Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Bunions – Pain Relief and Comfortable

Running is a liberating activity that should be enjoyed freely.

However, can the same be said if your Bunion decides to throb during your running sessions?

Bunions can be painful and uncomfortable if they are left untreated. Once they develop, they are here to stay and take extra space!

A bunion is a bony and soft tissue protrusion at the base of the Metatarsophalangeal joint. Moreover, the big toe is pushed towards the second toe due to contributing factors that increase pressure. This results in jutting out of the metatarsal joint. End result is a painful situation, but not a hopeless one!

You can start through a basic orthotic treatment. Choosing the right shoe wear is vital and challenging. Not to worry because I have compiled a list of reliable and comfortable running shoes for you. This will save you time and energy. The list of shoes is high in customer satisfaction. Happy running to you.

Our Top Picks:

  • Brooks Men’s – (Beast 20 running shoe)
    “The shoes are very well made and the materials look to be top quality.” -Customer Review.
  • Nike Men’s – (Downshifter 9 Running Shoe)
    “I bought a pair of these shoes for our trip to France to walk around in. They held up great.” -Customer Review.
  • Skechers Men’s – (Equalizer Persistent Runners)
    “These shoes however are like walking on pillows and are genuinely comfortable shoes.” -Customer Review.
  • ALEADER Women’s – (Lightweight Sport Running Shoes)
    “Nice thick comfortable sole that is pliable moving with the feet. The footbed is soft.” -Customer Review.
  • Women Air -(Athletic Running Shoes)
    “These Air Athletic running shoes are SO comfortable; I love the fabric of these shoes. “ -Customer Review.
  • Zoom Fly 3-Nike (Men’s Running shoes)
    “These are fantastic shoes for serious runners who know how to run and do it for 45 minutes to multiple hours at a time.” -Customer Review.
  • Adidas Men (Ultra-boost Lightning Running Shoes)
    “I’m happy to see there’s more tread on the bottom, which means I’ll get more miles out of them before I replace them.” -Customer Review.

List of Best Running Shoes for Bunions

Brooks Men’s -(Beast 20 running shoe)Brooks Men’s -(Beast 20 running shoe)
  • Crash pads
  • Omega Flex Grooves
  • Perforated mesh
  • Diagonal Rollbar
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
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Nike Men's - (Downshifter 9 Running Shoe)Nike Men’s – (Downshifter 9 Running Shoe)
  • Upper lacework
  • Flexible cushion
  • Rubber outsole
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
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Skechers Men's - (Equalizer Persistent Runners)Skechers Men’s – (Equalizer Persistent Runners)
  • Memory foam insole
  • Shock absorbers
  • Synthetic sole
  • Fitness
  • Affordable
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Zoom Fly 3-Nike (Men's Running shoes)Zoom Fly 3-Nike (Men’s Running shoes)
  • Nylon and carbon sole plates
  • Lunarlon Cushioning
  • Snug adjustable lacework
  • Flexibility through fiber plate
  • Lightweight material
  • Abrasion proof material
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Adidas Men (Ultra-boost Lightning Running Shoes)Adidas Men (Ultra-boost Lightning Running Shoes)
  • Counter back motion force
  • Shaped to control pressure
  • Continental rubber outsole
  • Stabilizing torsion spring
  • Shaft measures
  • Midfoot Caging
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ALEADER Women's - (Lightweight Sport Running Shoes)ALEADER Women’s – (Lightweight Sport Running Shoes)
  • Elastic material
  • MD Rubber sole
  • Five claw design
  • Hydro grip outsole
  • Afforadable
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Women Air -(Athletic Running Shoes)Women Air -(Athletic Running Shoes)
  • Removable sock liners
  • Breathable mesh
  • Stable outsole
  • Compressible toe pads
  • Afforadable
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Brooks Men’s -(Beast 20 running shoe)

Brooks Men's - (Beast 20 running shoe)Brooks has ruled the comfortable shoe wear industry since forever. They are reliable shoes that can withstand any pressure and beak into comfortable and energizing reverberation under your feet. Loads of cushioning across the seams and midsole effectively absorb shock. The DNA interschool pads are soothing and adaptable. They smooth the running preventing the burning sensation across the Bunion area.

Physical Outlook
Brooks beast is a synthetic running shoe that is lined with mesh to add comfort. The outsole is thicker as it will be rubbed vigorously against the running surfaces. However, the shoes have a streamlined silhouette with the back being proportionally higher than the front. These weigh 2 pounds with dimensions close to 10 x 15 x 6 inches.


Crash pads:
Crash pads are inserted in segmented form between the layers of the midsole and an outsole. Due to their divided presence, they form a firm connection in the heel and front toes. This smoothens the moving force across the musculoskeletal system of the feet. The force is divided evenly before reaching the Bunion joint.

Omega Flex Grooves:
Omega flex grooves are defined outgrowth beneath the outsole that increases your contact with the ground. While running your steps will get firm contact with the ground. Any potential slipping will be decreased, and the Bunion will not be targeted.

Perforated mesh:
Brooks is also a reliable option because the fabric and material are perforated. Perforations mean spaces among the material that allow bursts of cool air inside the enclosed material of shoes. The air keeps the skin cool and non-irritated as inflammation is also a leading cause of Bunion formation.

Diagonal Rollbar:
The diagonal Rollbar targets the problem at its root. To facilitate you’re running the rollbar technology aligns the anatomy of feet. Bunions cause your feet to roll inward. However, with the firm adjustment and proper lacing technique, you can bring back the anatomy.

Brooks Men are flexible and facilitate running by contraction of feet. After a tiring running session, you do not have to rest for more than a few minutes. Flexibility helps you recover your speed and energy. Special flex groves in these shoes catalyze the process.


Men Beast are expensive shoes. They cost more than the average shoe. However, that is not a con because saving up for shoes is worth it. They are available in two basic black and white colors. Thus, a viable option for low profile people!

  • Soft heel and toe transition.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Seamless upper.
  • DNA interschool padding.
  • Facilitate long running hours.
  • New shoes lack stability.
  • Sole design in some designs is not comfortable.
  • The white color is too bright for some.

Reason to buy

The flexibility groves underneath the outsole of Brooks Beast is for people who complain about fitness and firmness. You can now run on slipping ground without worry and concentrate on ruling the running court!

Customer’s Perspective:
The shoes are supportive and comfortable especially for taller people with bunions. However, many customers have complained about the quality downgrade. The shoes have become relatively affordable but less stabilizing.
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Nike Men’s – (Downshifter 9 Running Shoe)

Nike Men's - (Downshifter 9 Running Shoe)Nike is a brand that needs no introduction. No field or foot condition cannot rely on Nike shoe wear. In this case, Nike’s downshifter facilitates running with special features. The upper lace system is closely connected and adjustable for correct fitness. The midsole cushion gives stability in running, so the forces are kept intact. The bunion area is supported by seamless construction.

Physical Outlook
Nike is another textile and synthetic shoe that has a durable design. It provides structural support to the runner. The front looks to be narrower but is packing plenty of space. The upper is a breathable and simplistic mesh. Additionally, the contrasting outsole is contoured to enhance mid arch support. The shoes weigh 7 ounces and are 11.9 x 7.6 x 4.2 inches wide.


Upper lacework:
Fitness matters in Bunions because if the shoes do not provide enough space in front, you can change that. Similarly, in Nike running shoes, the close eyelets let you skip the front ones for creating room for a bunion. The fitness can be balanced by tight-fitting in the last eyelets.

Flexible cushion:
The cushioning is not only present in the midsole and around the toe area. Cushion pads are flexible and soft. After a few runs, they adapt to the shape of the bunion for proper surroundings. After that, the growth of the bunion is stopped while maintaining the metatarsal functionality.

Rubber outsole:
Normally the forces run through the limb and reach the arch for absorption. The ends of feet flex to accommodate the running. Rubber outsole facilitates the normal activity of the feet so you can run in a durable material. Rubber is effective in creating a barrier against ground shock, so it does not travel to toes.

Nike running shoes are lightweight. They prevent foot drops so you can run long distances effortlessly. The additional weight makes it hard for toe muscles to flex as most work is concentrated in contracting the muscle, so the compact mass is lifted easily.

Nike running shoes are available in more than fourteen exciting colors. The red and off white look is to die for. It is simple yet eye-catching. Considering the brand, the shoes are affordable and easily available. You do not have to worry about the cost here!

  • Free running.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Durable design.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Adjustable lacework.
  • Beware of the knockoffs.
  • The light colors are difficult to clean.
  • Laces in a few shoe designs are too long.

Reason to buy

The major reason to choose Downshifter Nike running shoes is its adjustable lacing system. Even while skipping the front laces for Bunion comfort you do not lose the fitness. It is just like the complete lacework set fitness!

Customer’s Perspective:
If you plan on walking for a long period then hope on this shoe. It has quite a high mileage according to the reviewers. It helps that the shoe is good looking. On the flip side, you might need some time and exercise to break in the downshifter shoes.
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Skechers Men’s -(Equalizer Persistent Runners)

Skechers Men's - (Equalizer Persistent Runners)Skechers is an award winning shoe that has been dominant since 1992. Due to the years of experience, it produces diverse and comfortable shoes. Equalizer’s sneakers are the best option for your bunion because of ample space and extra cushion in the toe area. The flexibility of these shoes is unmatchable. The insides have memory foams that adjust and break the problem of weight distribution quickly.

Physical Outlook
Skechers equalizer is no less different than the least pairs but it has no lace up. This shoe looks more like a slip-on pair than your regular running shoes. Additionally, the stretch gores along the opening are wide on both sides. It is a lightweight pair with the matching colored strong rubber outsole. Skechers equalizer weighs 7.8 pounds with give or take, dimensions 9.02 x 5.98 x 0.51 inches.


Memory foam insole:
If you have another foot deformity along with the bunion, then memory foam will take care of that. The foam adjusts to the protrusion and arch shape within a few steps and retains it. You do not have to worry about adjustment every time you put on the shoes.

Shock absorbers:
A bunion is easily disrupted with a weave of shock because the toes flex more to adjust the shock due to increased flexing; the angle of the bunion increases. With shock absorbers, the toes do not need additional area, and the bunion’s progression is stopped.

Synthetic sole:
The sole is made of 100 percent synthetic material which makes it long-lasting. About time you started changing the shoes when you have finally adjusted. The bunion shape is kept in the memory foam while the outsole keeps the harmful forces out and away.

The material of the shoes is stretchable and made of special fibers that expand easily. The lack of shoelaces does not affect the adjustment. While you had to lace and unlace, now the hassle is eliminated. Additionally, the stretchable material also makes it easy to slip on.

Skechers persistent is available in more than ten astounding colors. You can choose any shoes that match your personality and clothes. All the shoes are available at affordable prices. There is fluctuation in the slide designs, but even then, you can happily buy a pair!

  • No lace hassles.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Stretchable material surrounding shoes.
  • Increase durability of running,
  • Rebounding features.
  • The light colors are dull.
  • Order size above average.
  • The outsole is too rigid.

Reason to buy

For runners who have to squeeze in a session amid their busy schedule, a stretchable feature of these shoes is for you. The Skechers equalizer is a shoe that is meant to be a part of your wardrobe.

Customer’s Perspective:
More than 80% of the customers have expressed their satisfaction with the performance of Skechers. They are suitable for demanding jobs where you have to walk a lot. If you are picky about the look then it is an okay looking pair. However, to insert your orthotics you will have to work around the memory foam.
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Zoom Fly 3-Nike (Men’s Running shoes)

Zoom Fly 3-Nike (Men's Running shoes)Nike men’s running shoes have bought their fame for being high quality. What makes their purchase more fun is that they are customized to exciting colors. These shoes are engineered with rigid, and resilient nylon rubber soles to boost your running. It helps you keep the weight off of your heels and Bunions. While running, you can bounce on the balls of your feet effortlessly.

Physical Outlook
Zoom fly has more attention dedicated to the sole than the upper. The flywire cables wrap around the foot and ensure fitness. The lace area is also comparatively longer and wider. The best part is the carbon and nylon outsole that is thicker at the heel and ball area of feet. This gives the ultimate proportion for lighter steps. These weigh 14.11 ounces that is 0.8 pounds (Dimensions 13.3 x 9.1 x 4.8 inches).

Nylon and carbon sole plates:
Nylon and carbon sole plates come in handy for their sturdiness and durability. Often people with Bunions complain about feeling more weight on their toes. Constant weight in a certain position can cause discomfort. Nylon and carbon soles keep you grounded with a hard base. Your weight will shift towards the center, which means you can run more fluently.

Lunarlon Cushioning:
From the very first day, you will notice that the pain is no longer intense. The main purpose of lunarlon cushioning is to provide a stiff yet feathery surface that will tilt your feet upward and outward. Moreover, with full padding support, the pressure is distributed evenly in all muscles.

Snug adjustable lacework:
The lacework at the arch of the shoes will secure your feet in place so you can adjust them according to your size. Even if you tie them up very tightly, you will notice that they still provide your feet room for breathing. Moreover, the circulation in your feet is not disturbed. You can stop fitting once you feel the support of sturdy soles beneath your feet.

Flexibility through fiber plate:
There is a particular addition of an intricate fiber plate for balancing the fitting of lacework. It is present in the inner lining at the top of your feet. The shoes provide flexibility, as the plates relent easily when you stretch your feet and Bunion joint.

Lightweight material:
Nike zoom will match each step. Instead of weighing you down, they will fuel your run. You will feel more power in your calves than in the heels. If you use heavier steps, it drains your energy quickly as the lightweight material makes your strides powerful and controlling. Don’t hesitate to check for a lightweight material that removes the aggravation of long runs.

Abrasion proof material:
Nike Air, with its quality material construction, does not roughen when scraped against abrasions. The thickness and durability of the outsole are maintained. Furthermore, this characteristic is suitable for long marathon runs since the smooth outsole hinders traveling of fatigue and pain to the upper leg muscles.

Zoom fly running shoes are available in eleven exciting colors. These shoes can get expensive; however, some in this collection are affordable. Most shoes range at expensive pricing.

  • Easily available.
  • Cloudy and comfortable.
  • Secure meshwork.
  • Facilitates are striding.
  • Expensive.
  • Only suitable for running.
  • The odd shape of foams.

Reason to buy

If you are looking for flexible yet firm shoes, then you have met your match. You will surely win your race with Nike men’s running shoes. They will match each stride with velour and strength.

Customer’s Perspective:
According to our experience the extra thick and high outsole have limited the shoes to running. Walking can be tricky but you get to enjoy your morning sessions with higher sprints. These shoes did not disappoint as they give a runner more control.
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Adidas Men (Ultra-boost Lightning Running Shoes)

Adidas Men (Ultra-boost Lightning Running Shoes)Face the boulders and uneven grounds with the unrelenting Adidas ultra-boost lighting shoes. The hard grounds do not stand a chance against the resistant soles. You will be positively investing in these shoes, as you can climb and land smoothly.

Physical Outlook
Adidas men are every runner’s dream. The equal design has been added to the looks and workability of the shoes. The outer material is knit and has a second skin that gives premium fitness. Not to mention the outsole and sides that are firmly glued and attached to the lacework. The opening has heel protection with extra material on both sides. These weigh 2.45 pounds and have dimensions 12.28 x 8.27 x 4.88 inches wide.

Counter back motion force:
How? Because of the force, you provide the shoes will bounce back in your run. So, in simpler words, you will be doing work for yourself without wasting a smidge bit of energy. The energy waves reflect in your calves and Bunions, resulting in ordered muscle contraction for running.

Shaped to control pressure
These cleverly engineered shoes are shaped to keep pressure away from the Bunion. Furthermore, the fit counter molded heel steers sudden motion waves away from your Achilles heel.

Continental rubber outsole:
If the outside is not supportive and coordinating, then you are choosing the wrong shoe. Similarly, Adidas ultra-boost provides a continental rubber outsole that will help you maneuver your way through the wet and dryland terrain. It does not let dirt and humidity block the crevices. If you are scared of sliding on the slippery ground, then your worries can rest now.

Stabilizing torsion spring:
Stabilizing torsion springs provide fitness, protection, and control to the runner. Think of torsion spring as a diffuser because it will distribute the weight of the body evenly. You will no longer feel more force on the forefront and hind parts of the feet. With the even support from underneath some of the force is shifted towards the center. Therefore, there is an equilibrium of motion waves, including the Bunion of your feet.

Shaft measures:
The fitness for running shoes is not limited to lacework. Adidas men ultra-boost have great extensions where you are facilitated with shaft measures for adjustment. Shaft measure is the fitting of the back, from the highest point, of heels to calves. Additionally, it is beneficial because the pads of the shaft will blanket your sensitive tendons. In the case of twisting, you will be protected from permanent damage.

Midfoot Caging:
Let’s try something. Get up and jump! Notice that you will land on either the front toes or back heel, whereas you do not let your whole feet touch the ground at once. That is a natural response to break your fall for smooth traction. With Adidas ultra-boosting runner shoes, you will notice that few jumps don’t exhaust you because your fall is channeled uniformly by midfoot caging.

Adidas men ultrasound has the most extensive collection of all shoes on the list. There are twenty four designs of various colors to match your outfit. They are also pricey shoes but not too expensive.

  • Suitable for diverse sizes.
  • Recommended for tender feet.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Adjustable lacing.
  • Cleaning can be difficult.
  • Prices can go high.

Reason to buy

Has it ever happened that you find difficulty in adjustment for your Bunions? For that purpose alone, you should try Adidas ultra-boosting shoes. You can stretch the midfoot caging to align with your Bunion lump. The inner lining is also removable and washable.

Customer’s Perspective:
Adidas ultra boost looks and feels better. Customers have enjoyed how the stretchy shell makes you feel like you’re wearing a sock rather than a shoe. The lacing method does a good job of keeping you in place. Additionally, they were pleased to see more tread on the bottom, which means you get more mileage out of them. No blisters, hotspots, or slippage is a pro with a bunion. However, the extra bounce is not for every runner.
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ALEADER Women’s -(Lightweight Sport Running Shoes)

ALEADER Women's -(Lightweight Sport Running Shoes)

A leader produces shoes for people who like to reflect their carefree personality in their shoes because there is a certain style that appeals to them. That is why Aleader mesh sport shoes a harmonized blend of support as well as aesthetics. The elastic material of shoes stretches over the bunion without pushing pressure. The breathable interior keeps your feet dry.
Physical Outlook
Aleader is an interesting looking shoe with a traditional mesh exterior however the exterior has a pattern that makes it durable. The lacework is linked to the outsole while being attached to the sides through 5 claw patterns. So, while fitting you will be pulling on the sides to get maximum fitness. The outsole has extra grip compatible with many surfaces. These weigh 1.35 pounds that are the second most lightweight on this list (Dimensions 13.39 x 13.78 x 4.72 inches).

Elastic material:
The elastic material of shoes is spread from above along to the sides. The Criss-Cross pattern is not only for aesthetics but functionality. As you take larger steps while running the fabric relents and stretches to the bending of the body. The spread is soft, so the bunion skin is not chaffed.

MD Rubber sole:
The special MD material of the sole makes the shoes strong and sturdy. The MD material is used at the end of the outsole as well as beneath the toes. This keeps the toe to heel proportion, so balanced weight is shifted to the Bunion joint and twisted metatarsal muscles.

Five claw design:
You will notice a unique pattern: the five claws or eyelets of shoes are alternatively present along the upper side of shoes looking at the upper and lace system. They expand to the outsole, so the firm connection is formed between the ground and the lower extremities for intense running sessions.

Hydro grip outsole:
The hydro grip outsole is effective and all types of running tracts. If you are fond of running in minty wet grounds, do not let anything get in your way. The gripping outsole gives command over muddy areas so you can track firmly without jarring the bunion and heels of your feet.

A leader of women running shoes is the most affordable pair on this list. Additionally, the colors are funky and bright in this collection. Apart from the basic black, the red and purple are bright and speak of adventurous personality. An affordable running shoe with the right color is a must!Pros Vs. Cons:

  • Hydro grip outsole.
  • Extra comfort and support.
  • Five claw lace designs.
  • Command over different running tracks.
  • Affordable shoes.
  • Limited colors are available.
  • The upper gets loose over time.
  • Softer footbed than average.

Reason to buy

Toe to heel proportionality is not easy to find in most running shoes. Since it is a must requirement for a bunion, then you should grab Skechers Mesh Support shoes with both hands and enjoy the ride.

Customer’s Perspective:
Be ready to be surprised by how lightweight the shoes feel in real life. Being lightweight the customers were perplexed about the mileage but Aleader won over multiple runner’s hearts. You can easily walk 6 miles every day and the sole will not run down easily. We suggest you look out for manufacturing issues though.
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Women Air -(Athletic Running Shoes)

Women Air -(Athletic Running Shoes)

Air athletic running shoe is a hidden gem with a combination of numerous features installed in one shoe. The features are added in a balanced way. The stretchability and the rigid outsole complement each other, the breathable material with air cushion allows movement in multiple directions. These diverse shoes are perfect for bunions as they allow running, walking, tracking, and gym workout all at once.

Physical Outlook
The women air is a highly padded shoe that not only feels but looks comfortable as well. Due to additional padding layers, the shock absorption ability of the shoes is high. The exterior is a textile that is soft to the touch. Moreover, air athletic shoes have a low density PU outsole but with air cushion to decrease running impact. These weigh 1.23 pounds branding them as the lightest pair (Dimensions 13.66 x 7.05 x 5.39 inches).

Removable sock liners:
Unlike most orthotic running shoes, the removable sock liners eliminate the worry of changing shoes until you click with the right ones. After wear and tear, you can change the sock liner in the shoes for comfort. First stage bunion you can add extra cushioned sock liners.

Breathable mesh:
The breathable interior keeps your feet dry and clean. The inflammation over bunion skin can be healed in no time. Blisters and corns are a common occurrence that should not be a worry now. The intense running will not increase the inner temperature of shoes.

Stable outsole:
The outsole is the table and acts as a secondary arch. After the shock is absorbed from the ground, your toes do not have to flex, which might disrupt the metatarsophalangeal joint excessively. This gives the metatarsals a moment to relax and concentrate on improvement.

Toe pads:
The front of the shoes is padded with a sturdy outsole curing underneath. If you stub your toes accidentally, it will not damage the bunion. The force is stopped and curbed I the layers protecting the front of the shoes.

Women Air running shoes have a beautiful contrast of color in the interior and exterior of shoes. Most shoes in the collection have a uniform spread of color that oozes class. They are available in more than 5 classy colors. Additionally, the budget-friendly price makes them an easy grab.

  • Compressible toe pads.
  • Reflect energy in the running.
  • Stabilizing outsole.
  • Removable sock liners.
  • Wear-resistant shoes.
  • No Cons.

Reason to buy

If you have faced a past injury in your toes, it will lay low for a while. Women Air Athletic running shoes allow you no break with complete healing for the brittle toes with shock barrier.

Customer’s Perspective:
As a nurse and a server long work hours can be hard on bunions. That is why women air cushioning is a welcome. It is a comfortable shoe with an insole that actually helps. You can go with the regular size and the shoes will fit. However, one customer has highlighted the hard nature of the toe area that while being a great support tends to hurt the joint.


Things to consider while buying running shoes for Bunions.

You should always research before making any purchase. Then if you are looking for something you will know the ups and downs. By that point, you will have analyzed your vulnerabilities as well. It will be a waste if you end up buying something that is not for you. It may provide similar results but not the ones you positively need.

Wide Toe Box:
The first significant cause in this list is the avoidance of narrow shoes. It is also the most common reason for bunion progression. Narrow running shoes offer less space and more pressure on the tender bunion region that makes it worse. Wider shoes give the engorged area room to breathe and help the joint gain natural anatomy.

Achilles’ tendon protector:
The Achilles tendon is a tissue that forms a connection between your heels and calf. Many professional players have lost their careers because of incurring damages. It is a sensitive spot so you should make sure that your shoe has the facility to support Achilles’ heel.

Fabric mesh for the upper part:
You must have read about the importance of fabric mesh earlier. They are present on the top of the shoes for the upper part of your feet. They facilitate the lower sole to accommodate fitting. It should provide your feet room for breathing and should decrease moisture accumulation. You have to be careful in selection because if the case backfires, it can cause more problems.

Supporting insoles:
Insoles are the cushion added inside the base. They are the solid support placed for your Bunions. For assistance in the absorption of uneven shock, you must consider adding them. They are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Choose comfort:
The size of the shoe undoubtedly plays a vital role in ease and walking. However, if you were to choose, you should rely on comfort because the shoe’s outward protrusion needs inward space. That automatically increases the size. Size varies from company to company, but comfort remains!

Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

When is the right time to change my shoes?
First of all, you can judge from the look of the shoes. If the insole is damaged and poking through the outsole, then you should probably change your shoes. You need to replace shoes, especially if the padded toe area is worn out because that is the essential step which aids your running.

What is the distance range of average running shoes?
It depends largely on your landings and strides. However, the average range is 300 to 500 miles. If you track through the spots that require more jumps than an average athlete, your shoes will wear out faster. Like the top mesh and outer fabric, the other parts may remain new, but you will notice the hells are not so sturdy. So, it’s time to change your shoes.

What shoes should I consider if I have an injured Bunion?
Most people with bunions face this problem. While looking for a suitable shoe, you should search for padding that aids shock absorption. Running on hilly areas and uneven ground can predispose your injury. There should be thick yet rigid cushioning around your injured area.
You can use additional supportive orthotics that fit in running shoes like:

  • Bunion pads:

Bunion pads are available and easily accessible. They have an effective mechanism of action even though it may not seem like it. They wrap around the toes and protect the joint from being hit with additional pressure. Reduction in the motion force helps you in walking.

What are the best Nike running shoes for bunions?
There are a few firms that specialize in making running shoes for bunions. One of them is Nike, which has created a shoe called Nike Air Vapor Max that provides stronger cushioning and extra protection around the heel area for bunions sufferers. However, that is after the downshifter pair that we have mentioned as it has more customer satisfaction.

What are the best running shoes for bunions?
Brooks Men’s – (Beast 20 running shoe)
Nike Men’s – (Downshifter 9 Running Shoe)
Skechers Men’s – (Equalizer Persistent Runners)
ALEADER Women’s – (Lightweight Sport Running Shoes)
Women Air – (Athletic Running Shoes)
Zoom Fly 3-Nike (Men’s Running shoes)
Adidas Men (Ultra-boost Lightning Running Shoes)

Does running make bunions worse?
A bunion can be made worse by running. Running causes repetitive stress to the front and toe areas, which is unavoidable. This might aggravate a bunion. The persistent friction of your bunion against the side of your shoe might also be problematic. That is why we have recommended pairs that do exactly the opposite of that.

Can toe separators be added to bunion running shoes?
Yes, as long as you have chosen a shoe that has a wide front. You can fit in more than one form of the orthotic. Although toe separators have proved to be less effective they help reduce bunion pain. We recommend trying Skechers Men and Women Air shoes for that. Additionally, try gel bunion pads while you are at it.


I hope you have read everything with full concentration. The objective of this article was to direct you to the right pair. With extensive research and information, you must have already reached your decisions. If not, don’t worry, we are here to help you. Do reach out to us and we will solve your queries!

+ 4 Sources:

You can ensure the accuracy of our information and content by clicking on the added sources. We adhere to strict sourcing guidelines related to medical associations and statistical research. Ensuring avoidance of data that could be misleading as to any matter of fact is our priority.

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