7 Best Nursing Shoes for Bunions in 2021 – For Nurses & Other Workers who stand All Day

Only a nurse can relate to their favourite pair of comfortable shoes. It is not easy to work for long hours of shift with a bunion.

The job is not only demanding but also never ending. To make it better you can contribute by making small differences like choosing the right shoes.

Bunions are likely to grow in a profession where you have to wear shoes all day and walk vigorously during rush hours. The increased pressure and constant rubbing catalyze bunion growth. It can be uncomfortable and strange to walk with a lump on the sides of your feet.

About time Nurses started to care for their feet. To make it an easy feat I have gathered the list of most sought after shoes for this nursing profession. Features like width, stability, non slip, and extra cushioning are filtered out to facilitate shoe shopping for bunions. You will not be disappointed with the brand choice. Happy walking to you!

Our Top Picks For Nursing Shoes for Bunions 2021

  • Dansko Women’s -(Ingrid Open-Back Clog) “They are great looking. I had no break in period and they were comfortable from day one.” -Customer Review.
  • Propet Men’s – (Life Walker nurse Sneaker) “I am in my mid 20s and I love comfortable shoes! ” -Customer Review.
  • Easy Works -(Lyndee Health Care Shoe) “I was skeptical about buying nursing shoes online without knowing the way they actually fit. But let me say they are better than expected.” -Customer Review.
  • DREAM PAIRS -(lightweight Nursing Work shoes) “Really comfortable shoe. Fits as expected and well made. I would definitely buy them again!” -Customer Review.
  • Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs “This is the first time I have purchased any Dansko shoes, and I have to say that I am extremely pleased after several months of wear.” -Customer Review.
  • Sloggers Women’s -(Waterproof rain nursing shoes) “The sole has incredibly deep rubber tread. The whole thing is built very solid and sturdy. ” -Customer Review.
  • VANGELO Professional -(Care Nurse shoes) “The soles are comfortable and supportive, and the shoes are indeed non slip on the wet and slippery environment on the floor when it comes to it, which is a relief!” -Customer Review.
Dansko Women’s -(Ingrid Open-Back Clog)Dansko Women’s -(Ingrid Open-Back Clog)
  • Polyurethane foam footbed
  • Synthetic sole
  • The rigid outsole
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Propet Men’s -(Life Walker nurse Sneaker)Propet Men’s -(Life Walker nurse Sneaker)
  • Motion stabilizing shoes
  • Velcro straps
  • Wide spanning lace up system
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Easy Works -(Lyndee Health Care Shoe)Easy Works -(Lyndee Health Care Shoe)
  • Non Marking outsole
  • Slip Resistant
  • 100% Man Made
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DREAM PAIRS -(lightweight Nursing Work shoes)DREAM PAIRS -(lightweight Nursing Work shoes)
  • Latex insole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Ankle stability
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Dansko Women’sWomen’s XP 2.0 ClogsDansko Women’sWomen’s XP 2.0 Clogs
  • Natural arch technology
  • PU Insole
  • Lightweight material
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Sloggers Women’s -(Waterproof rain nursing shoes)Sloggers Women’s -(Waterproof rain nursing shoes)
  • Replaceable insole
  • Lug tread outsole
  • Rocker bottom
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VANGELO Professional -(Care Nurse shoes)VANGELO Professional -(Care Nurse shoes)
  • Ortholite insole
  • Lightweight
  • Synthetic leather
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Dansko Women’s -(Ingrid Open-Back Clog)

Dansko Women's Ingrid Open-Back Clog

Dansko has years of experience in producing shoes that are compatible for long hours of work. This shoe is a little different than average because of the strap on the facility. These are versatile shoes that can be worn as open back or close back shoes. Not only that but the change allows the feet moment to breathe and rest. You can easily take off the shoes to avoid friction against the bunion.

Physical Outlook
Dansko is an open back nursing shoe with platform measures approx. ¾”. The front is leather covered with a textile layer on the inside. To prevent slipping you can clinch the front with a loop buckle. The outsole is quite thick and made of polyurethane with a thin line design at the heel. These weigh 15 ounces and have dimensions 12 x 4 x 8 inches.

Source: www.amazon.com

Upper design:
The design at the upper of shoes is constructed to match the natural shape of feet. The contour and middle dip keep the feet fixed in shoes. Along with that the wide opening allows you to shove your feet in shoes quickly without hitting the bunion lump.

The instep of Dansko en is cushioned so you have support from above. The softness balances out the rigidity of the heel so the shoes last longer. You can comfortably walk in the shoes without chafing your skin. It increases fitness and keeps the bunion joint in its place.

Polyurethane foam footbed:
The footbed is lined with polyurethane that keeps the feet dry and clean. After long hours of work the temperature of feet rises. To keep the skin cool and itch free polyurethane decreases the rise of temperature. It acts as an anti insulant so the bunion is not inflamed.

The rigid outsole:
There is support for the toes however the heel is exposed during sling up. However, that will not damage you because the heel pads are fixed on an outsole that is thick and increases friction with ground. Your steps will be measured and firm. This propels your feet to automatically move forward.

This open back clog is available in four natural colors. There is a difference of shades in all blacks and browns. Most shoes in this collection are affordable and available at reasonable prices. You can pick any pair you like.

  • Padded instep.
  • Collared opening.
  • Rocker bottom of work shoes.
  • Bunion support for all day comfort.
  • Stabilizing shoes.
  • Comparatively shorter break in period.
  • The sole is too hard.
  • Less variety of colors.

Reason to buy

If you are tired of shoving and fixing your shoes every time you try them on then buy Dansko Women clogs. They give easy access and freedom of movement to the burdened ankles.

Customer’s Perspective:
Customers have found Dansko shoes to be okay at first. Eventually they will grow on you and you will come to enjoy the comfort and ease they offer. The adjustable strap at the front is a blessing. However, the heels are prone to cracking after a few months of use.
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Propet Men’s -(Life Walker nurse Sneaker)

Propet Men's Life Walker Sneaker

Propet is a rapidly growing company which has achieved its success in analyzing and producing best results. Men life walker sneakers are among the best recommendations because unlike standard nurse shoes these are a bit different. They are enclosed with a contoured midsole and soft sock liner to protect your bunion against additional pressure. The material of shoes is supple leather that is reliable and easy to clean.

Physical Outlook
Propet not only looks comfortable but feels as well. Unlike most shoes on this list it has a sneaker outlook which works with your scrubs. They are minimalist all white shoes that have a leather exterior. Do not worry if the exterior gets too hard you can use a soft orthotic insole by replacing the previous one. These weigh 12 ounces and are 12 x 4 x 8 inches wide.

Source: www.amazon.com

Medicare record:
These shoes can be worn by nurses that have any underlying medical condition. They take care of any potential wounds and brittle bones. Approved by the medical standards they are suitable for diabetic people who no longer have to step back.

Removable footbed:
If the dimension of the footbed is not to your liking you can change the already present to orthotic ones. The inserts allow fitness to all types of the insole that have cupping and bedding for the toes and ball of feet. The adjustable material relents and works in coordination with new inserts.

Lace up system:
There is a diversity of shoes in this collection. You can adjust the shoe laces to your liking. Tightening during rush hours is no longer a problem. However, if laces seem like a hassle then your camshaft to thick Velcro strap shoes. The straps are motion controlling and span a wide area to give stability.

The Propet men nurse shoes have a tapering silhouette. The shoes are designed in a shape that frame your feet nicely. The padding in the opening is ensured throughout the shoes till it ends at toes. This helps maintain the momentum throughout the lower extremities while you are in motion.

Propet walker sneaker is available in 3 different colors not to add the choice of lace up shoes or Velcro straps. It is all up to you but even with that, they are the most affordable shoes in this list. You can grab an extra pair if you like.

  • Wide spanning lace up system.
  • Motion stabilizing shoes.
  • Velcro straps.
  • Shaped to aid comfortable walking.
  • Can be worn on multiple surfaces.
  • The lace up shoes have less toe room.
  • The sole separates easily.
  • The white pair is dull in color.

Reason to buy

If you are tired of lacing your shoes every time you have to get back to your shift. Then choose Propet Nurse shoes because the Velcro straps bind easily and give instep comfort like no other!

Customer’s Perspective:
Propet has stuck with many customers because it is surprisingly lightweight given all the padding around the opening and insole. If you want to insert orthotics then consider ordering a size larger. Along with this it helps that they are medicated and approved for diabetic patients as well.
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Easy Works -(Lyndee Health Care Shoe)

Easy Works womens Lyndee Health Care Professional Shoe, Blue Pop Patent, 7.5 US

Easy work shoes are for those users who spend too much time on their shifts especially during rush hours. The slip resistant and non marking outsole is a must for conditions like those. Not only do they decrease pressure but also maintain body weight so you do not feel unexpected sprains. The printed design on top of shoes makes them eye-catching. Not to mention they have a long break in period.

Physical Outlook
Easy work is a broad nursing shoe with a low top opening. The designs make it a catchy pair for a fashionable nurse. However, the low opening also gives a quick slip on access. You will come to love this pair that has a non marking outsole with high grip. Extra material is stitched at the opening to keep the shoes intact. These weigh 11 ounces and have dimensions close to 12.4 x 8.5 x 4.4 inches.

Source: www.amazon.com

Non Marking outsole:
The outsole is made of special rubber that leaves no marks during sharp turns and skids. Now non marking may seem unimportant but it comes with a stabilizing and motion controlling outsole that ensures no mark is left. So, there are other benefits as well.

Slip Resistant:
If you are working in wards or rooms that have wet surfaces, polished floors or fluid then this shoe will prevent you from slipping. The bunion will be designated to its respectful place so the foot is not moving forward inside the shoes. That eliminates room for movement for metatarsals. The grip also increases meaning better strides.

Low platform measure:
Lyndee health care shoes are ideal because while giving you thick sole they also have a low platform. There is less difference between the heel and toe proportion. If the heel was higher than your toes and bunion affected area would have to do more work to gain momentum. However, that is not the case here.

Toe box:
The toe box has a wide area that gives the toes room for movement and wiggling. They do not have to press on a crammed surface while rubbing against each other. This also removes potential for blisters and corns formation that is often seen in bunions.

Yet here is another pair of shoes that is more affordable than you think. This brand is reliable and works like the high end companies. The shoes are available in ten designs and colors. They range from glossy to matt to non printed material.

  • Wide toe box.
  • Slip resistant.
  • Non marking.
  • High resistant sole.
  • Rebound properties.
  • The print designs are not particularly aesthetic.
  • Uncomfortable at first.
  • It takes a long time to break in.

Reason to buy

Wet wards tend to cause non intentional slips that are harmful to bunions and ankle joints. You can avoid that now by wearing easy Work nurse shoes that increase grip so the probability of slipping is eliminated.

Customer’s Perspective:
Easy work is not only compatible but pleasing to look at. If you are hesitant about an online purchase then no need to worry. We guarantee that most customers have enjoyed this purchase, especially nurses who are on their feet for constant 12 to 14 hour shifts. The catch is that some customers complain they fall apart sooner than you would expect.
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DREAM PAIRS -(lightweight Nursing Work shoes)

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Nursing Work Restaurant Lightweight Slip On Shoes

Dream pairs work through an advanced technology with providing functionality to a pair of shoes with the shape of pumps. The shoes give all around support to the ankles and the front that high top material. The front of shoes is wide and covers the area till your ankles. Along with that the air cushion outsole gives compressibility that increases the length of strides.

Physical Outlook
Dream paris nurse shoe is like a slip on pair without stretch gores and a leather upper. However, due to the lateral arch support it is easy to slip on and off. The best part is the outsole that has an air bubble to deflect shock from ground. not only that but the shoes offer high traction and buttery feel. Lastly, these are extremely lightweight.

Latex insole:
Latex and wool are an ideal material for people with bunions because they provide comfort and do not irritate the skin unnecessarily. Latex is a soft material and if your skin is rubbed against it there is a high chance you will not develop bunions and blisters.

Rubber outsole:
Rubber outsole provides durability because it increases friction with the ground. The fiction does not hinder movement however it helps you walk and make more contact with the ground. The increased connection helps you distribute body weight in essential parts of the foot.

Air cushioning:
Since a shift can go on for hours there is a high chance that accumulation of moisture in the hiking shoes can lead to the formation of bacterial growth. That can produce foul smell and affect the skin. The infection causes neurological problems. Air cushions keep your feet cool and dry.

Ankle stability:
The back of shoes has a cushioning collar that surrounds the ankle. During rush hours sharp turns of ankles will not be met by the harsh material. The cushion breaks the impact of sudden thumps and protects Achilles heel from weakening or loosening.

Dream pair shoes are available in two basic colors. The white is bright and striking. Both the pairs can be bought at a fixed budget friendly price. You can keep an extra pair in your locket for backup without worrying about the cost.

  • The fitting is ideal.
  • You do not have to wear socks with these shoes.
  • The ankle protection gives positive results.
  • Air cushioning.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Knot at the base that is uncomfortable.
  • Only available in two colors.
  • The seams snap easily.

Reason to buy

Are you a nurse whose feet sweat excessively and you are worried no other pair is working? I am positive that the air cushioning of Dream Paris nurse shoes will help you with that problem. The air cushioning works as promised!

Customer’s Perspective:
Dream paris is easy to slip on because of its comfortable design. it may not be like other shoes but customers have found that to be astonishing. The ankle protection is remarkable as the shoes rarely slip off. However, dream paris is not easily available for certain areas.
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Dansko Women’sWomen’s XP 2.0 Clogs

Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs

Dansko is a brand that is famous for producing professional women clogs. It has done an excellent job providing comfort to Bunion foot professional nurses for years. Just like that, the XP 2.0 Clog design will not disappoint you with a revolutionizing bunion support system. It has the motion controlling technology that breaks the force before it attacks the bunion. This shoe is made of handpicked lightweight material attached to a dual-density footbed.

Physical Outlook
The Dansko Women shoe looks more like our first pair however with a higher heel this time. It is a durable and strong leather shoe paired with a rubber sole. Dansko has more of a wedge shoe look with high platform measures. The front area has additional space for bunions. The padded collar increases fitness making these weigh 1 pound (Dimensions 0.01 x 0.01 x 0.01 inches).

Natural arch technology:
Clogs are classically designed to provide support to the high arch. They have a significant dip in the middle that attaches to your bunion and arch. The midsole is lofty and helps distribute body weight by forming a stable connection between the ball and heel of the feet to the high arch.

PU Insole:
While the body weight is secured from above, another feature should be placed that decreases the shock from the ground. The high-density insole takes care of that. As the ground’s shock travels through the insole the dense material will filter the strong forces. So, you feel only a dull thudding when you take energizing steps.

Lightweight material
It is expected that bunion foot people develop foot dropping if they wear heavyweight shoes. Some other shoe factors also influence foot dropping, but Danko’s will change that. The material of shoes is light and helps you take higher and quick strides. You do not have to apply extra natural force for running.

Even with the leather hard covering, the inside is made of a soft stretchable fabric. Bending your feet while standing is no longer difficult. Even with the shoes on, the nurses can twist their feet in a comfortable position for a few minutes of relaxation.

Dansko’s are expensive but durable at the same time. If you are hesitating, then stop! These shoes will take excellent care of your feet. After a few runs, you will agree with your rightful investment.

  • Lightweight material.
  • Provide exceptional support.
  • Stable because of the stiff outsole.
  • Flexible on the inside.
  • Bunion facilitating technology.
  • The inside shoe starts falling apart.
  • The insole stains your feet.
  • Some of the aesthetic designs are expensive.

Reason to buy:
If you are tired of your previous heavy shoes, then do not worry. You can get equally good bunion support in light materials that double the support and boost your steps. Dansko Clogs are made to win your hearts of nurses over!

Customer’s Perspective:
Your first shift after the last exhausting pair will be amazing with 2.0 Dansko. People who roll their ankles excessively will enjoy this pair as it helps reduce the soreness by providing a hard platform to the heels. However, the high outsole is not everybody’s taste and can further agitate your bunion.
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Sloggers Women’s -(Waterproof rain nursing shoes)

Sloggers Women's Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoe with Comfort Insole, Classic Black, Size 7, Style 5100BK07

Sloggers women are available in beautiful designs that are covered with a glossy lamination. They reflect the shine and cannot be missed. The coating of a sleek material is not for aesthetics but the durability of shoes. They are waterproof and provide increased gripping in wet ward conditions. A particular type of insole is installed, a half logger, whose shape can be changed for better accommodation. They have heavy-duty leg treats for all-day comfort and support without straining the muscles.

Physical Outlook
Sloggers have a glossy look that catches light from afar. It is a high coverage shoe that needs no lace up to increase fitness. Unlike the Dansko’s the platform measure is extremely low and you get more ground feel. The outsole is rubber and highly resistant against slippery surfaces. These weigh 3 pounds leaning a bit on the heavier side as compared to Dansko 2.0 (Dimensions 10 x 8 x 4 inches).

Replaceable insole:
You can order the orthotic insoles along with the shoes, but you can also change them when required. If the insole is not providing the rebound properties, you can alter it to a customized height. That will decrease the pain in your bunion by providing extra support.

Lug tread outsole:
The indents and grooves under the outsole increase the surface area of shoes to the ground. Instead of using extra force to get the same grip, the groves attach the balls of feet to the base. The shock of each step bounces off the balls muscles without hurting the feet. It also increases rebound properties.

Rocker bottom:
Sloggers offer rocker bottoms at the back of the shoes. That means your heels are firmly enveloped from all sides. Collaring will decrease heel slipping and straighten the alignment of the thick heel muscle with the lower extremities. Your feet will stop rolling outwards in no time.

The shoes have a flexible sole, which means you can walk on any ground in the hospital. You do not have to worry about the adaptation because the shoes do their job effectively. You will not feel the uneven surface putting a strain on the brittle bones of a metatarsophalangeal joint.

Unlike Dansko’s, Sloggers have gained a notable reputation for their affordable prices. You can buy more than a pair at a time for your nursing job and training days. Including the maintenance and shipment fee, you are in for a fair and convenient deal!

  • Provide all-day comfort.
  • Fit true to size.
  • Removable insole.
  • Increase rebound properties.
  • Made of recyclable material.
  • Heavy shoes that drag your steps.
  • Shallow from the heel area.
  • You have to buy a size higher than average.

Reason to buy

If you have to work in wet areas or conditions frequently, you can rely on Slogger shoes. The indents under the outsole increase footing and provide you stability with firm motion. You can walk briskly without worrying about slipping.

Customer’s Perspective:
Sloggers have understood the assignment and created an ideal shoe for hot weather. The insole has been a relief for sweaty and problematic feet. Overall, the arch support and fluid resistance is high. However, if you want a harder outsole then this shoe is not for you.
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VANGELO Professional -(Care Nurse shoes)

VANGELO Professional Slip Resistant Men’s Work Sneaker Shoe for Food Service Health Care Nurse Nick Black

Vangelo professional shoes are made specifically for bunions with stretch tapes at the sides that can accommodate excessively large bumps. The insole is made of ortholite technology that controls the movement governing the muscular framework of foot and metatarsophalangeal joint. Along with that the lightweight shoes give you all day comfort without adding to weight.

Physical Outlook
Vangelo is a professional nurse boot so much so that it has a boring look. However, the padding and the durable rubber is something to look forward to. The upper is traditional leather with a padding along the heel and front. With a pull on tab these bots are easy to slip on. Vangelo professionals weigh less than most nursing shoes.

Ortholite insole:
Ortholite insoles are special because they act as a secondary arch and are dominated on the balls of feet. It breaks the pressure before it reaches the metatarsals by effectively involving the middle of feet. as the arch and bunion work in absorbing weight the toes are relieved of upcoming tremulous motion waves.

It is essential to get lightweight shoes if your shift will last up to 16 hours. Not only is that tiring but also dreadful. The last thing you need is the material of shoes weighing you down. Lightweight material gives you a cloudy feeling and freedom of rotation around the ankle.

the material that encases the shoes is ideal synthetic leather. Not only is it easier to clean with one swipe but also increases the durability of hoes. Leather is rigid and stops excessive movement of shoes without compromising fitness.

Toe box:
You will notice that the outsole extends towards the front of the toes. That is the only hard thing which is balanced by the soft material surrounding the wide toe box. It stops the shock from reaching your toes in case you accidentally stub the front of your feet. The toes are protected from outside harm.

Vangelo men nurse shoe is a versatile shoe. The shoe differs not in color and design but the style. you can choose matte, fabric or leather shoes. If you prefer laces over stretching tapes then it is no longer a hard choice. The price remains fixed and within reach of an average person.

  • Lightweight shoes.
  • The outsole extends to the sides.
  • Synthetic leather material.
  • Energizing shoes.
  • Rebound properties.
  • Only available in one color.
  • The laces are too short.
  • The fitting is not as promised.

Reason to buy

Already bruised and tender metatarsals should be given a chance to heal. You do not want to add brittle bones on top of bunions so save yourself from hard impacts by trying on Vangelo professional nurse shoes.

Customer’s Perspective:
For an average looking pair Vangelo grows on your nature or work schedule pretty quickly and sticks there. It has a nice feel and for people that have sensitive skin this is a good solution. Most customers have expressed their gratitude over the high quality leather that is easier to break in. However, there has been one complaint about the sole.

How to Choose Best Nursing Shoes for Bunion Foot?

Choosing the right nursing shoes can get daunting and overwhelming. It is true especially if you have already spent a lot of time and just want to give up. How about we give it a last try?

You can sometimes get the wrong shoe even with the help of a salesperson. Usually, it is recommended that you pay your pediatrician a visit if that many tries have failed you. However, before you do that, a little web surfing is appreciated. I have listed the essential features like size, bunion support, cushioning, material and much more that you should not neglect. It is a guarantee that if you follow all the points, you will find your match quickly!

Always choose a shoe that fits perfectly. Size is the primary step of starting a successful shoe journey. Most brands launch shoe wear that is available in all sizes. However, if there is a unique shoe that you like but cannot find the shoe size, give it a pause. It would be better if you come back for it again. Meanwhile, you should try one that is your size.

The right size will give you all the toe space you need and no heel digging. That is a relief if you are going to work for long hard-nursing hours.

Bunion support:
Nurses have to spend most of their day indoors walking on granite and concrete floors. That causes you to dig your feet deeper to get the standard level of traction without compromising pain.

The right width for the bunion in front of shoes will take away the effort and naturally form support. It will absorb the uneven shock from the heel and front of the feet and reflect it in the bunion. This enables the arch as well as the bunion to be functional and responsive.

You will notice that all the recommendations of nurses emphasize on cushioning. Cushioning helps you absorb shock and increase rebound muscle functioning. However, apart from that, you will stand and work in the same shoe all day. The cushion will compress to respective body weight. It will not allow the shoes to wear out quickly.

No cushion or padding will irritate your skin because you will be rubbing against the hard material that heats quickly and gets worn out after a few runs, that will damage both your muscles and the shoes.

Heel cupping:
If the shoe has an insole that has readymade heel cushioning, then buy it. If not, it is still okay as long as the insole is changeable. Supination is commonly seen in people with bunions. Your heel changes its shape to accommodate the weight distribution because the high angle is not very useful.

While the weight problem is solved, your heel is in direct line of damage. Heel cupping allows the heel to maintain the natural shape. They prevent the heel muscles from outward rolling.

Suppose you will wear the same shoe for long hours working in a clinical ward to wash it once you come home. That is why the material should be easily washable and should not stain. It should also be sustainable because the material is going to face a lot of wasting and rubbing.

As a nurse, you have to clean off chemicals, bodily fluid, dirt, and soil. Apart from that, the breathable and flexible quality of the material is a no brainer. If your shoe does not have that, then change it immediately!

Non-Slip Outsole:
Hospital floors are sleek and clean. Maybe too clean, considering it is a health care center, and the floor is mopped continuously. Even if that is not the case and you encounter a different wet situation, you will be prepared with oil resistant non- slip heels.

You can continue your task with efficiency without sparing a thought to your shoe condition. It will save you time and energy.

If you have the right bunion support, you will immediately notice the difference. The benefits of firm bunion support cannot be neglected during work hours and later when you get home. Particular adaptations in orthotic shoes aid your strides by absorbing shock and protecting your feet muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it hard to find the right size in Crocs?
That is a general question, and the misunderstanding is widespread. Some crocs models might get expensive, but if you are told to buy two pairs at one time, that is a good suggestion. Crocs are handmade, and a lot of effort is put into their design. That is why, even with the same size, there is always the tiniest bit of difference. It is usually unnoticeable, but if you have received a wider pair than average, you can send it back.

Is there a variation in width along with the size in nursing shoes?
Yes, there is a variation. Unlike training shoes and dress shoes, it is not very frequent in nursing shoes. Most shoes are launched with the same size but different widths. You can easily find a match for your excessive lumped bunion or wide feet. However, some brands do not offer a variety of width in the same size. You should search the brand before you make an actual purchase.

Should there be ankle support in nursing shoes?
Nursing shoes are designed so that the lack of high-top designs does not affect the functionality or support in any way. You do not have to look for a high opening, particularly. It is the opposite; most nursing shoes have a wide opening. It allows access for quick slip-on along with breathability during long working hours without hurting the bunion area However, you can wear a supportive orthotic band if you have a brittle ankle joint.

What are the best nursing shoes for bunions?
Dansko Women’s – (Ingrid Open-Back Clog)
Propet Men’s – (Life Walker nurse Sneaker)
Easy Works – (Lyndee Health Care Shoe)
DREAM PAIRS – (lightweight Nursing Work shoes)
Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs
Sloggers Women’s – (Waterproof rain nursing shoes)
VANGELO Professional – (Care Nurse shoes)

Do nurses have to wear special shoes?
For these types of locations like hospitals, nurses find that sneakers, tennis or nurse shoes are best. The material used to make the shoes is also crucial. Leather and rubber are preferred by the majority of nurses. This is due to the fact that certain materials do not allow liquid to pass through.

Can nurse shoes irritate the bunions?
If your nurse shoes do not have a soft interior and the right orthotic then it might be the biggest reason your bunion is aggravated. That is why you need to choose a soft sock lined pair with a contoured orthotic after a wide toe area. We have suggested the best pairs to help you out.

Can I wear mesh sneakers as a nurse with a bunion?
Sneakers may appear to be the logical choice for most busy occupations, but they have a significant disadvantage for nurses. Sport shoe mesh uppers are breathable and light, but they’re difficult to keep clean. Leather, on the other hand, is elastic around the bunion and easy to clean.

Conclusion – The Best Nursing Shoes for Bunions

I hope you have found the list useful and practical. Each shoe has its respective value that covers the significant aspects of high foot condition. You can visit the brands for more information. Meanwhile, in case of any quarries, we would love to help you by answering on time!

+ 3  Sources:
You can ensure the accuracy of our information and content by clicking on the added sources. We adhere to strict sourcing guidelines related to medical associations and statistical research. Ensuring avoidance of data that could be misleading as to any matter of fact is our priority.

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