6 Best Hiking Shoes for Bunions 2021 – [Men’s and Women’s]

Sure, a map and compass will let you track safely while hiking. However, are you not forgetting something?

There is no better companion than a good hiking shoe wear for hiking!

To maneuver through rocky paths and mountains you need a sturdy yet comforting barrier. You can explore to your heart’s content and your bunion will not be able to stop you.

Bunions can pose a serious problem in rough terrain. Due to constant hurdles and bumps the uneven pressure will progress the condition.

Bunions are present at the base of big toe and even professional hikers face problems in controlling the movement of metatarsals for aid of bunions.

To help you get the freedom of hiking without pain I have gathered a list of best hiking shoes for bunions. All the shoes have essential features of extra padding, sturdy outsole, lightweight and grids along sides. The shoes have a high user base and satisfaction of customers. You will get the best experience.

Happy hiking to you!

Our Top Picks:

  • Best Hiking Boot for Bunions Overall: Columbia (Ridge Plus Hiking shoe)
    “These boots held up against all different types of climates and weather and water on my road trip and they still look great!” -Customer Review.
  • Best Traction Hiking Boot for Bunions: Timberland TimberlanD ( LeDge MiD hiking Boot)
    “I do really like them and they fit true to size. They even fit with thick wool hiking socks. I’ve used them on rocky terrain, forest hills, muddy areas, and marsh areas in 30 to 50 degree, rainy weather.” -Customer Review.
  • Best Waterproof Shoes for Bunions: KEEN Women’s (Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boot)
    “The boots are solidly waterproof-we hiked right after a rain to a waterfall, and there were lots of small streams to cross. They also have extra protection against mud.” -Customer Review.
  • Best Durable Hiking for Bunions: KEEN Men’s Voyageur (M Hiking Shoe)
    “What I like about these shoes is the sole of the shoe! I walk 20 miles a day, and the sole of these shoes lasts for longer than any shoe I wear!!!! They are fantastic!!!” -Customer Review.
  • Best Lightweight Hiking Boot for Bunions: Oboz Women’s Juniper (B Dry Hiking Boot)
    “You get very good quality and comfortable wear. It’s pricey but you get what you pay for.” -Customer Review.
  • Best Ridges Hiking Shoe for Bunions: Lowa Women’s Renegade (GTX Mid Hiking Boot)
    “My first hike was a 7 mile hike to Angel’s Landing, you are either going straight up or down. Not one red spot on my foot! and my feet & ankles “ -Customer Review.

Comparison Table for Best Hiking Shoes for Bunions 2021

Columbia (Ridge Plus Hiking shoe)Columbia (Ridge Plus Hiking shoe)
  • Leather Upper
  • High Top Shaft Measures
  • Platform Measures 1 inch.
Check Price
Timberland TimberlanD ( LeDge MiD hiking Boot)Timberland TimberlanD ( LeDge MiD hiking Boot)
  • Rubber Lugs Outsole
  • Shock Absorbing Cushioning
  • High Traction
Check Price
KEEN Women's (Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boot)KEEN Women’s (Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boot)
  • EVA MIdsole
  • 4 mm Multi directional Lugs
  • Boot Opening 5 inches
Check Price
KEEN Men's Voyageur (M Hiking Shoe)KEEN Men’s Voyageur (M Hiking Shoe)
  • Contoured Heel Lock
  • Non marking Outsole
  • Metromonical EVA Insole
Check Price
Oboz Women's Juniper (B Dry Hiking Boot)Oboz Women’s Juniper (B Dry Hiking Boot)
  • ESS Forefoot Plates
  • Lightweight Mesh
  • High B Dry Waterproof
Check Price
Lowa Women's Renegade (GTX Mid Hiking Boot)Lowa Women’s Renegade (GTX Mid Hiking Boot)
  • Heel Measures 1.5 inch
  • Platform Measures 1 inch
  • Climate Control Footbed
Check Price


Columbia (Ridge Plus Hiking shoe)

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

Leather/ Suede/ Mesh
Rubber Sole
Shaft Measures
Ankle High Top
Platform Measures
1.0 inches
Lace Up Closure


Columbia Women’s Hiking boots are made from hands of fine craftsmen who have the mountain boots as an inspiration. All the drawbacks have been kept in consideration. It is among the best hiking shoes with features like rigid sole yet lightweight material. The material is thick and does not allow the rubbles to enter the interior of shoes.

Physical Outlook
Columbia Women hiking boot is one of a kind with an effective high traction rubber sole and multiple exterior options. along with this high energy return and superior cushioning decreases hiking challenges ahead. This boot weighs 1.75 lbs with waterproof content 15% high.

Source: amazon.com

Traction outsole:
The outsole is made of special material that grips the ground firmly. There is increased friction so walking on a steep surface is easy. The grip gives momentum to the next step so that movement against gravity is smooth and easier for bunions.

Bootie construction:
There is no coverage like bootie construction. It wraps around your feet and extends to the front of your toes. This type of construction protects the feet from shock and hazardous factors. The toes are protected from stubbing which can set a reflective shock to the joints.

The inside of shoes is engineered with a responsive cushion that is compressible. It gives the feet a soft surface to push against. Along with that the energy is stored and when you lift your foot for the next step the muscles are recharged only in mere nanoseconds.

The lace up in front runs along the upper mush to the calves of legs. It is an extensive lace up system that spans a large area. With only a simple tug you can secure and loosen it. Additionally, the laces are stretchable and soft so the strings do not leave a mark behind.

Considering the special features of the Columbia ridge hiking shoes you expect an outrageous price. The cost of shoes might be higher than average however they are still affordable and readily available. Not to mention the nine exciting colors with variable designs you can choose from.

  • Suitable for classic hiking.
  • TECHlite midsole.
  • Suede durable construction.
  • Keep mud out.
  • Stable gripping.
  • The hiking shoes do not bend easily.
  • Suitable for people with wide feet.
  • The inside is too dry.

Reason to buy:

The best defense against rocky paths and hard boulders is an equally hard material. Bootie construction of Columbia ridge shoes protects your toes without compromising the space. The shock of impact is decreased so the joints do not push into the balls of feet.

Customer’s Perspective:
Customers have found these boots to be delightful because they offer great ankle support and are lightweight. however after a long time of use few problems arose like exterior cracking and insole thinning!
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Timberland TimberlanD ( LeDge MiD hiking Boot)

Timberland Women's White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot

100% Leather
Rubber sole
Rubber lugs
Shock Absorbing

Timberland has revived the industry of hiking shoes by putting forward innovative and comfortable shoes. This shoes wear that has landed a second place on this list is worth all the special features. The dual density midsole, waterproof construction and advanced grip is every hiker’s dream. The shoes are built with loads of concentration so they have all the current requirements.

Physical Outlook:
Timberland is a thick strong shoe that has low bending ability. The exterior is leather and the inside is soft cushioning to increase performance, the outdoor ensembles makes it versatile. It weighs approx. 2 pounds and has dimensions ranging 12 x 8 x 4 inches.

Source: amazon.com

Padded collar and tongue:
Hiking across rough paths is enough that you do not need roughness in the form of shoes. Padding in the right places across the collar and tongue prevents the material from chaffing your skin. The collar area surrounds your ankle and gives it comfort and support. The soft support is easy to sink in.

Gusseted material:
People that are fond of hiking can relate to the problems of rubbles sipping in your shoes. Walking on such a surface makes your teeth grind together. The feeling is too strange and uncomfortable. To eliminate the problem closely stitched gusseted material Is used that keeps the debris out even in the most rubble areas.

Dual density insoles influence twice as much as an average hiking shoe. The double layers filter out shock from the ground. The breakage of shock waves leaves only a thud comfortable force which is hardly noticeable. It lets you concentrate on your adventure all the more.

Rubber outsole:
The rubber lug outsole is known for its high grip and increased friction against the ground. Now that is not a bad thing because it gives a sense of control even in most slippery and tricky situations. You can control the pressing of your feet in high altitude heights because the grip is unmatchable.

Timberland hiking shoes save a lot of your time from pondering over which shoes to buy in collection. It is a single extensive shoe with a sustainable color that goes with every outfit. The shoes are affordable and worth the price you will be investing in them.

  • Outdoor styled shoes.
  • Best for work, hiking and casual wear.
  • Thick cushioning.
  • Heel to toe proportion is low.
  • Decrease inside abrasion.
  • The waterproof material is of bad quality.
  • Beware of the fake pair.
  • The marks do not come off easily.

Reason to buy:

Hiking shoes are best known for their sturdiness but that can be compromising regarding the harsh lace system. The padded cushioning of Timberland hiking shoes should make you instantly buy them. The cushion is soft and enables you to walk for hours.

Customer’s Perspective:
A happy customer is a done deal. That is why we bring you customer experience where most people have enjoyed the fitness of boots. The lacing quality is reliable and it works best in steep areas. However, the packaging of these shoes needs improvement.
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KEEN Women’s (Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boot)

Imported Leather
Rubber Sole
Soft EVA
4 millimeter multi directional lugs
Boot opening
5’’ wide

Keen women’s shoes bring a whole new light to the hiking experience. The rough terrains are no longer abrasive but traction on top is smooth. The cushioning and thickness of insoles ensure the bunion area doesn’t feel any additional pressure. The waterproof material additionally aida the moisture wicking hiking shoes without irritating you unlike soggy shoes.

Physical Outlook:
Keen women boots have a strong lacework paired with a leather mud shield that gives resilient durability. It is a contoured boot for foot protection and weighs 1.1 pounds and presides over dimensions of 13.4 x 9.1 x 5.3 inches.

Source: amazon.com

Waterproof material:
The material is water resistant and does not wet easily. That makes the shoes best for any kind of weather. If you love to hike in a light drizzle then your soul needs the shoes. The inside features give maximum influence and the feet remain dry and fresh.

Toe tipping:
The front of the shoes is tipped upward. This helps taking automated steps with little to no effort. This coordinates with the mechanism of the toes so they are straightened and face forward. The arrangement helps the brittle bunion toes heal faster for effective hiking.

Unlike most eyelets this shoe has advanced sewn technology. The eyelets are external and widely span the upper. You do not have to work around much for an ideal fit. Not only the laces but eyelets also control the fitness of hiking shoes.

Superior traction:
Due to the thickness of the outsole combined with the durable design It increases the influence of gripping while hiking. Muddy surfaces are easy to track because the dirt and rocks stay at the outer surface of the outsole. You will not feel the uneven ground as if it has no rocks.

Keen hiking shoes are in high demand because of their performance. But all that comes at a price. However, the good thing is it is not hefty. Even so, it is more than an average hiking shoe, given the experience the shoes provide you do not want to miss down the pennies you invest in.

  • Double layered leather exterior.
  • Rubber outsole suitable for all terrains.
  • Balancing for heels.
  • Additional arch support.
  • Great fitness.
  • The tongue is too narrow.
  • The material of the inside bunches up.
  • The arch support is not customizable.

Reason to buy:

Muddy surfaces are no longer a problem because competitive traction gripping of keen hiking shoes gives you an unforgettable experience. The tracts that you looked at wistfully now can be hiked with yet another great pair of hiking shoes.

Customer’s Perspective:
Keen women won over the customers by proving their expectation better than ever. The tread of soles is strong and attaches to the rocks strongly even under a full waterfall. The toe box is wide and comfortable for bunion feet. However, if you want to use these as work shoes you might find many lackings!
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KEEN Men’s Voyageur (M Hiking Shoe)

KEEN Men's Voyageur-M

100% Leather
Rubber Sole
Metatomical EVA
Non marking
Contoured Heel Lock
4 millimeter multi directional lugs

Keen men voyageur stands true to its name as it lets you hike through flat lands and risky mountains with ease and determination. Any outdoor activity has been made smooth and stabilizing with special orthotic features in these hiking shoes. Firstly, the high traction outsole increases traction and the continuous outflow keeps your bunion muscles relaxed and dry.

Physical Outlook:
Keen men boots have the best outsole with wide traction patterns that wrap around the sides of the boot. It also makes sure that the shoes stay put for a long time. Moreover, the toe area is backed with rubber that deflects shock. The shoes weigh 13.6 ounces which makes the dimensions 13 x 9 x 6 inches possible.

The lacework at the top is stabilizing and spans the whole upper of shoes. If you know the right lacing technique for your bunion feet then you are in for a ride. It starts from the ankle and covers till the end of toes ensuring maximum fitness and easy adjustment.

EVA footbed:
The insole of shoes is equally important to the outsole because it can change almost everything about your strides. The EVA footbed has the right amount of cushioning and raised midsole to help your bunion joint break the weight of the body evenly.

Contoured heel lock:
While you are walking up a hilly area the pressure falls on the back of the feet. For people with plantar fasciitis hiking in an upward motion can be challenging. The contoured heel locks surround the plantar muscles and lets you put additional weight on heels. With KEEN Voyageur you can enjoy normal walking that resembles the movement like in best walking shoes for bunions. 

Keen Men lack the stretchability at first but not to worry because after a walk or two the insole relents easily and lets the midfoot bend to relieve any fatigue. It coordinated with the rigid planes of the outsole to give the elasticity that is required in rough terrains.

Voyageur hiking shoes have left the competition behind because unlike many hiking shoes it does not lack variety. It is available in more than fourteen colors. The Bossa Nova and Cascade brown are a must bought. You can buy any shoe at budget friendly prices without losing the smile on your face.

  • Metalogical EVA footbed.
  • Non marking outsole.
  • Sturdy yet soft lacework.
  • Simple designs of shoes.
  • Suitable for plantar muscles.
  • Tread failing is seen.
  • Many customers complain about the decrease in quality.
  • Heel dropping.

Reason to buy:

Plantar muscle problem is common in bunion people and if you want relief from that then Keen Men’s Voyageur hiking shoes are made for you. Do not let your pain stand in the way of your hiking as the locked heel cushions’ will let the muscles relax.

Customer’s Perspective:
Customers have found gluing problems to be annoying as the glue leaves its sticking quality before than expected. Mostly the glue falls apart at the seams and outsole. The best thing is the quick customer service and size matching of Keen Voyageur which you will have no trouble finding!
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Oboz Women’s Juniper (B Dry Hiking Boot)

Oboz Women's Juniper Mid B-DRY Waterproof Hiking Boot

Rubber sole
Soft EVA
ESS Plates
High B Dry

Do not let the aesthetic look and the lightweight design of Oboz Women hiking shoes fool you. The material is a combination of strong threads that support your trail all day. They are low profile shoes suitable for any spiritual hiking soul. The outsole has a glacier design which the shoe is named after. It increases the surface area and the functionality of outsoles for firm traction of bunion feet. Along with that, the toothy lungs do not let uneven surfaces affect you.

Physical Outlook:
Oboz is a durable leather hiking boot with lacing variation that ensures fitness. The waterproof technology is impenetrable. Moreover, you can see the cushioning around the ankle and tongue that gives a soft surface to bunions. This boot weighs 1.11 pounds (Dimensions 12 x 9 x 6 inches).

O Fit insole:
O fit insole is an advanced addition to all the average insoles usually present in hiking shoes. Other than the midfoot support the end form locks that make sure the ball and heel are proportional and cupped by the cushioning. This helps these parts distribute body weight.

Swift current outsole:
An ideal outsole increases traction and blocks the shock of unforgiving cobblestone tracts from attacking the sensitive bunion lump. Swift current insole makes sure the energy of the hit from the ground is stored and reflected in your feet that creates an extra bounce.

The midsole of the feet is soft and cushioned. It is an extension to the lungs in the sock liners that keep the bunion protected and flattened. This decreases the width of the bunion and helps it ensemble the natural anatomy of feet so your muscles can relax for a few hours without hurting.

When your feet get sweaty the tracks start to feel muddy, even if they are not. The B-Dry cushions enhance the waterproof technology that let the excessive sweat escape while keeping the required moisture content upgraded. The air is filtered so that your feet remain fresh.

Oboz has done a lot of research on these shoes. These hiking shoes are particularly designed for women with fragile feet. They allow movement in multiple directions so it is safe to say they are stretchable shoes. Your movement will not be stopped in a certain direction.

Women juniper hiking shoes may be available in two colors but they make up for a whole lot of things. One look at the rich color and combination of blues and you will understand the lack of need for more. These hiking shoes can be considered expensive by most people but if you are saving up then they are worth it!

  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Supportive.
  • Grip well on the rocky tracks.
  • Bunion joint support is unbeatable.
  • Extra lung technology in the outsole.
  • Moisture wicking shoes.
  • Suitable for narrow feet.
  • Beware of knockoffs.
  • Not suitable for hiking in high areas.

Reason to buy:

If you are tired of shifting from shoe to shoe in search of the right orthotic then I guarantee you will stop at Oboz Women Juniper Hiking Shoes. The insole is multifunctional and keeps the anatomy aligned while giving unconditional support.

Customer’s Perspective:
Oboz women lack the arch support if that is your target. however there is extra space in the toe area. The snug feel of the boots gives security and stability during hiking at uneven areas. Not to mention they make a perfect present for hiking lovers!
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Lowa Women’s Renegade (GTX Mid Hiking Boot)

Lowa Women's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

100% Leather
Rubber sole
Heel Measures


Platform Measures
Climate Control footbed

For over ninety years Lowa has been the first choice for mountaineers, hikers and other outdoor activity lovers. They have gained their reputation on solid ground and are also the bestsellers of backpack and hiking shoes in the retail market. These may be heavyweight shoes but that is balanced by the new extra cushioning and snug fit that enhances your experience. They are in the form of boots that automatically increase stability.

Physical Outlook:
There is no class like a full grain leather boot coupled with rubber outsole and nylon stabilizing shank. The comfort further skyrockets with the wide opening making hiking boots an easy task for wearing and taking off. The boot has dimensions 13.3 x 9.9 x 4.7 inches and weighs 2.75 pounds.

Leather nubuck:
The overall lay of the shoes is of leather nubuck and with any leather material the durability of the shoe increases. So does the protection from excessive water from the external environment. This keeps your feet fixed and in place of the orthotic support provided inside the shoes.

PU Frame:
The inside of the shoes is lined with a PU frame that goes as far as the insole and sides. It does not end there because the PU cushion is extended from the bunion lump to the back of heels. The toe box is covered with it to give flexing power and fatigue relief to brittle metatarsal joints.

Vibram EVO:
The heel area has Vibram EVO added that increases the stability during the traction. Regardless of the oath is an uneven ground or smooth slippery mudded ground. The added lungs at the heel and above coordinate with each other and give the fitness that keeps you firmly in compromised conditions for a bunion.

Lowa women are a stabilizing shoe because the leather upper with the insole makes the shoes a perfect option for people who are going to track into adventurous areas. You can easily rely on this hiking shoe as the unexpected hindrance in your path will not jostle the brittle bones of the ankle.

Women renegade is another expensive shoe on this list. The price is worth the buy because the features and orthotic support is a must to have. Apart from that these shoes are aesthetic and the two colors will match all the outfits of any day. The long durability also adds to their appeal.

  • Heavy packing shoes.
  • Extra cushioning in the toe area.
  • Stabilizing for hard tracks.
  • Vibram EVO technology.
  • TPU frame.
  • The lacing system is a sheet.
  • The eyelets are too close to each other.
  • The laces are difficult to replace.
  • Expensive hiking boots.

Reason to buy:

If you like to move freely while going downhill then Lowa Women Renegade hiking shoes better be in your collection. The unmarking outsole with lungs at the top and the bottom makes sure no shoe slipping and pain for bunions.

Customer’s Perspective:
The polyurethane and midsole fall apart is a common occurrence with Lowa women. Other than that the shoes have high mileage and come in great quality and premium packaging that ensures they require little maintenance and care.

Things to consider while buying the best Hiking shoes for Bunions – Buyers Guide

If you are a regular outdoor hiker then you must realize the importance of dominating the fields and setting your directions. Therefore, if bunions are ignored and the muscles are made to go through vigorous walking for continuous days. It can cause cramping and twitching of tired muscles.

Although that can be changed or prevented with the help of the right features in hiking shoes. Energizing features like muscle flexing, thick padded insole, rigid outsole and sock liners increase the purpose by ten folds.

I have gathered the list of important features below. Take a detailed look so you can avoid common mistakes while purchasing the right orthotic hiking shoes. These features are essential for a successful voyageur day as they work in regulating your overpronated movement from the first day!

Vibram Technology:
Most hiking shoes should have a Vibram technology installed in the outsoles. It is important for the stability of significant joints like the ankle and hip joints. The Vibram cushioning in insole and outsole stop the shock waves from reaching the bunion lump and jarring your movement. The equilibrium is maintained whether you are going up or down the hill.

If you want your hiking shoes to be productive then tackle the problem. Do not overlook the size of your favorite pair is not available. Switch to another brand. Right fitness means the right size. The support in the heel and the metatarsals should sit right with the feet. Loose or too tight fitness can make the condition worse.

Flex indicates the degree of control you can get with your chosen hiking shoes. If it is lacking then you do not have control over factors like pivoting, speed and directions. There is a standard chart of flex that you can follow. It works well with Cavus feet. Trail hiking requires 2 Grade flex. However, if it is for backpacking and medium hacking then choose 6 grades.

Width cannot be called to the last! Bunion support does not mean it is limited to narrow or wide feet. Even with the change in mere size, your standard width can change. You can measure your bunion in millimeters and get the shoes customized to that. Major brands let you order a variety of ranges. Narrow feet have 97-98 mm and wider feet people should look for 101-102mm width.

External protection:
During hiking, external rubbles and small rocks often fall into the shoes, especially in low-top boots. This causes discomfort in running. Especially when the crunch of rocks makes your teeth rub together. To avoid the discomfort, look for closed cell tongues that filter out the particles falling into the hiking boots.

I have mentioned pairs with PTU, and MD midsole you should check out. The midsole is crucial for support because it is in direct contact with the balls and bunion lump, and matches the shape of the bunion joint. Cushioning in the midsole acts as a secondary muscle to balls so you can walk with a stride that matches the normal anatomy.

Types of Hiking Boots

If you want a comfortable hiking experience worth remembering then choosing the right shoe is a start. You should be in sync with the hiking boots you choose. We bring for you all types

Hiking Shoes: For day hiking, low top models with flexible midsoles are ideal. For long distance hikes, some lightweight backpackers may choose trail running shoes like the running shoes for bunions. 

Day Hiking Boots: These shoes come in a variety of cuts, from mid cut to high cut, and are designed for day hikes or short backpacking trips with minimal loads. They bend easily and take minimal time to break in, but they lack the support and durability of sturdy camping boots.

Backpacking Boots: These backpacks are made to carry heavier loads on multi day journeys into the bush. For superb support, most have a high cut that wraps above the ankles. They are appropriate for on and off trail travel since they are durable and supportive, with firm midsoles than lighter footwear.

Midsoles for Hiking Boots

The midsole provides cushioning, shock absorption, and significantly dictates the stiffness of a boot. Stiff boots may not sound like a smart idea, but they can provide more comfort and stability on long hikes in rocky, uneven terrain. Your foot will not wear out by wrapping around every rock or tree root you step on if you wear a rigid boot.

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and polyurethane are the most prevalent midsole materials.

EVA is softer, lighter, and less expensive than PVC. EVA midsoles come in a variety of densities to provide firmer support where it’s needed especially around the forefoot.

Polyurethane is used in extended backpacking and climbing footwear because it is stiffer and more durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why should I choose orthotic hiking shoes for my bunion?

If you are at the initial stage of Cavus feet then a regular visit to physicians and exercising is enough. However, you have to check some important factors to judge if you need orthotic hiking support. It is for the fitness and prevention of curving or increase of bunion. If you have faced past ankle injury then you should look for a mid cut or high cut hiking shoes with a stiffer insole. It depends on how you see the importance of stability and condition of your ankles.

Should I choose flexibility or stability in my hiking shoes?

Do you know that you no longer have to choose because you can have both now unlike the older shoes? Both qualities go hand in hand as they are important for muscle flexing and ankle support. You should not overlook stability for the other parameter. However, if you have to choose then flexibility with high top shoes is the best solution.f

When is it the time to change to orthotic hiking shoes?

Let’s start with the obvious, if the insole is flattening and not bringing relief even with bunion orthotics then you should change immediately. However, before that make sure it is the shoes but not the increase in supination. Additionally, walking will give you an insight into the condition of certain other features. Even the best hiking boots have their limits. The sign of wear and tear and loss of actual shape or rugged condition of the outsole is the main indication.

Do breathable Hiking shoes for bunions need a compromise for grit and mud?

The more perforated the material for breathability the higher is indeed the chance for mud to fly into shoes. That beats the purpose of air inlet because the rubbles can be dangerous when they rub against inflamed bunions, not to mention annoying as well. To avoid that you can use a good pair with additional sock liners, thick tongue and high instep. These features balance the lack of perforated hiking shoes and continue to protect your bunion.

What are the best hiking shoes for Bunions?

Columbia (Ridge Plus Hiking shoe)
Timberland TimberlanD ( LeDge MiD hiking Boot)
KEEN Women’s (Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boot)
KEEN Men’s Voyageur (M Hiking Shoe)
Oboz Women’s Juniper (B-Dry Hiking Boot)
Lowa Women’s Renegade (GTX Mid Hiking Boot)


Orthotic support should not be overlooked because it can help you get back the desired movement and agility of the foot. The shoe brands that I have mentioned are the ideal guide for you. They have a high recommendation rating and are suitable for any type of tracks. These multitasking hiking boots will help any buyer.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to ask them. I will be happy to answer in time!


You can ensure the accuracy of our information and content by clicking on the added sources. We adhere to strict sourcing guidelines related to medical associations and statistical research. Ensuring avoidance of data that could be misleading as to any matter of fact is our priority

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