How to Lace Shoes for Wide Feet? – Easy Tips For Every Type Of Shoes

Many people struggle with tying their shoelaces perfectly. But that struggle can become suffering if you’re a wide feet person. A thigh of loose shoelace can hurt your feet greatly and cause foot pain. For this reason, you must know how to lace your shoes correctly.
Below I have written down some easy shoe lacing techniques for people with wide feet.

Wide forefoot lacing technique

If you are finding your forefoot tight or uncomfortable, then you might be tying your laces imperfectly. Here are some quick and easy ways to tie your shoelaces for a wide forefoot

Solution 1:

Use two sets of laces and lace the bottom three eyelets with one lace and top eyelets with another lace. This will make it easier for you to adjust the fitting of your shoes from the forefoot.
It will keep your feet comfortable, and you don’t have to tie your shoes repeatedly.

Solution 2:

For this, you need to follow the window lacing technique.

  • Starts from the bottom, lace up through the first eyelets
  • Cross the laces over and lace down through the second eyelets
  • Don’t cross over the lace, move towards third eyelets
  • Crossover and lace towards the fourth eyelets
  • Skip the crossover and move towards the fifth eyelet
  • Repeat these steps until you get to the last eyelet

By following these steps, you can easily lace your shoes.

Wide feet in general lacing technique

For wide feet, again you need two shoelaces and start lacing through the set closest to the tongue. For more space, you can follow the window lacing technique as well that is mentioned above.

Ways to Lace-up Running Shoes

There are two easiest ways to lace up running shoes for wide feet. The method is commonly used by many people, but the second one is especially for people with wide feet.

Following are the two methods that you can follow to lace up your running shoes for wide feet:

  • Parallel lacing system
  • Criss Cross lacing technique

Method 1: (Parallel Lacing System)

The parallel lacing system ensures that the shoelaces are tied perfectly throughout the shoe eyelets to disperse the pressure. Follow the steps described below to get a parallel lacing structure

  • Take the laces and put them in the front eyelet
  • Take one end of the lace and lace it through the pair of parallel eyelets. In short, lace them side by side.
  • Now repeat the same steps with the other end, and here you go with the parallel lacing.

This method will strongly bond the laces together, and you need not tie them on and off. Moreover, this method is for every foot type but most suitable for people with wide feet.

Method 2: (Criss Cross Lacing Technique)

It is one of the most common shoe laying techniques. Anyone can use it but for people with wide there, there is a slight difference.

  • Take both the ends of the lace and push any of it in the front eyelet.
  • Now criss-cross the lace towards next two alternate eyelets
  • Continue to criss-cross till the last eyelet but always use alternate eyelets.

This way you can tie up your shoelaces efficiently with no pressure on your feet.

Tips to Lace Shoes for Wide Feet

Here are some tips to keep your wide feet comfortable with any shoes you wear.

  • Always make sure your shoelaces are not tied otherwise it could hurt your feet.
  • If you’re a runner, the parallel lacing technique is best for you as it doesn’t require tying your laces again and again.
  • If you are having some health issues and you’re a wide feet person, then it is recommended for you to go for a criss-cross lacing technique as it will disperse the pressure.
  • Walking is best for your health, but it can be damaging for your feet if you do not tie your laces perfectly. So always pay attention to it before going for a jog or walk.
  • Always carry a pair of extra laces with you when going for a trip or hike in case of an emergency.
  • Create a knot with two loops to make it firm
  • Make sure that the knot is fixed and will last for an extended period.


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