How to Remove Bunions and Corns? – Useful Care Tips

Bunions and corn are interlinked as one leads to another. Mainly Bunions are the leading cause of Corns and cannot be said Vice Versa!

Corns and Calluses are the symptoms of Bunions. Is it not enough that you have Bunions to top it off with painful corn?

Bunions can be trickier to remove than corn. You cannot remove bunions per see. Some remedies help you dissolve them, and under dire circumstances, surgeries are involved in obliterating the Bunions.

Formation of Bunions is a gradual process, so some steps will intervene before getting to the point of removal. However, that does not mean you cannot get corn in early or mild bunions.

It is true that slight bunions if not taken care of can lead to an increase in the protrusion at the side of your feet. We have to prevent the Bunion from getting there!


A bunion is a change in the joint at the base of the big toe. Due to the attack of uneven pressure and body weight change in anatomy begins to occur. At first, it is a mild lump, but if you continue to ignore it, then the lump increases and gets painful.

Major Factors that lead to their formation are:

  • The narrow toe box of shoes.
  • Genes as it is hereditary.
  • Hormonal changes in women.
  • Diabetic patients with low healing.
  • Arthritis and Gout.
  • The friction of the joint against a hard surface.

Elimination of the previously mentioned factors can help you control bunions before their removal.


Bunions are more common than you think. There have been many advanced methods developed for the removal of bunions by expert surgeons. The process is painless and swift.

Surgical methods:

Surgical methods are a long shot and mostly pursued in aged people. It is also commonly recommended to patients with severe bunions that have spread to their 2nd and 3rd toes. Sometimes there is overlapping on the other toes that can lead to permanent deformities.

Bunionectomy is advised by the foot specialist as a last resort. If the other methods are no longer useful, then surgery will help!

The type of surgical procedures mainly depends on the intensity of the deformity like:

Severe Bunions:
For a severe bunion, bone tempering is done. The enlarged part of the bone is cut. The metatarsalgia joint is disconnected and realigned. Then the tendons are ligaments smoothened and joined for regaining the normal anatomy. After the painful surgery, you should not walk for days. The cast is placed around the whole front of the feet. The recovery time is also longer, which can last weeks.

Moderate Bunions:
For moderate bunions, bone cutting is optional. Mainly the joint is disconnected and then connected with the decreased angle to the next toe. The tendons are reconnected, especially on the lateral part of the feet. It has comparatively a fast recovery time.

Mild bunions:
In this part, the natural mechanism has a more significant role to play. The joint is not shifted much. Instead, more attention is poured on the surrounding ligaments and muscles. After they are aligned, they work to bring the bunion back to shape. It has the longest time for action but not much alteration to recover from.

It does not stop there, as there are worse conditions that are beyond the power of recovery. Arthritis patients cannot rely on bone healing. In that case, you have to give additional aid to the big toe by installing implants during surgery. The implants speed up the process and take more than help from the natural healing process away.


Corns is the formation of scaly hard skin that forms around the toes under the feet. It is a thick, scaly patch that is inflamed and painful to touch.

Like bunions, corn has a varying degree of intensity. Some are whitish corns and less painful. Others are hard and resilient with excruciating roots embedded in the skin of their feet.

  • Corns can be caused due to:
  • Heat.
  • Friction.
  • Increased pressure.


Corns usually go on their own if the causes are no longer there. However, if you have a certain skin condition, then you should seek advice from your dermatologist.

Corns are easier to remove than Bunions. You can easily remove them at home with simple methods. Widely recommended steps by dermatologists are:

File the corn:
Filing the corn is reducing it by rubbing off the excessive hard skin. At first, the size is reduced until the skin is shaved off. Pumice stone is majorly used because it is porous and rigid.

Dip the stone in warm water and rub it gently around and on the corn. As soon as you feel sensation stop the motion. Be careful of your motion as you may not want unexpected damage to the sensitive skin underneath.

Soak in warm water:
Soak your feet in warm water till the skin softens and prunes. You can gently peel off the corns with your hand then.

Apply moisturizer:
Another way of softening skin is by applying moisturizing topical creams. The cream should contain gelatin and protein dissolving enzymes to dissolve the scaly shell of corn.

Use a cream that contains a substance for dissolving keratin of hard skin. Beware of a medical condition that might worsen if the moisturizer is not used properly.

Corn Pads:
Corn pads are quite helpful and a reliable option. They are made of soft material that covers the corn and dissolves it. Corn pads have a certain shape and sized to aid your removal.

Dr. Scholl Corn pads are cushioned and anti-infective. They make sure the area is not infected, and the process happens smoothly.


I have mentioned steps that are effective and on top recommendations. Before you take any steps, please contact your Dermatologists and pediatrics. It would help if you left major work for the hands of doctors and professionals.
You can try the remedies but only after the consent and approval of the doctor!

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