Top 5 Best Running Shoes for High Arches 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

According to WebMD’s research, 68% of women and 20% of men have high arched feet. It means that one in every six people shares the same problem.

Shoe manufacturing companies have started to pay more attention to the issue of high arches. They thrive on finding solutions to this problem. Companies have been manufacturing top quality, durable and soft high arched shoes for years.

If you have stumbled on this article, it means you are still looking for the most suitable shoes for high arches. I have mentioned some of the best running shoes on the list below. Continue reading to add more comfort to your lives!

Our Top Picks for Best Running Shoes for High Arches 2021

  • Zoom Fly 3-Nike (Men’s Running shoes)
    “These are fantastic shoes for serious runners who know how to run and do it for 45 minutes to multiple hours at a time.” -Customer Review.
  • Hoka One One (Men Bondi 6-Running Shoes)
    “The cushioning of the sole is fabulous. And the spring in the toe bed is really noticeable.” -Customer Review.
  • Adidas Men (Ultra-boost Lightning Running Shoes)
    “I’m happy to see there’s more tread on the bottom, which means I’ll get more miles out of them before I replace them.” -Customer Review.
  • Asics Women (Gel Quantum 180- Running shoes)
    “Glad I ordered because they fit perfectly! Overall very happy with these Asics and would order them again in a heartbeat.” -Customer Review.
  • Brooks Women’s (Adrenaline GTS 20 Running shoes)
    “ I am regularly road running and suffer from extremely painful Plantar fasciitis and shin splints. Since changing to the Brooks Ghost I can honestly say my feet and legs have never felt better.” -Customer Review.
Zoom Fly 3-Nike (Men's Running shoes)Zoom Fly 3-Nike (Men’s Running shoes)
  • Nylon and carbon sole plates
  • Lunarlon Cushioning
  • Snug adjustable lacework
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Hoka One One (Men Bondi 6-Running Shoes)Hoka One One (Men Bondi 6-Running Shoes)
  • Long-distance coverage in light material
  • Synthetic and rubber layering
  • Toe cushioning
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Adidas Men (Ultra-boost Lightning Running Shoes)Adidas Men (Ultra-boost Lightning Running Shoes)
  • Shaped to control pressure
  • Continental rubber outsole
  • Shaft measures
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Asics Women (Gel Quantum 180- Running shoes)Asics Women (Gel Quantum 180- Running shoes)
  • 180-degree placement of gel
  • ComferDry Sock liner
  • Solyte midsole material
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Brooks Women's (Adrenaline GTS 20 Running shoes)Brooks Women’s (Adrenaline GTS 20 Running shoes)
  • Holistic support system
  • DNA Loft pads
  • 3D modernized fit
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Best Running shoes for High Arched Men:

Men may face a small percentage of this problem. That does not mean there are no running shoes available for your arched feet. It is quite the opposite.

Many modernized key features have been introduced in the high arched shoes to add potential in your run. For your ease, you can read the narrowed down list to make your pick.

1. Zoom Fly 3-Nike (Men’s Running shoes)

Nike Men's Running Shoes

Nike men’s running shoes have bought their fame for being high quality. What makes their purchase more fun is that they are customized to exciting colors. These shoes are engineered with rigid, and resilient nylon rubber soles to boost your running. It helps you keep the weight off of your heels. While running, you can bounce on the balls of your feet effortlessly.

Nylon and carbon sole plates:

Nylon and carbon sole plates come in handy for their sturdiness and durability. Often people with high arches complain about feeling more weight on their heels. Constant weight in a certain position can cause discomfort. Nylon and carbon soles keep you grounded with a hard base. Your weight will shift towards the center, which means you can run more fluently.

Lunarlon Cushioning:

From the very first day, you will notice that the pain is no longer intense. The main purpose of lunarlon cushioning is to provide a stiff yet feathery surface that will tilt your feet upward and outward. Moreover, with full padding support, the pressure is distributed evenly in all muscles.

Snug adjustable lacework:

The lacework at the arch of the shoes will secure your feet in place so you can adjust them according to your size. Even if you tie them up very tightly, you will notice that they still provide your feet room for breathing. Moreover, the circulation in your feet is not disturbed. You can stop fitting once you feel the support of sturdy soles beneath your feet.

Flexibility through fiber plate:

There is a particular addition of intricate fiber plate for balancing the fitting of lacework. It is present in the inner lining at the top of your feet. The shoes provide flexibility, as the plates relent easily when you stretch your feet.

Lightweight material:

Nike zoom will match you each step. Instead of weighing you down, they will fuel your run. You will feel more power in your calves than the heels. If you use heavier steps, it drains your energy quickly as the lightweight material makes your strides powerful and controlling. Don’t hesitate to check for a lightweight material that removes aggravation of long runs.

Abrasion proof material:

Nike Air, with its quality material construction, does not roughen when scraped against abrasions. The thickness and durability of the outsole are maintained. Furthermore, this characteristic is suitable for long marathon runs since the smooth outsole hinders the traveling of fatigue and pain to the upper leg muscles.

  • Easily available.
  • Cloudy and comfortable.
  • Secure meshwork.
  • Facilitates are striding.
  • Expensive.
  • Only suitable for running.
  • The odd shape of foams.
Reason To Buy

If you are looking for flexible yet firm shoes, then you have met your match. You will surely win your race with Nike men’s running shoes. They will match each stride with velour and strength.

2. Hoka One One (Men Bondi 6-Running Shoes)


HOKA ONE ONE Men's Bondi 6 Running

Manufactured in a beautiful dull matte color these shoes are a sure grab. Hoka One contains some of the amazing collaborations. They have turgid soles and flexile upper halves. If you want to go for a smooth and comfortable ride, then Hoka shoes will not disappoint!

Variation in designing:

They are available in synthetic and rubber patterns with neon swirls. You can change the Shoe design to match your style. These shoes come with some of the best-lined stripes in garish colors that will compliment your mood and energy.

Long-distance coverage in light material:

If you are going to race at long distances, then you should certainly consider these shoes. They are so comfortable that you won’t be aware of their presence. Moreover, the light and soft material of shoes will protect injured areas.

Synthetic and rubber layering:

The rubber acts like a literal buttering sheet. It provides a smooth sliding surface on which you can exert force because it does not surrender easily under sudden strains. That means sharp turns and quick breaks are going to be your new expertise. The layering stretches to match your size. Mostly heel prints are added so that your feet remain fixed.

Toe cushioning:

Often while racing, the emphasis is put on the heels of the feet. However, your toes also face force because of the forward propulsion. This strain is often a source of discomfort for most athletes and can result in bruising. To prevent that, you can treat yourself with toe cushioning to balance the horizontal forces.

Midsole support:

The midsole support feature is added exclusively for high arched feet. If your shoes do not have the required balance between the front and the heels, then your money was not rightfully invested. Hoka One comes with impressive midsole support and rigid foam to fill the space. The uniformity of each stride remains constant, and you will feel natural propulsion for your upcoming steps.

Underside sole designing:

Most recently a new collection has been launched. In this launch, the company has added small protrusions to the outsole. When you wear these shoes and stand on the ground, you can immediately tell the difference. Their grip on the ground is hard and unyielding. Running across sliding grounds and the slippery surface is no longer tough.

  • Assist long distance running.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can be used for everyday walks.
  • Authentic material.
  • Comfortable and soft.
  • The right size is difficult to find.
  • Does not look appealing.
  • Most designs are expensive.
Reason To Buy
If you are a frequent runner, then this shoe type is your norm. They will set you apart from all the runners as it is a multipurpose shoe. Even if you are going for an everyday walk, you can still wear these. The great part is you will not notice their presence amid your comfort.

3. Adidas Men (Ultra-boost Lightning Running Shoes)

adidas Men's Ultraboost 19

Face the boulders and uneven grounds with the unrelenting Adidas ultra-boost lightning shoes. The hard grounds do not stand a chance against the resistant soles. You will be positively investing in these shoes, as you can climb and land smoothly.

Counter back motion force:

How? Because of the force, you provide the shoes will bounce back in your run. So, in simpler words, you will be doing work for yourself without wasting a smidge bit of energy. The energy waves reflect in your calves resulting in ordered muscle contraction for running.

Shaped to control pressure:

These cleverly engineered shoes are shaped to keep pressure away from the high arch. Furthermore, the fit counter molded heel steers sudden motion waves away from your Achilles heel.

Continental rubber outsole:

If the outside is not supportive and coordinating, then you are choosing the wrong shoe. Similarly, Adidas ultra-boost provides a continental rubber outsole that will help you maneuver your way through the wet and dryland terrain. It does not let dirt and humidity block the crevices. If you are scared of sliding on the slippery ground, then your worries can rest now.

Stabilizing torsion spring:

Stabilizing torsion springs provide fitness, protection, and control to the runner. Think of the torsion spring as a diffuser because it will distribute the weight of the body evenly. You will no longer feel more force on the forefront and hind parts of the feet. With the even support from underneath some of the force is shifted towards the center. Therefore, there is an equilibrium of motion waves, including the arch of your feet.

Shaft measures:

The fitness for running shoes is not limited to lacework. Adidas men ultra-boost have great extensions where you are facilitated with shaft measures for adjustment. Shaft measure is the fitting of the back, from the highest point, of heels to calves. Additionally, it is beneficial because the pads of the shaft will blanket your sensitive tendons. In the case of twisting, you will be protected from permanent damage.

Midfoot Caging:

Let’s try something. Get up and jump! Notice that you will land on either the front toes or back heel, whereas you do not let your whole feet touch the ground at once. That is a natural response to break your fall for smooth traction. With Adidas ultra-boosting runner shoes, you will notice that few jumps don’t exhaust you because your fall is channeled uniformly by midfoot caging.

  • Suitable for diverse sizes.
  • Recommended for tender feet.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Adjustable lacing.
  • Cleaning can be difficult.
  • Prices can go high.
Reason To Buy
Has it ever happened that you find difficulty in adjustment for your high arches? For that purpose alone, you should try Adidas ultra-boosting shoes. You can stretch the midfoot caging to align with your arches. The inner lining is also removable and washable.


Best Running Shoes for High Arched Women:

Women are as determinant as men in running. Regardless of you finding the best running shoes for sports or daily jogging, these will meet your expectations. Additionally, you can use them for regular fitness walks. They will introduce grace in your strides.

From the statistics mentioned earlier, you must have noticed women are prone to high arches. Major companies launch competitive women’s shoes each year. So yes, there is quite a large collection for you as well!

4. Asics Women (Gel Quantum 180- Running shoes)

ASICS Women's Gel-Quantum 180 2 Running Shoe

Nothing compares to a good running session. In that course, shoes have a very crucial part to play. If your shoe causes problems unlike Women Asics, then running is not as mind relieving. The quality of gel quantum present at rearfoot and forefoot in Asics quantum saves you from sudden turbulences. Running gets easier as you will get the feeling of floating with incorporated Trusstic system technology.

Persistent fabric patterns:

Anatomically it is convenient if sensitive areas of feet receive uniform pressure. The welded mesh inside the soles and in the fabric provides a snug fit that deflects pressure. This deflection allows room for breathability for your feet and the non-tearing fabric is not damaged against the strains of shifting pressure.

180-degree placement of gel:

Show your moves proudly with sharp turns on the track. You can rely on the 180-gel quantum. This engineered gel is designed to absorb shock. Its main advantage is that the solution will counter back the shock in the form of potential energy. There will be no uneven bounce in your steps. Except for only the good kind!

ComferDry Sock liner:

Asics provide you with sock liners that will soothe your skin. While running your feet constantly rub on the surface of sock liners that produce friction and heat in the area. Consequently, special material is used for making sock liners. It offers extremely good rebound properties and also stops the accumulation of moisture in the arch area.

The seamless construction of fabric:

The stitching of seams is done very carefully to provide ease and comfort. If the stitching is uneven or non-flexible, then it will not only affect your running but skin as well. Constant rubbing against rigid fabric can cause bleeding and blisters. Asics keeps the irritability minimum due to clever stitching.

Solyte midsole material:

Asics standard EVA and spEVA are designed with different midsole materials. An ideal material is sturdy and well supportive. If it yields under slight pressure, then it will give you problems. Choosing a material that is shaped beforehand prevents further stretching of the shape. Asics solyte material is a perfect example of a firm midsole.

Gel supported cushioning system:

The gel cushioning system supports traction for multiple planes and is ready to provide force to your next step. You no longer have to count on your lucky directions to secure the win. You can easily direct your moves from any angle. Save your energy by choosing instant inclinations.

  • Easily available.
  • Suppers sudden movement.
  • Rarely ill-fitted.
  • Resilient padding
  • No half size available.
  • Sole is soft.
Reason To Buy
Buy running shoes that do not damage your skin. You can prevent yourself from unnecessary irritation with flawless and classy Asics 180 gel quantum running shoes. Lastly, they are also available in a wide range of prices!

5. Brooks Women’s (Adrenaline GTS 20 Running shoes)

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20

The best attribute of these shoes is that they are made for runners who want a low profile. They are not ordinary because of their position in the list of most purchased high arched shoes. These shoes provide a harmonized blend of fashion, comfort, fitness, and reliability.

Streamlined propulsion:

They are responsive in giving height to your strides. Feed your passion for running with these imperative shoes. They are a must for your collection of running shoes because the mainstream propulsion of your running patterns is narrowed and easily attainable.

Holistic support system:

You can judge by looking at how much special care is given while designing the shoes. They not only brace your feet but other injury-prone parts as well. Take an example of your calves and knees. While running the muscles of the calves, knees, and shin face strain as holistic energy is quelled from these parts to your feet.

Mainstreaming of support systems:

If the parts mentioned above face any injury, then no matter what shoes you buy, you will not be the same runner you were before. The mainstream system provides support beyond the feet. That will dominate your lower muscle movement and thus your race.

Guide Rails running shoes:

Guide rails provide revolutionizing stability to your feet. They direct the coordination between your hips, knees, and joints because guide rails go hand in hand with a holistic system. If you want to run like a well-oiled machine, then consider adding guidelines to your shoes. Brooks women adrenaline shoes have customized distinctive rails for positive track running.

DNA Loft pads:

DNA Loft crash pads enhance the modernized presentation of shoes. The soft crashing pads are like micro memorizers because they learn the pattern of your slides and mold themselves. You will notice that after molding to the arch, they help your steps land smoothly and firmly.

3D modernized fit:

You must have observed that the shoes are named creatively. The adrenaline part represents the rush that goes through your system when you wear these 3D fitted shoes. The upper part of the shoes is wrapped with a mesh customized with unique and high-quality threads that are responsible for fitting.

  • Updated look.
  • Pads are smooth and soft.
  • Available in exciting colors.
  • Flexible and durable.
  • Issues regarding tearing of the sole.
  • Sizes vary.
  • Shoes get dirty easily.
Reason To Buy
These shoes contain all the features you are looking for. Furthermore, you can add the modernized look to the mix. That is why Brooks women are the best budget-friendly deal you will make!

Things to consider while buying running shoes for High Arches!

You should always research before making any purchase. Then if you are looking for something you will know the ups and downs. By that point, you will have analyzed your vulnerabilities as well. It will be a waste if you end up buying something that is not for you. It may provide similar results but not the ones you positively need.

Why should we consider the high arch?
The high arch is the center of your problem. Is it not? Then you should make it your priority. Do you know that our arches are the shock absorbers of our feet? After landing from a jump, you may use heels, while they ease the fall the center absorbs the shock. There is a major difference!

In the case of a higher arch, the shock is not absorbed evenly, so the sore spots cause pain. If this keeps happening, you might face severe tendon issues.

Achilles tendon protector:
Achilles tendon is a tissue that forms a connection between your heels and calf. Many professional players have lost their careers because of incurring damages. It is a sensitive spot so you should make sure that your shoe has the facility to support fitting for the Achilles heel.

Fabric mesh for the upper part:
You must have read about the importance of fabric mesh earlier. They are present on the top of the shoes for the upper part of your feet. They facilitate the lower sole to accommodate fitting. It should provide your feet with room for breathing and should decrease moisture accumulation. You have to be careful in selection because if the case backfires, it can cause more problems.

Supporting insoles:
Insoles are the cushion added inside the base. They are the solid support placed for your high arches. For assistance in the absorption of uneven shock, you must consider adding them. They are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Washable and replaceable facility:
They are removable and washable, and you can easily rinse them with soap and water. Over time insoles are worn out. You can conveniently buy individual insoles from stores to replace the old ones.

Label your arch type:
Arches vary from person to person. Even the large arch types have their difference. You will not be able to find the perfect match if you don’t know. Do not follow others’ sizes but take time to examine your arch. It is worth it if you find the right pair! You can detect by following your bone structure and tendon joining. Some major types are:

  • Supinated high arch.
  • Rigid high arch.

Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

When is the right time to change my shoes?
First of all, you can judge from the look of the shoes. If the insole is damaged and poking through the outsole, then you should probably change your shoes. You need to replace shoes, especially if the rubber heel is worn out because that is the essential step which aids your running.

What is the distance range of average running shoes?
It depends largely on your landings and strides. However, the average range is 300 to 500 miles. If you are tracking through the spots which require more jumps than an average athlete, your shoes will wear out faster. The other parts, like the top mesh and outer fabric, may remain new, but you will notice the hells are not so sturdy. So, it’s time to change your shoes.

What shoes should I consider if I have an injured Achilles tendon?
Most people with high arches face this problem. While looking for a suitable shoe, you should search for padding that aids shock absorption. Running on hilly areas and uneven ground can predispose your injury. There should be a thick yet rigid cushioning around your injured area.

How should I test if my running shoes need a change?
You will be able to tell the difference while running. Are the shoes as effective as when you first bought them? If you start feeling the pain in your calves again, then the shoes have done their course. Before replacing, you need to make sure it’s the shoes and not your arch. Run for at least one more week, if the problem remains then you should change.

Training in more than one pair is productive- Is that true?
That is, in fact, true. Using two pairs of shoes helps you regulate your stride. This diverse situation prevents you from overuse. It may cost you a bit, but it will produce better results. The midsole of the shoes requires more than 12 hours to recover back. To get the desired effect, you should change shoes between running intervals. You will detect the improvement yourself. So, try it!


I hope you have read everything with full concentration. The objective of this article was to direct you to the right pair. With extensive research and information, you must have already reached your decisions. If not, don’t worry, we are here to help you. Do reach out to us and we will solve your queries!

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