Top 5 Best Sneakers for High Arches – Run with Comfort

You cannot overlook the importance of the right footwear in everyday walking. However, if you are talking about running and hiking with a high arch then the precision of the athletic shoe increases. There are special features in orthotic shoes that will boost your run and increase traction patterns.

Sneakers are incomplete without their iconic lacing patterns and a foaming body. You must have noticed that the features only give support from the sides and upper part of the shoes. It incompletely facilitates the high arch. There is a specific adaptation in some brand of orthotic sneakers that sets them apart from ordinary shoes.

We have shortlisted the brand of sneakers that will straighten the anatomy of feet within a few weeks of use. They are approved by pediatrics and successfully tested by the APMA (American Pediatric Medical Association). The regular users of these shoes rarely have a complaint. Happy walking in stylish yet comfortable sneakers to you!

Our Top Picks 5 Best Sneakers for High Arches Support

  • STQ Slip On Sneakers (Comfort Platform Loafers)
    “These are the best shoes I’ve put on in my entire life. So light and they bounce back with your step.” -Customer Review.
  • Gravity Defyer (Best for Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis and High Arch)
    “Great shoes! I have Plantar Fasciitis and haven’t been able to walk around without pain.” -Customer Review.
  • Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam (Pure Running Shoe)
    “Comfiest shoes I have ever owned and I get so many compliments and questions about them.” -Customer Review.
  • Skechers Energy (Afterburn)
    “After work, my feet did not hurt as much as wearing regular running-type shoes. ” -Customer Review.
  • Under Armour Men’s (Charged Running Shoe)
    “I work in a prison on concrete floors and these give my great support.” -Customer Review.

STQ Slip On Sneakers (Comfort Platform Loafers)

STQ Slip On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes Women Fashion Sneakers Comfort Wedge Platform Loafers

Enthusiastic and vital designers have designed STQ women’s shoes. They have kept the comfort factor in the center of their attention. These shoes will facilitate all types of movement with less to more potent force. Comfort wedge is different from all other sneakers because they may not have a standard lacing system but provide the same fitness. They are shaped in the form of loafers so that the sides of the arch and unprotonated heels remain safe and secure.

Light and breathable:

The light material of shoes provides freedom in breathing and movement. If the material is heavy, this will further increase the uneven weight. A condition like that can cause foot dropping. The light breathable fabric will keep the air exchange maximum which highlights the cloudy feeling.

Wide toe space:

Due to the cinching in the middle, it is balanced by the vast space in the front. Extra room gives your toes room to move without rubbing against each other and causing blisters. If the area is tight with additional pressure, your toe bones get more brittle. The round shape allows your toes movement in a limited space.

Slip-resistant outsoles:

If you love to track through wetlands but end up slipping every time, then slip resistant heels are your solution. They are made of saturated rubber material that increases the gripping and surface area of contact to the ground. Secure footing allows the outsole to support your movement by eliminating the slick nature of water.

Elastic cuffing:

As the STQ sneakers have no lacework, fitness is ensured by using tiny elastic fibers. These fibers are designed with patterns that allow you to test their stretchability without worry. Binding your laces feel dreadful when you are in a hurry, but with this technique, the slipping of shoes gets convenient and easy.


The PU foaming allows plenty of flexibility as it is attached to all sides of the shoes. The compression technique of foam is quick and vigilant because as soon as the weight is lifted, it regains its shape. The foam allows elasticity without deforming the shape of shoes.


STQ breathable women’s shoes are budget-friendly. These sneakers have secured the top position in our list because of their comprehensive features at the best price. That has increased their use and sale all over the globe.

  • Flexible cushioning.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Rubber gripping sole.
  • PU outsole.
  • Easy to slip and wear.
  • The height of the sole is too tall.
  • The top is too tight with socks.
  • Best for running rather than walking.

Reason to buy

If you are tired of lacing shoes every day, then why not avail the accessible facility that provides exact fitness. It will save you time and offer better flexibility. You can control the flex with the force of your choice.

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Gravity Defyer (Best for Heel Pain, Plantar Fasciitis and High Arch)

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk - Shoes for Heel Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciits

Gravity defyer shoes have won the hearts of many women because of their instant pain relief. Regardless of the high arch, plantar fasciitis, or arthritis, you will get comfort. Standing for more than eight hours a day is exhausting. With the world filled with flat surfaces of concrete and marble high arch can get sore and sensitive. The VersoShock technology and seamless interior of shoes absorb most of the weight that would have targeted the weak arch bone.

Seamless interior:

The continuous smooth surface which is without hindrance will join the break of the moving forces. In high arches, the forces disintegrate at the angle before they can reach the toes. The high technology fabric ensures the pattern does not disconnect, and further jolting stops.

VersoShock technology:

The modernized technology system is installed in the shoes, which rebounds the negative energy into an extra boost during running. The patented spring system compresses with the absorption of shock and releases it back in the form of potential force that promotes natural propulsion in your steps.

Sock lining:

The soft sock lining ensures there is no overheating of the skin. The liner is installed, especially in the ball and heel areas. As you take a strike, the occasional pushing against the muscles will increase the temperature. Extreme cases can cause blisters and bruises. Sock liners are made of unique fiber that decreases the rubbing.

Rocker design:

Ergonomic design is installed in these sneakers that produce a difference in the surface level of heels to toes. The difference ensures the weight does not shift to toes. Arthritis in toe joints can be painful with a high arch. If you do not treat them with supportive shoes, it can get serious.


Replace your regular shoes with Gravity Defyer because the rigid midsole with flexible fibers at the lining provides security and movement that is unmatchable. You can control your flexing by clenching the shin muscles. It is safe to say that the soft lining further catalyzes the controlling motion and elastic nature.


These sneakers can get a bit pricey. Considering their solution to many problems, you can overlook the price for comfort. However, the brand offers deals to people at reasonable prices at a specific time. You can visit and purchase it to enjoy it!

  • Synthetic fabric.
  • Seamless interior lining.
  • Removable footbeds.
  • Rigid midfoot.
  • Front rocker sole.
  • Makes your ankles throb.
  • Wear and tear easily.
  • Too narrow for wide feet.

Reason to buy:
If your arch has started to cause discomfort and pain, then you should try the VersoShock technology. It can successfully absorb the shock and provide more than 8 hours of ease in walking and standing. Gravity defyer deflect the deadly forces that target your knee joints.

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Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam (Pure Running Shoe)

adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure

These sneakers have been marked as the best sellers because of their ability to protect your skin. You can walk three days wearing Adidas running shoes, and there will be no blister to witness. High arched people often face calluses on the skin, which can be painful. With the breathable meshwork and high heel support, you no longer have to worry. All the factors produce harmonious results that increase your stride and muscular potential. They can be used for several activities but are unmatchable for assisting your running.


If you want to attain the fitness that allows you to control, then lacework is a quick way to ensure that. Adidas has standard eyelets that will enable you to lace the shoes any way you like. You can skip lacing over the swollen areas. Missing will not impact your running as the roast of the eyelets are placed uniformly.

Cloud foam cushioning:

People who sweat excessively in the feat have more than a high arch to be worried about. Accumulation of sweat can be uncomfortable and causes skin itching. The cloud fam ensures that with each press of the form, enough space is created for frequent air access. The new fresh air sweep keeps your feet fresh and dry.

High heel support:

Due to the high length of the arch, your toes and heel tend to under protonate. The heel muscles start rolling inward, which exposes the end of the heels for the jarring motions. The surface area of heel contact has already increased, leaving the Achilles tendon in a vulnerable position. High heels in sneakers bracket the muscular tendon to protect it from an external force.

Rounded toe front:

The same material that is used for the outsole extends to the front of the toes. The impact will be blocked in case of heavy kicking to the ball or stubbing of the toes. The rubber material of sneakers decreases the intensity of the kick to a bearable point.


Extra padding in the footbed increases the elasticity of Adidas. These sneakers do not have a flexible fabric along the sides, but the bending footbed coordinates that. Rigidity from the above and flexibility of the insole does not let the forces scatter unnecessarily.


With a notable brand like Adidas, you would expect the prices to skyrocket automatically. That is not true because they are renowned for producing a variety of sneakers that is affordable to everyone. You can change the design and settle on the ones that suit your budget.

  • High-quality textile.
  • Imported rubber sole.
  • Soft and comfortable sock liners.
  • High boot opening.
  • Padding hugs the foot from all sides.
  • Aesthetic designs are expensive.
  • High boot opening rubs against skin.
  • Sneakers do not alleviate arthritis.

Reason to buy:
If you are a professional athlete and value your kicks in the football field. Then it would help if you tried kicking with Adidas Cloudfoam. The lightweight shoes with the rubber in the front will be another shot to your notable reputations. They are made for kickers like you!

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Skechers Energy (Afterburn)

Skechers Men's Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker

Sketchers can be worn to match any occasion. They complement all your stylish clothes and match the trendy demand of fashion at the time. Engineers have designed energy sneakers with advanced comfort and performance technologies that facilitate both men and teens. The dual lite base material of outsole absorbs the shock, and the anatomical position of your strides align with the right grip. Another feature of memory foaming will learn your patterns within a few runs.

Padded heel collar and tongue:

Combination of these two features is not only desired but difficult to find in sneakers. For people who like to run tracks in hilly areas secure foaming from back and below back your jumping. Double padding will break the shock ground and reflect on your tender knee and hip joints.

Memory foam:

High rebound foam is soft and quick to adapt to your arch type. With this feature, you can get direct support to your arch even if the standard midfoot is not in the position of your angle. Within a few runs, then the foam will naturally change its shape to match yours. The adaptability will increase the rebounding property in your steps.

Leather upper:

Pediatrics recommend leather because it provides the strength that cannot be replaced by any other material. In case of wear and tear the outer side of the leather is harmed, but the inside remains new. The impact of forces is filtered through the leather so that the sneakers remain sustainable.


EVA foaming and unique gel technology in the middle layer of the outsole let you twist and turn according to the hilly terrains. You will not feel the pointy rocks under your feel because the squishy beads of gel cluster in the area and protect you from harm. This technology in sneakers is swift and quick to show significant results.


The high-quality leather and extra rubber in the outsoles increase the price of the Sketchers. They can be pretty expensive but if you are saving up money then go ahead and get one. Each invested penny is with the wait and effort.

  • Imported rubber sole.
  • Tonal stitching detail in fabric body.
  • EVA midsole.
  • Lightly cushioned footbed.
  • Excellent traction.
  • One size too big.
  • The outsole is too thick.
  • Lacework is hectic.

Reason to buy:
Most of the sneakers that provide sustainability lack flexibility. Skechers’ energy allows you the freedom of both. The leather upper of the shoes keeps your feet in line with the body while providing the free movement against the ground. Even under significant pressure, the top of shoes will not snap.

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Under Armour Men’s (Charged Running Shoe)

Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

It is for runners who want styling along with the lightweight material. The 3D upper mesh contains a beautiful designing with unyielding stretchability. Top that with a leather overlay and the strength of the sneakers double. The soft sock liners provide your feet breathability while keeping the midfoot locked. The twisting of your ankle is limited to the unique locking system. Another thing that gives compressibility of midfoot is charged cushioning.

Rubber Outsole:

A solid outsole protects the ball and heel of the foot from sudden impacts. During the cutting of sharp corners, your heel shifts to the side to accommodate the movement. The high arch condition can cause shattering pain but rubber material of sneakers interferes. It provides durability with less weight strain.

Charged cushioning:

The charged cushioning means that a high compressible molded foam is used. It may be rigid, but it is also responsive. While maintaining the shape, it slowly adapts to the height of the arch. Change in the form will increase the rebound properties of running. The foam will remember the body next time you wear sneakers.


The rubber material of outsoles may be thick, but it is lightweight. You will not feel the heels dragging your feet. With the lighter weight, you can have longer and sprinting steps. Less weight enables you to cover a more considerable distance in no time.


Under Armour also has a durable leather that gives you stability. It secures your midfoot from the top and removes the chances of excessive movement of the sneakers. However, when you bend for the next stride, leather folds, smoothly increasing room for bending of a high arch.


These sneakers are available at reasonable prices. It is a well-sought brand, but these running shoes beat them at the charges, unlike its competitors. You can easily buy two sneakers at a time for practice and the final day of the tournament.

  • Great durability.
  • Fabric is a mixture of polyester and elastane for flexibility.
  • Energy return.
  • Optimal cushioning.
  • Step-In comfort.
  • The rigid back lip of shoes.
  • Width does not remain constant as the size increases.
  • Weak gluing of heels.

Reason to buy:
It can be frustrating trying one pair of sneakers after the other. How about you buy sneakers that change their shape to match the alignment of your feet musculoskeletal. Under Armour, sneakers give you easy access to charges foam molding in just a few runs for better stepping.

What to look for in the Best Sneakers for High Arches:

People with low arches can get arch support and motion activating shoes. Contrary to that the percentage of high arched people is low. They face more problems in running with increased pain. Even with a low rate of 20%- 30% you have a wide variety of shoes to choose from.

The retail shelves of the marketplace are overflowing with a variety of sneakers and sandals. If you want the right eye, then read the contents below. These essential features are gathered through further research and significant results. You will face no problem in finding the right match if you check each property off the list.

From the simple padding to special customized charges technology, everything is essential. There should be no compromises in finding the solution in the form of sneakers. Let’s dive in!

The right size and fit:

Starting with the right size is the most fundamental step. Many people buy sneakers that are a size too big, especially because they think it is cool. However, that is not true. It is cool until your pain starts doubling. The right fit and size will decrease tendon’s testing feet by ensuring tight fitness and rebound property.

Adjustable lacework:

No eyelets and lacing patterns should not be overlooked. The right cording of nylon strings has a significant impact on running. You have to skip the swollen and vulnerable parts. In the high arch, forming crisscrosses at both ends of the shoe top keeps your feet secure.

Memory Foaming:

Each shoe, even the sneaker, has a difference in the insole. One size up, and you will feel like you have changed the brand altogether. Make sure each sneaker you buy has a charged memory foam in it. The foam will mold itself perfectly to the dimensions of the arch. This way, you can choose your favorite brand and still get unmatchable comfort and support for running.

Heel bracketing:

No matter what brand or type of a sneaker it would help if you noticed that the outsole has a high heel and thickness. To match your body weight, you must have heel cushioning pads. Increased pressing attacks your Achilles tendon directly. It can lead to permanent injuries if the thick pads are not there to shatter forces from fast running.

Thick insoles:

Remember that density does not always mean an increase in weight. Dense insoles with multiple layers decrease the shock of running successfully. Each layer filters the intensity through the padding, gel beads, and dense rubber, so when the shock reaches your arch, it is the supportive kind.

Thicker heel to ball proportion:

If your heels are lifted higher than the front of the shoes, your body leans forward. The difference makes it the perfect position for running long distances. The energy required by the muscles decreases and the heel to hip alignment straightens. Higher heels facilitate the anatomical symmetry of the joints throughout the lower limb.

Wide toe box:

As you already read that with forwarding propulsion, most weight shifts to the front of the feet. You do not want excessive rubbing of balls to insole because of additional weight. That is why a complete toe box will relieve the toes of confined space. They can shift to distribute the force back to the arch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the different types of sneakers?
Sneakers are broadly divided into three categories, namely high-top, mid-top, and low-top shoes. Each class varies with weight, foaming, design, and ankle coverage. You can choose the method which matches your condition. They do not differ for aesthetic reasons only.

Low tops define the short opening of the sneakers. They do not cover the ankle. Compared to the other types, they are also lightweight and more flexible. They are further divided into:

  • Runners.
  • Skate shoes.
  • Air force.
  • Stan smith.
  • Gazelle.
  • Ozweegos.

Mis-tops are a middle between the high and low-tops. Some of the types over the ankle and some do not. However, they do differ in their stretchability and traction properties. They are divided into:

  • Yeezy.
  • Air Presto.

They are the opposite of low-tops because they bracket your heels, and the opening is supported by high cushioning and extra fabric. Furthermore, they weigh more than the low-tops. They are suitable for casual wear instead of formal clothing. You will find these sneakers comfortable for summers rather than winters. They are divided into:

  • Air Jordan.
  • Converse.
  • Margiela Future.
  • Owen Geobasket.

Can the insoles be changed in the brand of sneakers?
Yes, you can change the insole of most brands. Some sneakers use memory foam in which you will notice the insole does not need any change. However, if they do not, then the sneakers have the freedom of changeable footwear to replace with customized orthotics. If your high arch is genetic, then you should indeed consider this option. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for feet that have plantar fasciitis.

How do you know when it is time to find new sneakers?
There are two significant signs of the sneakers dying. If you spot one of these, then you better start saving up!

Suppose the area above the outsole started to crease. Look at the inner and side of the sneakers. Do not look at the outsole. If the inside has begun to wrinkle, bindle up, or form pockmarks, then you should change the boots. The insole is the direct support and the indication of clumps in it means they will no longer provide support.

Take a few steps in the sneakers and notice if the pain is still there. Start with slow steps and notice If the top is stretchable and secure. If it has gone out of shape, then your feet will slip out. The connection in the midsole and arch is lost which causes the force to hit the sensitive spots.


You do not want to run during practices and aim for a swing only to end up missing your shot. A high arch can get pretty serious if you do not take care of it. I hope you have given a detailed look at the description of the sneakers. There is no way you have not come to a conclusion!

If you have any queries hit me up with them. I will be happy to answer!

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