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Nursing is a challenging and demanding job. A nurse has to stand and run on her feet for extended duty hours while giving undivided attention to her patients. Sometimes the shift can last from 12 to 16 hours. It is a massive relief if they give their feet a moment of rest in between all this.

Standing on high arched feet for long hours can naturally cause cramps and muscle fatigue. If you have an exceptionally high arch, then the job gets ten times more challenging. You need external arch support and motion controlling shoes to help you withstand the pressure of your job.

I have compiled a significant list to decrease you from additional work in finding the right nursing shoes. Each shoe listed here has gone through hours of research and filtration of satisfied customer reviews to make it to this page. Happy walking to nurses working with painful high arches!

Our Top Picks for Best Nursing Shoes for High Arches 2021:

    • Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs
      “This is the first time I have purchased any Dansko shoes, and I have to say that I am extremely pleased after several months of wear.” -Customer Review.
    • Sloggers Women’s -(Waterproof rain nursing shoes)
      “The sole has incredibly deep rubber tread. The whole thing is built very solid and sturdy.” -Customer Review.
    • JOOMRA Women -(Lightweight nursing Sneakers)
      “These shoes are so lightweight and I wear them at the gym, they are perfect for working out.” -Customer Review.
    • Crocs Nurse -( Medical Professional Shoe)
      “I really like that they have a small profile.They have an insole that is fairly thick and provides a lot of cushion.” -Customer Review.
    • STQ Slip On -(Comfort Wedge Platform Loafers)
      “They are slip resistant and comfortable. I feel like I’m wearing slippers to work. “ -Customer Review.

Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs

Dansko Women's XP 2.0 Clogs
  • Arch facilitating technology
  • PU Insole
  • Lightweight material
  • Flexible on the inside


Dansko is a brand that is famous for producing professional women clogs. It has done an excellent job providing comfort to high arched professional nurses for years. Just like that, the XP 2.0 Clog design will not disappoint you with a revolutionizing arch support system. It has the motion controlling technology that breaks the force before it attacks the high arch. This shoe is made of handpicked lightweight material attached to a dual-density footbed.

Natural arch technology:

Clogs are classically designed to provide support to the high arch. They have a significant dip in the middle that attaches to your arch. The midsole is lofty and helps distribute body weight by forming a stable connection between the ball and heel of the feet to the high arch.

PU Insole:

While the body weight is secured from above, another feature should be placed that decreases the shock from the ground. The high-density insole takes care of that. As the ground’s shock travels through the insole the dense material will filter the strong forces. So, you feel only a dull thudding when you take energizing steps.

Lightweight material

It is expected that high arch people develop foot dropping if they wear heavyweight shoes. Some other shoe factors also influence foot dropping, but Dansko’s will change that. The material of shoes is light and helps you take higher and quick strides. You do not have to apply extra natural force for running.


Even with the leather hard covering, the inside is made of a soft stretchable fabric. Bending your feet while standing is no longer difficult . Even with the shoes on, the nurses can twist their feet in a comfortable position for a few minutes of relaxation.


Dansko’s are expensive but durable at the same time. If you are hesitating, then stop! These shoes will take excellent care of your feet. After a few runs, you will agree with your rightful investment.

  • Lightweight material.
  • Provide exceptional support.
  • Stable because of the stiff outsole.
  • Flexible on the inside.
  • Arch facilitating technology.
  • The inside shoe starts falling apart.
  • The insole stains your feet.
  • Some of the aesthetic designs are expensive.

Reason to buy

If you are tired of your previous heavy shoes, then do not worry. You can get equally good arch support in light materials that double the support and boost your steps. Dansko Clogs are made to win your hearts of nurses over! Find out more about Dankos here.

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Sloggers Women’s -(Waterproof rain nursing shoes)

Sloggers Women's -(Waterproof rain nursing shoes)
  • Replaceable insole
  • Lug tread outsole
  • Rocker bottoms at the back of the shoes
  • Increase rebound properties


Sloggers women are available in beautiful designs that are covered with a glossy lamination. They reflect the shine and cannot be missed. The coating of a sleek material is not for aesthetics but the durability of shoes. They are waterproof and provide increased gripping in wet ward conditions. A particular type of insole is installed, a half logger, whose shape can be changed for better accommodation. They have heavy-duty leg treats for all-day comfort and support without straining the muscles.

Replaceable insole:

You can order the orthotic insoles along with the shoes, but you can also change them when required. If the insole is not providing the rebound properties, you can alter it to a customized height. That will decrease the pain in your arch by providing extra support.

Lug tread outsole:

The indents and grooves under the outsole increase the surface area of shoes to the ground. Instead of using extra force to get the same grip, the groves attach the arch to the base. The shock of each step bounces off the arch without hurting the feet. It also increases rebound properties.

Rocker bottom:

Sloggers offer rocker bottoms at the back of the shoes. That means your heels are firmly enveloped from all sides. Collaring will decrease heel slipping and straighten the alignment of the thick heel muscle with the lower extremities. Your feet will stop rolling outwards in no time.


The shoes have a flexible sole, which means you can walk on any ground in the hospital. You do not have to worry about the adaptation because the shoes do their job effectively. You will not feel the uneven surface putting a strain on the brittle bones of a high arch.


Unlike Dansko’s, Sloggers have gained a notable reputation for their affordable prices. You can buy more than a pair at a time for your nursing job and training days. Including the maintenance and shipment fee, you are in for a fair and convenient deal!

  • Provide all-day comfort.
  • Fit true to size.
  • Removable insole.
  • Increase rebound properties.
  • Made of recyclable material.
  • Heavy shoes that drag your steps.
  • Shallow from the heel area.
  • You have to buy a size higher than average.


Reason to buy

If you have to work in wet areas or conditions frequently, you can rely on Slogger shoes. The indents under the outsole increase footing and provide you stability with firm motion. You can walk briskly without worrying about slipping.


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JOOMRA Women -(Lightweight nursing Sneakers)

JOOMRA Women -(Lightweight nursing Sneakers)
  • Lace-up closure
  • Integrated collar
  • 3D woven pattern allows flexibility
  • Easily affordable


Joomra women are famous for their perfect blend of fitness and comfort. They feel like a glove with attached protection and stability from all sides of the feet. While the shoe is firm because of the sock-like consistency, it allows unrestrained movement. The sole is inspired by the feather technology and is ultra-light. Apart from long working hours, they are also suitable for other activities like exercise and jumping. The shoes have a pull-up tab that makes it easier to slip-on for emergency nursing.

Lace-up closure:

The shoes have a unique lacing system weaving through the hidden eyelets. You can change your fitness during rush hours and loosen it when you want to relax. If you are familiar with the lacing pattern for high arches, you can decrease the pain by crisscrossing the strands above the right spots.


The outsole has natural motion groves that speed your movement. A firm step will let you put your whole-body weight evenly and make it easier to take the next step. The indents are distributed throughout the outsole, so the front is also supported.

Integrated collar:

A harmonized blend of the integrated collar with a firm tongue allows freedom in sudden movements. They will stop the shock from jarring the musculoskeletal system of the feet. With the tongue in the front and the heel collar around the back heel, the movement’s pressure remains in line with the symmetry of legs.


These classic white shoes have a newly developed 3D woven pattern that allows you to flex and contract your muscles. The design with holes increases the elasticity of the material to a healthy extent. Each movement of your feet is matched with the stretching of the fiber in balanced coordination.


Joomra is both readily available and is an affordable shoe. They offer the blend of most wanted orthopedic qualities in the shoes at the right price. You can buy an extra payer and put it in your locker for a backup. They do have a shorter break-in period, but an extra pair makes it worth the time.

  • Sleek shoes.
  • They have low cut easy silhouettes.
  • Motion flex grooves.
  • Designed for everyday activities.
  • Strong lacework for support.
  • More wide than most shoes.
  • Too snug in the beginning.
  • The sole is super thin.

Reason to buy

The soft yet firm lacework of shoes allows you to adjust the fitness and avoid your feet’ sensitive and swollen areas from hours of nursing duty. You can control the tight fit with a simple tug. The color of the laces blends with the shoes giving Joomra a classy appeal.

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Crocs Nurse -( Medical Professional Shoe)

Crocs Nurse -( Medical Professional Shoe)
  • Cupping of heel and ball
  • Croslite foam
  • Breathable cushioning
  • Stain-resistant


Crocs classic clogs are geared up to provide the divert services for all kinds of professionals. They are not only suitable for nurses but other professional frontline health care workers. Since you will be spending most days on your feet, they will keep up your gait’s uniformity, making you look fresh as ever. These shoes fully mold to your feet conditions and are easy to clean. They are tapered at the back for a secure fit that quickly relents when you tug it off. The comfort of the shoes is unmatchable with super soft sock liners.

Cupping of heel and ball:

The insole of the feet has small cupping for the insole and heel area. They stop your feet from slipping and exceeding the unnecessary movement. If the ball and heel alignment is natural, then more than half of the high arch’s pain is decreased.

Croslite foam:

The main trick that lets you work for hours without discomfort is Croslite foaming. The padding is added in the whole inner lining of shoes. From the soft areas on all sides, the ankle and heel muscles are protected from the targeting forces.

Breathable cushioning:

Even with a slight movement, if your feet stay in a confined place, the temperature is bound to rise. However, with the breathable cushioning, there is free access to the inside of shoes. Your skin can breathe easily without forming calluses and the burning sensation.


Crocs offer little flexibility giving you less room to twist your feet. However, the heel cupping and cushioning make up for that, allowing you to take the leisured strides. Rigidity benefits your condition from progressing by keeping a firm hold.


Crocs professionals are available in two colors at the same price. You do not have to worry about the variation in price because of color change. Furthermore, they also have a broad customer base because of their budget-friendly price and consistency.

  • Crocs bracket your feet and allow no slipping.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of professions.
  • Available in one more color.
  • Stain-resistant.
  • Classic and professional appearance.
  • Slip off your feet while walking.
  • Rigid shoes with little flexibility.
  • Wide heel space.

Reason to buy

If you have incurred an injury in the past, then Croslite foam will protect it from worsening. The soft material allows you to push against the fabric in more massive strides while running in emergency conditions without the fear of tearing or skin damage.

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STQ Slip On -(Comfort Wedge Platform Loafers)

STQ Slip On -(Comfort Wedge Platform Loafers)
  • Breathable mesh vamp
  • Memory foam insole
  • Air cushion in outsole
  • Flexible shoes with stretchable fabric


STQ slip-on shoes have a breathable upper that is made of unique stretchable material. It allows movement of feet in several directions. You can choose among the various impressive designs and patterns for outsole. They are designed by a versatile and enthusiastic team that provides comfort for all foot types. There is a unique air cushion in a textured anti-skid sole. Between the footbed and outsole, two cleverly engineered layers for shock absorption and compressibility are introduced for nurses.

Breathable mesh vamp:

The breathable air mesh allows frequent bursts of cold air into the feet. The air reaches as far as your toe bringing them relief from being holed up in the toe box. Breathability maintains a constant cold temperature keeping your feet dry. Prevention of moisture accumulation saves you from bad smell after hours of working.

Memory foam insole:

The memory foam insole adapts to the high arch and the heel’s depth and has micro holes in it. That allows double ventilation while maintaining the shape. The foam may seem rigid at first, but soon after a few runs, it adapts an ideal body to provide maximum stability.

Air cushion in outsole:

There is a transparent small space area inserted in the outsoles. It breaks the intensity of the shock before it reaches your heel. It is shockproof and does not allow traveling of the thudding forces from the ground to get to the shoe insides.


The double knit upper with the simultaneous high and low threads allow you to fold the shoes. You can push against the fabric, and it will stretch to a fixed degree that is still within the comfortable range of orthotic standards. This flexibility allows the arch muscles to stretch in between hours of standing.


Even after choosing the most aesthetic designs, the price of the shoes does not skyrocket. They are famous for stable prices in all shoe patterns and designs. Unlike the other well-known brands that charge heavily for unique designing, that is not the case here.

  • Imported synthetic sole.
  • Flexible shoes with stretchable fabric.
  • PU outsole with cushioning effect.
  • Platform wedge sneakers.
  • Smooth and secure fitness.
  • The opening of the shoes is too small.
  • The shoes are difficult to clean.
  • You need to wear socks with shoes.

Reason to buy

The outsole of shoes is equally important to the insole. If you have weak, brittle heels with contracted plantar muscles, then stabilize the heel by giving the arch tendons a moment to relax. They will fit right next to the tender muscle and take away the burden of weight distribution.

Things to consider while buying Nursing Shoes for High Arches:

Choosing the right nursing shoes can get daunting and overwhelming. It is true especially if you have already spent a lot of time and just want to give up. How about we give it a last try?

You can sometimes get the wrong shoe even with the help of a salesperson. Usually, it is recommended that you pay your pediatrician a visit if that many tries have failed you. However, before you do that, a little web surfing is appreciated. I have listed the essential features that you should not neglect. It is a guarantee that if you follow all the points, you will find your match quickly!


Always choose a shoe that fits perfectly. Size is the primary step of starting a successful shoe journey. Most brands launch shoe wear that is available in all sizes. However, if there is a unique shoe that you like but cannot find the shoe size, give it a pause. It would be better if you come back for it again. Meanwhile, you should try one that is your size.

The right size will give you all the toe space you need and no heel digging. That is a relief if you are going to work for long hard-nursing hours.

Arch support:

Nurses have to spend most of their day indoors walking on granite and concrete floors. That causes you to dig your feet deeper to get the standard level of traction without compromising pain.

The right height of arch support will take away the effort and naturally form support. It will absorb the uneven shock from the heel and front of the feet and reflect it in the arch. This enables the arch to be functional and responsive.


You will notice that all the recommendations of nurses emphasize cushioning. Cushioning helps you absorb shock and increase rebound muscle functioning. However, apart from that, you will stand and work in the same shoe all day. The cushion will compress to the respective body weight. It will not allow the shoes to wear out quickly.

No cushion or padding will irritate your skin because you will be rubbing against the hard material that heats quickly and gets worn out after a few runs, that will damage both your muscles and the shoes.

Heel cupping:

If the shoe has an insole that has readymade heel cushioning, then buy it. If not, it is still okay as long as the insole is changeable. Supination is commonly seen in high arches people. Your heel changes its shape to accommodate the weight distribution because the high angle is not very useful.

While the weight problem is solved, your heel is in direct line of damage. Heel cupping allows the heel to maintain the natural shape. They prevent the heel muscles from outward rolling.


Suppose you will wear the same shoe for long hours working in a clinical ward to wash it once you come home. That is why the material should be easily washable and should not stain. It should also be sustainable because the material is going to face a lot of wasting and rubbing.

As a nurse, you have to clean off chemicals, bodily fluid, dirt, and soil. Apart from that, the breathable and flexible quality of the material is a no brainer. If your shoe does not have that, then change it immediately!

Non-Slip Outsole:

Hospital floors are sleek and clean. Maybe too clean, considering it is a health care center, and the floor is mopped continuously. Even if that is not the case and you encounter a different wet situation, you will be prepared with oil resistant non- slip heels.

You can continue your task with efficiency without sparing a thought to your shoe condition. It will save you time and energy.

If you have the right arch support, you will immediately notice the difference. The benefits of firm arch support cannot be neglected during work hours and later when you get home. Particular adaptations in orthotic shoes aid your strides by absorbing shock and protecting your feet muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it hard to find the right size in Crocs?
That is a general question, and the misunderstanding is widespread. Some crocs models might get expensive, but if you are told to buy two pairs at one time, that is a good suggestion. Crocs are handmade, and a lot of effort is put into their design. That is why, even with the same size, there is always the tiniest bit of difference. It is usually unnoticeable, but if you have received a wider pair than average, you can send it back.

Is there a variation in width along with the size in nursing shoes?
Yes, there is a variation. Unlike training shoes and dress shoes, it is not very frequent in nursing shoes. Most shoes are launched in the same size but different widths. You can easily find a match for your high arched narrow or wide feet. However, some brands do not offer a variety of width in the same size. You should search the brand before you make an actual purchase.

Should there be ankle support in nursing shoes?
Nursing shoes are designed so that the lack of high-top designs does not affect the functionality or support in any way. You do not have to look for a high opening, particularly. It is the opposite; most nursing shoes have a wide opening. It allows access for quick slip-on along with breathability during long working hours without hurting the high arch. However, you can wear a supportive orthotic band if you have a brittle ankle joint.


I hope you have found the list useful and practical. Each shoe has its respective value that covers the significant aspects of high foot condition. You can visit the brands for more information. Meanwhile, in case of any quarries, we would love to help you by answering on time!

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