How To Lace Running Shoes For Wide Feet? – Quick & Easy Hacks

In a hurry to get your first look at the new athletic shoes, you cannot get enough special features. Style, look, color, and brand logo are a must. Do you not think you are overlooking something straightforward? This simple thing has a very crucial part to play in the fitting. Sure, there are particular properties that you are paying for but ignoring the basics is one of the biggest mistakes you make!

For ideal running orthopaedics, recommend that shoes have the flexible foaming for size and a perfect fit. It will boost your strides and traction. Lacing is an affordable and most straightforward way of ensuring that. There are many things like the number of eyelets, material, and how your secure knots that determine the adjustment.

Why should you lace shoes?

If you are using the wrong lacing methods, it will take the grace out of the whole shoe. The wrong binding will interfere with the boots’ construction and put excessive strain on your feet, especially if you have wide feet and similar neurological foot conditions. Continue reading till the end to find a very simple strategy of how to lace running shoes for wide feet.

According to professional athletes’ experience, if you find a lacework that does not rub the top of shoes unnecessarily, it will disappear the problems and worries of wide feet. For runners’ laces that match the sudden tugging with agile flex will open a new chapter. It will bring comfort and relief.

How should you lace shoes?

lacing method

People with wide feet often do not face pain. However, due to the arch’s decrease, they have to be light and springy in their steps. More surface area comes in contact with the ground, so you need enough space for the toes and heels. At the same time, the inward rolling should be supported with a tight fit.

Looking at all the points, you should use a technique that does not take space from the endpoint but maintains the width you have customized. It would help if you remembered that most manufacturing companies produce various widths of the same size. If you have a specific size and not the width, it is not providing the right support. Additionally, this is where lacework will help you.

  • Start from the ankles to the front:

You have to start from the back of the arch (first eyelets near the heel) and form a Crisscross meshwork and pull tight. You do not want to compromise the area while looking for width. Now, as you move forward at the top of the arch, the Crisscross should be big and wide. Do not pull tight here. One or two crosses are better than many. You have to involve fewer eyelets because, in the arch area, you should match the width, but if there is some space left, that is okay. You will need that while running!

  • At toe area:

The front part of your feet is a primary pressure distributor. Metatarsals get maximum pressure when you tilt forward. They tend to curve inward in flat feet, so coordinating with that form an extensive meshwork of laces that covers the whole surface above the toes. Pull tight and knot above there.

Keep in mind that there might be extra room in the toes while the arch area is complete. The extra space is not always right. If not secured, your metatarsals will rub roughly against the insole cushioning and damage the joints of the tarsals. It can cause bruising and skin blisters. Balls of the feet can harden and feel like a heavy stone while running.

  • Ankle area:

After your feet, the most attached area of the complete over protonated strides is the ankle. The bones get weak, and you might be prone to arthritis. If you are lacing your shoes following the experts’ directions, you can save yourself from pain in your lower extremities. Over time, your body’s symmetry will align with regular body planes, and you will no longer feel pain.


For forming large Crisscrosses, you have to skip the eyelets. For the large crisscrosses that span more surface, use the alternate holes. This technique will keep the distribution of motion forces evenly throughout the musculoskeletal system of the feet.

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