Can High Arches Cause Knee Pain?

While moving, your feet are not the only place that feels pressure and momentum. Your abdominal muscles including the hip, shin, knee, and calf all pass over the motion. Each part plays a role and is interconnected.

However, if you have a higher arch than normal then apart from your feet can high arches cause knee pain as well? At a higher angle the pressure does not reach the arch evenly that is why you need to press more on the ground. Think of it as supination.


Supination is the motion of your feet relative to the ground. If you have a high arch then the surface area of your contact decreases on the ground. You will have to press more and use greater energy to get the same effect as normal arches.

If you keep doing that without any orthopedic device support then your condition will worsen. Adapt the foot to the normal body line instead of you contorting your body more outward to relieve pain. If your feet remain in the state of constant bending then the forces will not align and instead for soothing, they will attach your knee and hips.

Alignment of lower forces:

You see, in supination, your ankles are leaning a bit towards the left of the body. In walking you will face motion outside of the ankles. That can be dangerous if you do not align the body. Not only your walk but major joints will be affected.

Knee and hip joints have a major part to play in your walk. Especially the medial tendons of the knee. Supination may lead to less protonation but in that process, it could cause adverse effects on knee muscles. The effect is not sudden but it slowly wears away the flexibility and rigidity of the muscles. That is why you feel light pain in your knees but if you do not treat it on time. The pain can turn excruciating and travel onto our hips.

To understand the process better think of the anatomy of your arch. Supination and pronation do not have to be a good or a bad thing. Therefore, every time you walk due to supination you will face twisting and pain in your ankles. If this happens once or twice that’s okay. However, if you do not take the necessary steps then each hit to your knee will double in force and your knees will move ahead of your hip and feet.

More knee problems:

At first, you will not notice it but then small pains start, and then there could be permanent displacement of your knees. Due to misplaced motion, you can get weak thigh muscles and brittle bones. It can take a sudden dangerous turn if you have past knee injuries. Your whole limb could be jarred if your knee joint constantly rubs against the upper femur bone. Weak bones will result in early arthritis and bone dissolving.

Now you do not have to worry about that. Extreme cases like those are rare but not unheard of. If you want to save your knees. Then take measures that will align the forces geometrically from your heels to your hips. Do not seek pronation or supination because the center of both is the healthy arrangement of the human skeletal system.

You can buy shoes that provide a midsole in your sandalswork, and running shoes. So you would not have to push against the ground too hard. Let the midsole and cushioning pads do the work. While you concentrate on keeping your strides upright. There are other methods like topical creams, physical therapy exercises, and arch support overnight fasteners.

Additional benefits:

Good thing is that with your support to your knees you can take advantage of the situation and cure other problems like calluses and hammer feet. Your metatarsal bones can be kept in their right fill place with full arch support.

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