily available and affordable shoes. The rocking motion of the shoes is within your wallets reach. Unlike most topnotch brands that make you rethink, there is no way you want to pass up an orthotic flip flop that is multipurpose and reasonably priced!

  • Absorbs 37% of the impact of shoes.
  • Cradles the high arch safely.
  • Enables more natural motion.
  • Gives floating ability in the water.
  • A footbed designed to minimize odor.
  • The fitting of flip flops is loose.
  • Suitable for broad toes only.
  • Troubling for sweaty feet.

Reason to buy

If you have faced past injury and are in the recovery phase, then OO Flip Flops are the solution you are looking for. They effectively deflect the sharp targeting forces from providing further harm to the twisted muscles. Their charge of footbed technology is unbeatable!

Features of Orthotic Flip Flops that are not present in ordinary shoe wear:

There is a significant difference between the pediatric Flip Flops selected for the high arch and the ordinary shoes. The orthotic flip flops are adapted with advanced technology and physical contouring that gives you all day comfort and support.

After walking in ordinary flip flops the whole day, the high arch’s progression will only worsen. However, exchanging them for heel dips, arch support, cushioned footbeds, cell system, and engineered toe boxes give you more control of the situation. You can be back on track within a few weeks. The purpose of flip flops is comfort on a casual day. You do not want your off-duty days to be ruined!

Take a detailed look at the features your orthotic flip flops should have:

Width of flip flops:

You must have heard or read in our other articles that size is not something you should overlook. However, in flip flops, width over compasses the length of the shoes. Size is an essential step but width matters twice more in flip flops. That is because the upper of the shoes have two straps that anchor your feet. If they are wide unlined, the lacing system, they will slide right off your feet.

The dimension of straps:

Flip flops are known for their straps. The importance of straps extends more than what appeals to the eyes. If you have injuries and swollen feet, you can use thin straps. However, in normal high arch conditions, a wide strap of leather or rubber is preferred. They will coordinate with the flexibility of the outsole while keeping your feet anchored.

In advanced flip flops, you will often hear webbed straps. That means that the area at which straps are attached to the insole should be broad and spanning along the sides. That will increase the stability in your steps. Along with the propulsion of shoes, the sole will also be lifted.


The outsole has a significant part to play in orthotic flip flops. That is because this feature forms a barrier between your arch and the ground. It will give additional protection by adding to the functionality of the insole. If the outsole is thick and dense, it will absorb the shock of hard ground. Bendable outsole lets you walk through the uneven surface without changing the anatomy of high arched feet.


After the straps, the next key feature to hunt is the insole or footbed. The insole can change a lot in you by adding potential to your steps. It can streamline the musculoskeletal system of feet with its shape around the middle and both ends. Factors that decide the importance of insole are:

      • Cushioning:

Cushioning is present along the whole surface of the insole. However, there is extra padding around the middle where your high arch is placed. It will not only bridge the extra height of the turn but provide a solid base to lean on. The compression of cushions absorbs and distributes the weight to the ends of the feet.

      • Heel cupping:

The effect of the heel cupping is seen as far as your hip joints. Accommodation to a high arch causes your heels to roll outwards. It means that when you walk, your strides are more like wobbling. The ankle is pushed outward. This is called supination. Heel cupping stops supination and releases the burden from the strained primary muscle of feet that extends to the hip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it true that Olukai Ohana sandals are too rigid to be comfortable for high arch?
The question is understandable as it is a widespread knowledge that Olukai is meant for rigid support. However, you do not need to worry; these flip flops are less flexible, but you should not worry because, after a few runs, the shoes will soften and not act like a stiff board. You will warm up to shoes, but only if you give them a chance! Sometimes apart from the high arch, you might have plantar fasciitis that is causing you trouble.

Can flip flops be replaced with other orthotic shoes?
You cannot replace the orthotic shoes with flip flops and sandals, sadly. Yes, they can provide temporary relief. However, they cannot compare to tennis, basketball, etc. shoes. Even with a suitable footbed, the above of the flip flops fail to give maximum surface area. The back is free of support, so not much stability is given to ankles.

Are flip flops a good idea for everyday wear with high arches?
You may want to come home to a comfortable pair of shoes, but flip flops use should be limited. They are the best choice for open shoes in slippery areas. Contrary to that, you should not wear them for everyday use because instead of helping the high arch, they can cause blisters, toe problems, change your body posture, and cause heel pains.


A high arch causes more weight to settle in the balls and heel of feet. There is a misconception that a simple pair of flip flops is not enough for Cavus feet. That is not true because while they may not have laces, they do have a footbed! So, go ahead and choose from my list. I hope you have settled on a nice pair.

If you have any quarries, go ahead and hit me up. I will be delighted to answer you!

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