Best Sandals for High Arches | 6 Top Picks 2021

Nothing can beat the season that offers you a chance to wear your favorite shoes. Sandals are a fantastic option for summers, so your feet can feel the cool breeze. You no longer have to stick with enclosed work boots to relieve the pain of high arches. Sandals are customized to match the neurological disorder like Cavus feet that is becoming common.

A high arch is an increase in the longitudinal length of the foot’s bridge. This disorder can be caused due to inheritance or underlying medical conditions. However, if you have an orthopedic sandal with a supportive and boosting footbed, you are all set for your vacations.

Apart from all the high arch adaptations and fitness, you might have to search through various types of sandals. To make it easier, I have compiled a list that contains significant types that have changed the pain status of high arches. It will save you time, and you get to sit back and read about the best features available!

Our Top Picks For Best Sandals for High Arches 2021

  • Clarks Women’s Leisa (Spring Slide Sandal)
    “The sandals are very comfortable and fit snugly without opening the straps. ” -Customer Review.
  • WALUCAN Women’s (Sport Outdoor Sandals)
    “Very comfortable walking sandals. Perfect for a long stroll in the summer on city pavement without getting tired or sore feet.” – Customer Review.
  • Crocs Women’s Swiftwater (Mesh Flat Sandal)
    “These are great for walking. They have straps for ankle support.” -Customer Review.
  • GUBARUN Men’s (Sport Comfort Flip Flop sandals)
    “These are an excellent and comfortable pair of flops. They fit nice and tight and are very comfortable.” -Customer Review.
  • Teva Hurricane Drift (water friendly sandal)
    “I am obsessed with these shoes. So great for walking long distances without any discomfort.” -Customer Review.
  • KEEN Men’s Newport (H2 Sandal)
    “I love these sandals. I wear them hiking and kayaking in the Colorado Rockies.” -Customer Review.

List of Top 6 Best Sandals for High Arches 2021

Clarks Women's Leisa (Spring Slide Sandal)Clarks Women’s Leisa (Spring Slide Sandal)
  • Hook and loop closure system
  • Ortholite footbed
  • Thick outsole
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WALUCAN Women's (Sport Outdoor Sandals)WALUCAN Women’s (Sport Outdoor Sandals)
  • Ergonomic arch support
  • Ankle stability
  • Anti Skid outsole
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Crocs Women's Swiftwater (Mesh Flat Sandal)Crocs Women’s Swiftwater (Mesh Flat Sandal)
  • Adjustable closure
  • Side loopholes
  • Flex grooves
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GUBARUN Men's (Sport Comfort Flip Flop sandals)GUBARUN Men’s (Sport Comfort Flip Flop sandals)
  • TPR material
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged footbed
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Teva Hurricane Drift (water friendly sandal)Teva Hurricane Drift (water friendly sandal)
  • EVA midsole
  • Instep closure
  • Lightweight
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KEEN Men's Newport (H2 Sandal)KEEN Men’s Newport (H2 Sandal)
  • Webbing upper
  • Metatarsal support
  • Aegis Microbe Shield
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Clarks Women’s Leisa (Spring Slide Sandal)

Clarks Women's Leisa Spring Slide Sandal

It is impossible not to know the Clark brand of Sandals. They have dominated the market for a long time. This particular sandal is made of leather material with laser cut Leisa details, which gives it a unique personality. You can match these sandals with any outfit. High arch superior features like multiple layered soft padding, absorb motion shock before reaching the high arch. The smoothness of sandals is unmatched.

Physical Outlook
Clarks Women is a buttery smooth full grain leather sandal. The white stitched seams are prominent throughout the straps and sole. The upper supports a wide three hook and loop closure. It has an open front for the air inlet. Combined with a slightly arched midfoot, these weigh 10.4 ounces with dimensions 10 x 15 x 6 inches.


Hook and loop closure:

At the top of the shoes wide area is spanned by the hook and loop closure system. There could not have been a better replacement for the lacework. The straps end at the arch, so the medial part of the angle is secured. You can change the adjustment according to your feet’s width.

Ortholite footbed:

One feature that will make a big difference to the high arch’s pain is ortholite footbed. The ortholite material is combined with soft liners so that your feet do not rub against the rigid outsole of the material. You can complete your day in soft and comfortable shoes.

Thick outsole:

The outsole is twice denser than the front of the shoes. The increase in the length of the heel provides additional stability against hard and unforgiving surfaces. The heel will navigate the energy flowing from the leg to the arch without any disturbance.

Break in period:

The complete full grain leather upper prolongs the time of use of Clarks sandals. Leather can withstand a lot of pressure without snapping or going out of shape. Along with that, the smooth textile lining holds the leather in place and binds it to the outsole of shoes.


You have eleven unique collaborations of colors to choose from. From the outsole to the straps, everything is matched. Given the detailing and unique features of these sandals, you can get them without sweating with worry. They are available at fair prices.

  • Leather durable upper.
  • Slingback straps.
  • Three thick interlocking bindings at the top.
  • Extra dense outsole.
  • Smooth textile linings.
  • The Velcro of straps is visible on adjustment.
  • The brown color of sandals fades quickly.
  • The upper straps are too stiff.
Reason To Buy

Are you tired of not finding the right fitness? Even if the shoes match the height of the arch, they fail to keep the toes snug? Don’t worry anymore because Clark Women sandals have a complete spanning upper with individual three adjustable straps. They give uniform fitness throughout the front of sandals.

Customer’s Perspective:
Clarks shoes have always been a reliable source of comfort for any situation. These are attractive, and the leather is ideal for summer attire, but the shoe lacks stability. It was a little mushy and short for some consumers. Furthermore, the footbed is made of foam or blown rubber, which has produced issues for people with sensitive high arches.
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WALUCAN Women’s (Sport Outdoor Sandals)

WALUCAN Women's Sport Sandals Hiking Sandals Outdoor Light Weight Water Shoes

Walucan sandals are a treat to yourself because these sandals are full of fashion and comfort. You can ride anywhere without feeling out of sorts. They are specifically designed for hiking and tractions through wet areas. Entertainment and journey lovers will like the thick custom fit adjustable straps. They have stability strapping for the ankle. With outdoor durability, your high arch is safe and secure.

Physical Outlook
Walucan is a neutral shoe fashion statement that can be worn by anyone. Due to its sustainable style, it can be paired with any outfit, the all black sandal has one separate and two scissored straps. Not only that but you can change the adjustment of the ankle straps. It has a cushioned shock pad sole with high tread on multiple surfaces. These weigh 13.62 ounces with dimensions 10.1 x 8.3 x 2.5 inches.

Ergonomic arch support:

The middle of the sandal footbed is raised higher than average, so it perfectly fits your arch. When you put pressure, you do not have to fear the overpronation of feet. The middle cushion takes care of arch muscles, helping them relax by providing a rigid surface.

Ankle stability:

Along with the straps in the front, the sports hiking sandals have an adjustable strap for the ankle. You can wrap it firmly around the ankle joint. The adjustment is installed in the front instead of the back so that you can match fitness to the arch’s height.

Anti Skid outsole:

Since the sandals are more appropriate for outdoor adventures, you have free reign over sudden movement and running. The outsole material keeps you grounded to the land and prevents slipping or abrasion of steps from reaching the high arch.

Break in period:

Upon first glance, the footbed designing makes it look like it is made of lightweight foaming material. That is not true because the durable outsole is made of rubber material. That may add to the shoes’ weight, but it keeps the outsole from gaining in quickly. It is rigid in harsh landscapes, and the scratch-proof quality adds to the appeal.


These hiking sandals are available in three earthy colors and single navy-blue color. The grey color is lovely because it matches the outsole and gives a sophisticated look. You will be amazed to know that no matter the color and style you choose, they are all available at stable and similar prices.

  • Adjustable straps for any width of shoes.
  • Durable webbing outsole.
  • Sandals provide fashion and support both.
  • Suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Extra wide strap for the ankle joint.
  • Unusual protrusions in the footbed are uncomfortable.
  • More suitable for wide feet.
  • The straps rub on your skin.
Reason To Buy

It is commonly seen that people with high arch need extra protection and stability for their ankle joint. You are prone to early arthritis with a high arch; the extra wide strap with fitness in the front helps you navigate the movement of shoes right from the start.

Customer’s Perspective:
Many customers have enjoyed the easy slip on design despite many straps. Besides the broad Criss Crossing straps conceal the high arch and give it support from sides. You can freely walk in an open summer sandal. However, the ankle strap tends to rub against the skin. The buckle at the back is not as comfortable.
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Crocs Women’s Swiftwater (Mesh Flat Sandal)

Crocs Women's Swiftwater Mesh Sandal Flat

Crocs have once again done a remarkable job by producing unique sandals from its competitors in the market. One look at the sandals, and you will understand. They have shifted from the iconic straps to a whole uniform upper, breathable mesh for arch support. The upper is made of an unrestrained material with small hoops of space along the side for free air access. There is a pull-up strap at the back of the sandals to make up for the strong unyielding fabric.

Physical Outlook
A crocs woman is a high coverage sandal with more mesh and textile than open space. However, along the sides small grooves have been left open for air access parallel to both sides. The front is upturned rubber to give toe protection to help high arch pressure distribution. Additionally, the sole is synthetic and has tread grooves. These weigh the lightest as well!


Adjustable closure:

Even with a complete upper mesh, Crocs have cleverly introduced the closure at the top. This allows you to control the opening of the sandal. Meaning you can cinch the opening to bridge the distance of the high arch. It gives you a large adjustment area instead of fliting from shoe to shoe.

Side loopholes:

Along the lining of the small front, hoops are designed for the standard functionality of the sandals. They welcome the breeze inside the shoes so you can get cold access. Especially the confide toe area in this design. Access to air prevents your feet from overheating.

Flex grooves:

Unique flex grooves are installed in the outsole. They attach your heels to the ground and minimize the probability of heel shifting and slipping. You can rotate around the heel area without the shoes adding to your pain in heel and high arch. With sudden rotation, the grooves control the shoes and help the movement.

Break in period:

Like all the other sandals, crocs outsole is also made of synthetic rubber. That gives the sandals plenty of time for their support before they wear out. Additionally, the attachment of mesh is vital, so it does not pull from the retrains easily.


Crocs are available in dull to bright six colors. The color change is mainly in the upper mesh, while the sole remains the same. They are all available at budget friendly prices. The good thing is that the price does not fluctuate on any shoe.

  • Fast drying upper mesh.
  • Water friendly sandals.
  • The wider area of support at the top.
  • Breathable sandals.
  • Pull tab at the heels.
  • Soles on women’s versions are smaller in size.
  • The toe space is closed.
  • They stain easily.
Reason To Buy

Suppose you are tired of the straps that dig into the skin, so there is no better opportunity than Crocs women. The sandals are accustomed to a spanning top that matches your straps’ agility with comfort and soft feeling. Only one adjustment through a single strap at the top saves your time.

Customer’s Perspective:
In the water, these shoes are light and comfy. With these shoes on, customers have been able to swim during deep water aerobics. Many people have tried different kinds in the past that were just as comfortable but took longer to dry and made swimming more difficult. Their compatibility with grovels, on the other hand, is quite low.
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GUBARUN Men’s (Sport Comfort Flip Flop sandals)

GUBARUN Mens Sport Flip Flops Comfort Casual Thong Sandals Outdoor

Gubarun has produced versatile sandals in the form of flip flops for years. They give a harmonized blend of unique features in sandals and flip flop shoes. The upper strands are made of durable material and lined with soft sock liners inside that give them a comfortable feel. While the sandal property shines in the footbed that has energizing high arch support. These sandals effectively decrease muscle fatigue.

Physical Outlook
Gabarun is a traditional flip flop with a broad strap and a footbed that has a special pattern. The pattern adds to the aesthetics while keeping the arch firmly in its place. The mid is cushioned and it is a leather and rubber shoe. While the leather increases durability the rubber outsole ensures you do not accidentally slip during your casual beach walks. These weigh light as a feather.


TPR material:

The footbed is a combination of superior materials, including the EVA and TPR. More concentration of TPR is present in the toe area. This fabric allows your sensitive toes to rest on a smooth material that does not put abrasions on the skin. The ball of feet will no longer feel like stones.


Unlike most heavyweight sandals, Gubaran flip flops are made of unique lightweight materials. There is no compromise in the outsole’s durability that increases the weight usually. Each uplift of the foot is catalyzed by the feathery material of the flip flops.

Rugged footbed:

The rugged design is installed in the footbed that spreads throughout the surface of the sandal. The pattern is geometric, with small structures that do not feel rough at all. However, they increase the consistency of contact to the high arch, so the weight absorption is effective and quick.

Break in period:

The thick non slip heel with the buffering outsole increases the sturdily for sandals. They are an ideal pair for long handling walks and a force even in the rough landscapes. You can walk and run without the worry of the flip flops breaking apart.


The sandal is available at a reasonable and affordable price. All the colors are readily available. You have a wide choice of 14 pairs with variable designing on the handles. Why not grab another pair that is appealing to you as well since the prices are comparatively low?

  • TPR material of footed.
  • Comfortable and rigid shoes.
  • The soft inner lining of traps.
  • Unique designs for a wide range of sandal straps.
  • Rugged footbed.
  • They are a size too small.
  • The straps tear quickly at the toe area.
  • Some users have found the design uncomfortable.
Reason To Buy

The rugged footbed technology keeps your feet comfortable and firmly attached to the footbed. This decreases the doubt and misconception that flip flops do not provide adequate support for a high arch. You can rely on Gubarun sandals to keep the arch in place.

Customer’s Perspective:
Croc is a very light pair of shoes. There will be no rubbing. There’s no need for a break-in. Furthermore, the sole fits well to the foot, however because to the thinner soles, rocks can be clearly recognized. This is the sandal for you if you want something more enclosed. You have to admire the mesh design. Apart from that, they provide good function and support rather than being attractive on the feet.
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Teva Hurricane Drift (water friendly sandal)

Teva Hurricane Drift

The Teva hurricane looks like classic vintage sandals that are back to take over the world. This sandal has some unique key features that steal the heart of sandal lovers. The impressive groves under the outsole are made of different geometric designs that help you run through any area—especially the problematic flatlands for high arches. A thick band joins the hook and loop instep closure at the front and ankle.

Physical Outlook
Teva hurricane has a similar look as our second Walucan pair. However, it has more air access than straps. It supports two enjoined straps. One is present around the ankle and the other at the metatarsal joint area. Only the straps around the ankle offer adjustment. Additionally, it is an EVA designed sandal. Teva Drift weighs 6 ounces making it far lighter than Walucan (Dimensions 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches).

EVA midsole:

The midsole is made of molding material that mimics the arch’s shape, so your movement is matched with the sandals. The EVA cushioning effectively absorbs the shock and weight, functioning as a natural arch while giving the angle of feet the moment to relax.

Instep closure:

You may have noticed the adjustment of straps among the front and heel, but was there an instep joining them? Teva sandals have a thick band in the middle that helps you align the ankle to the feet’ symmetry. It keeps the arch fixed to the back of the feet, so there is less muscle fatigue.


The lightweight material of the sandals stops your feet from dragging. The height of your sprints increases and you cover a greater distance in less time. Instead of focusing on shoes’ adjustment with heavier material, you can now get the same in weightless sandals.

Break in period:

The light material allows you the feeling of floating in the water. It also helps you battling the coming water weaves. You can easily cruise through the area. The plant based natural material of the sandal’s body increases the durability of shoes against the harsh environment.


People who do not want to keep a low profile and like to reflect their personality in bright colors choose these sandals. There are six bright colors to choose from, including the mango yellow and stark white. The exclusive launch of shoes is available at a fair price, although one or two is pricey.

  • Lightweight shoes.
  • Trading on the thick sole.
  • It has a cushioned foam ideal for weight absorption.
  • Gives a soothing and floating feeling.
  • Good rebound property.
  • The front strap allows minimum adjustment.
  • Some shoes in the launch are expensive.
  • Not comfortable to wear and pull off.
Reason To Buy

Finding the right arch support can be a challenge. That challenge can have a comprehensive solution if you buy sandals with a footbed that molds to your arch’s height. Teva Hurricane drift will save you the hassle and frustration.

Customer’s Perspective:
These sandals are popular with 78 percent of buyers. They’re ideal for a leisurely hike in Mexico because they’re so comfortable. The majority of people have used them for short walks around the area. However, keep in mind that the front toe strap is not adjustable. It is extremely large. You must keep the ankle strap tight for a regular width foot so that it does not slip through.
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KEEN Men’s Newport (H2 Sandal)

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal

Keen is a men’s sandal brand that has the expertise of providing more than one specialty. The Newport sandals have the front of the shoe but the airiness of the sandals. Meaning you get the support and stability of closed shoes without compromising the skin and overheating the feet. The upper material of the sandals is waterproof, which relieves you from the constant wet discomfort. You can change the insole to fit your orthopedic one for high arch support.

Physical Outlook
Keen Men construction looks like it could take a nuclear blast and come out victorious. The four straps join at the middle to a single thick strap. They also lock around the ankle with an adjustment. While the toe molding of rubber outsole was high in Crocs here it is no joke. Moreover, the polyester material keeps your feet and arch from overheating. These weigh 14 ounces making them the heaviest on this list (Dimensions 10 x 15 x 6 inches).

Webbing upper:

The upper’s shape of sandals is what the word webbing stands for. The upper has an alternative strap and webbing material. This arrangement gives you equal chances of fitness and bursts of cold air. It is also a good opportunity because individual webbing allows you to lose fitness in your swollen areas.

Metatarsal support:

The front of the shoes is enclosed, so the designers have already thought of that. The metatarsal ridge support is the extension of the outsole synthetic rubber up to the toes’ front. This gives your toes a rigid place to flex on and share the body weight with the high arch.

Aegis Microbe Shield:

Understandably when an enclosed space surrounds your feet, there is a chance that the accumulated sweat causes the foul smell. Often you do not get enough opportunities to wash your shoes because of a busy schedule. Aegis microbe shield protects the building of any potential smell.

Break in period:

The razor strips in the outsole prevent the sole from getting damaged quickly. Before there is any potential disadvantage to the outsole, the razor mechanism takes care of that. As for the top, the thick, durable material with extra cushioning prevents the sandals from tearing. However, they quickly get dirtied.


Keen men can get expensive even though they are available in three iconic designs. The durability of the shoes is at a high cost. However, the comfort offered by the sandals cannot be argued. So even if you end up buying a pair, it will be a suitable investment.

  • Polyester webbing.
  • Supportive contoured arch.
  • Metatarsal ridge support.
  • Easy to wash and dry.
  • Waterproof upper.
  • The stitching of sandals is weak.
  • The ankle strap snaps off easily.
Reason To Buy

About the time your toes shared the spotlight along with the high arch. A high arch has a significant impact on the structure of toes, so they also need extra support. Keen sandals help you with a strengthening footbed that gives your toes a chance to flex without the fear of hurting the high arch.

Customer’s Perspective:
At first impression these appear to be a high quality product with no obvious flaws. That is also true until you wear them and realize you ordered the wrong size, analyzing the customer reviews we suggest ordering 2 sizes above. However, the best part is you can wear Keen for light hikes along the Camino. The fact that they can withstand a soak and then be washed is a bonus.

Things to consider while buying the Best Sandals for High Arches

It is a good strategy if you search for your condition and shoes before you make a purchase. Searching increases your knowledge, and you do not have to rely on your pediatricians and shop keepers to do their job. Remember that the high arch is generic. Meaning even if two high arch looks to have similar anatomy and problems, there is still a tad bit of difference!

To help you land the right shoe, I have mentioned some primary features. These features add to the security of the high arch from the natural pain.

Arch support:

Let’s focus on the central problem first. If the insole and footbed have contoured arch support, then it will produce significant positive effects. You can turn back from your condition in a matter of a few runs if it is not genetic. Arch support decreases the pain by sharing the work of a high arch.


The stability of feet depends a lot on the shape of the insole. If the insole has heel cupping and a flat surface for the toes, then you are in for a comfortable ride. Because of the high arch, the toes and heel start to curve inward. A rigid yet soft insole will prevent further harm to the feet.

Adjustable straps:

The straps do not have to be at the front. The advanced sandals are adding orthopedic straps around the ankle with adjustment in engineered areas. With the adjustment, you can bring relief to the feet by controlling the motion forces’ movement towards the high arch.

Multilayered outsole:

If the density of the outsole increases with a little more heel, then why not? Because density decreases the shock of the ground reaching the arch. If the shock angle is not right, it can cause shooting pain in the heel, which travels to the arch. The heels will swell and change the correct movement of your strides.


EVA cushioning is usually mixed with TPR or polyurethane, which increases the compressibility or shock absorption of the foams. Since they are lined along with the whole console, check for extra cushioning in the ball and heel for high arched feet. Cushioning prevents the heel from supination and outward rolling. The musculoskeletal system of feet is realigned with a little help from padding.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the different styles of sandals for high arch?

With the advancement in the shoe manufacturing companies, orthopedic adaptations have been added in all sandal types. You can buy any style you like but likely with some research so you can guarantee it is not a regular sandal. It is exciting to know you have options that are not limited by your condition. The major types are:

  1. Wedge sandals:
    Wedge sandals have a thick uniform outsole. Unlike the average sandal, the thickness extends up to the toes. However, there can be a little difference in proportion to the heel thickness.
  2. Sports sandal:
    Sports sandals have a broad upper mesh, unlike thin straps. It covers a large surface area from above so that you can practice easily. This increases their ability to give additional support and strength.
  3. Flip flops sandal:
    The two strapped flip flops are designed for walking and casual running instead of full on training. That is why they are lightweight and have extra cushioning. More adaptations for the high arch are installed in the footbed.
  4. Slide sandals:
    Just like flip flops, slide sandals are made for easy work. They have less support and have low arch support. Before you buy a pair, look deeply into the motion controlling features.

Are sandals as effective as cross fits for high arches?

Sandals cannot replace training and cross fit shoes. It has been proven through research that sandals provide less stability and support than other shoes. It is because of their manufacturing for more entertaining and casual walks than significant training sessions. However, some brands do produce sandals that can compete with other orthotic shoes.

When is it time to change the sandals?

You can detect the need to change if there is wear and tear in two crucial areas.
The first thing that starts to fall apart in sandals is the straps, so check if the adjustment is intact or not. They are either unglued or torn apart from their binding. Furthermore, you can also detect the unhinging of straps from their joining to the outsole.

Secondly, the state of the insole will affect your walk. If the pain is back in your high arch, then examine the footbed. Has the cushioning flattened? Is the heel area not more cupping? If the answer to all those is yes. Then get up and change the pair now. However, if it is a changeable insole, then you are at an advantage!

What are the best sandals for high arches?
Clarks Women’s Leisa (Spring Slide Sandal)
WALUCAN Women’s (Sport Outdoor Sandals)
Crocs Women’s Swiftwater (Mesh Flat Sandal)
GUBARUN Men’s (Sport Comfort Flip Flop sandals)
Teva Hurricane Drift (water friendly sandal)
KEEN Men’s Newport (H2 Sandal)

What sandal is suitable for my high arch?
For persons with high arches, wearing a comfortable sandal is extremely crucial. Purchase sandals with built-in arch support and padding. Choose a shoe with a low heel and make sure the front of the shoe fits properly and doesn’t suffocate your toes. Moreover, to make the ankle strap sandals more comfortable, use heel pads.

Are Birkenstock sandals good for high arches?
Birkenstocks or sandals that mimic the shape of a Birkenstock sandal are perfect for high arches as the footbed offers good arch support. Besides it has a wide design allowing you to splay the foot for even weight distribution evenly. That is why we have recommended similar best performing pairs keeping that in mind.


I have covered the broad aspects of the sandals for high arches. If you have gone through the features, then I hope you have reached a favorable decision. You can go over the elements again. Each sandal type has a unique feature added for your ease.

However, if you still have any quarries, then go ahead and ask. I will be happy to answer!

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