How to Relieve Pain from Bunions? – Easy & Effective Ways

If you are feeling pain in your Bunion feet, then you are not the only one!

It is okay because bunions can be pretty painful. Most people, especially women and people with Arthritis, may feel more pain than average.

Painful bunions are uncomfortable and cause a hindrance in everyday tasks, regardless of whether full-blown running or a simple walk to the next block.

The reason for the pain is the outward protrusion of the first metatarsophalangeal joint. The soft tissue and bone are contorted out of shape. Since it has moved from the natural position, the big toe pushes against the second one. Not only is the pain unbearable but also damaging to other parts of the feet.

Over time, if you do not take care of bunions, they get sorer and stiffer. There are many conditional factors and negligence on your part that is to blame.

However, it is a good thing that you have started to pay attention to your bunion. Let’s make them better and help your feet get their natural shape back. I have mentioned effective methods that will help out in the long run!

We will start with the most common bunion exercises:

Toe Spreads:

Place your feet on the ground and relax them. Now lift the toes while keeping the heels on the floor. Flex your toes wider and contract them. Repeat this exercise fifteen to twenty times.

Toe circles:

Place your feet on the ground. Bend over and touch your toes. Keep the feet level with the ground. Hold your big toe and rotate it clockwise twenty times. Repeat the exercise two to three times while giving the toe a break for one minute.

The rotation regulates blood flow and eases the stiffness in the joint.

Towel grip:

Place a towel or any thick washcloth on the ground. Grip it with your toes. Roll the toes inward while holding the towel. Keep doing it for seven minutes.

Ball roll:

Take a soft, scrunch ball and place the center of your feet on it. Now roll the ball with your feet till it reaches both ends. Grip the ball when it comes to the toes and release it. Repeat the motion ten to fifteen times.

Other significant factors that relieve the pain are:

External support:

Orthotic pads:

Buy a gel-filled pad or moleskin from the nearest drug store and wear it while walking. You can take it off during sleeping. The pads absorb shock and tighten over bunions preventing them from going out of shape.

Night splints:

Wear splints at night because they will wrap around the bunion and keep the toes straight. This way, you will not accidentally cause damage while sleeping.

Shoe inserts:
Most flat shoes do not have support. For casual footwear that lacks the orthotics, you can add inserts to help reduce pressure from reaching the bunion. The inflamed area will get support from below.

Wear wider shoes:
The first significant cause in this list is the avoidance of narrow shoes. It is also the most common reason for bunion progression. Narrow shoes offer less space and more pressure on the tender bunion region that makes it worse. Wider shoes give the engorged area room to breathe and help the joint gain the natural anatomy.

Wider shoes also mean forgoing your favorite pumps or flat shoes. It is sad, but on the brighter side, it also means no pain. The shoe store salesperson will find you a better alternative that will not compromise aesthetics and comfort. New Balance shoes and Fleet Feet are ideal shoe types.

Avoid flip flops:
Now that we are discussing shoes avoid shoes that offer no arch support like flip flops. Conditions like high and low arch increase the angle of bunions, so arch support is necessary. Lack of arch support also increases pressure on toes.

Avoid High Heels:
High heels increase pressure and distribution of body weight on your toes. With little area to adjust, the big toe is forced inward, which causes the joint to jut out. This adjustment changes the anatomy and thus high heels can cause pain resulting in an engorged bunion.

Drugs and Other Methods:

Topical pain relief creams:
Bunions mean the outward jutting of the joint and the inflammation, swelling, and erythema of the area. There can be a blister formation because of constant rubbing and other potential skin problems. Calm, soothing balm, gel, or creams can cover the area fully by applying gently. They also reduce the additional pain from the skin. The healing time is reduced for a quick running journey!

Red Chillies:

Red chilis are effective in reducing inflammation and soothing the skin. The swelling subsides, and the angle to the bunion begins to shrink. You have to gather the extract of the chilies rather than applying them directly. After that, spread it on the lump with the help of Vaseline. Wrap it with a cloth for a few minutes before going to sleep every night.

Castor oil:
Castor oil has analgesic and anti inflammatory properties. Warm a few drops of oil and apply it to the big toe joint slowly. Then rub it in in a fluid-like motion. Castor oil will reduce the tenderness and heal the blisters or calluses you may have around the lump.

It also has antioxidant properties that help reduce the agents, causing flaming of the engorged lump.

Icing always works like magic. Icing can be done not only for the bunion but also for the underlying conditions like high arches. Ice the area for at least 10 minutes every night before going to sleep regularly. This helps the muscles in contracting and maintaining the natural muscular shape of the feet. They also tighten over joins, so the angle of a bunion is not widened.

Pain is a good indication that something is not right. Similarly, pain in bunions means the angle is widening, or the bunion limp is causing skin problems. Before it gets out of hand, you should pay close attention and work out the methods I have mentioned!

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