How to Stretch Leather Shoes for Bunions? | Useful Tips & Tricks

It can be a hassle to stretch your leather shoes for bunions, there is a lot more to consider, before stretching them. And if not done properly, you might damage your shoes.

Before we head forward, you should know a certain thing about leather and its connection to bunions. Then we will move to stretchability with an informative mind!


A bunion is a hereditary foot deformity. There is less chance that the next generation is skipped because heredity is not the only reason!

Ignorance from your side in everyday routine tasks can lead to bunions, mainly in vital factors that lead to an increase in pressure on the toes of feet.

Specifically, the large toes and because of additional pressure, the feet try to accommodate that. At the same time, accommodating change in anatomy if consistent, leads to permanent damage.

A bunion is a prime example. The big toe turns inwards towards smaller toes and might overlap the second or even the third toe. The Metatarsophalangeal Joint at the base is disturbed and begins to protrude outward. This widens the Intermetatarsal angle.

Understanding the mechanism, you should realize that the protrusion is progressive and will continue to move outward if you continue with ignorant ways. The sight is not only painful but feels uncomfortable and jarring as well!

Do not worry because we are here to stop that by taking charge of the basic problem like shoe wear.


Did you know that the pure and best leather loses its fitness over time? If you are searching for leather shoes, you must know the varying qualities of leather.

I would recommend taking your shoes for stretching to a professional. However, if there is a dire need, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Please follow them carefully as you might not want to damage the material of your shoes:

Start from buying:

If you have already bought ill fitted shoes, then DIYs will work best for you. Instead of tampering with bought shoes, how about you be careful from the start?

While buying leather shoes, go for a size larger than your average. However, in this regard, if it a size up with a Bunion is already a good option!

Take the shoes and walk a bit. You need more than a few steps so do not hesitate to walk around the shop because comfort before anything!

If it is causing a disturbance in fitness, then stick to regular size.

Get Working at Home:

One of the basic ways is to break in the shoes. If you do not want to change your favorite pair, then get to work!

Walk in the shoes with any extra time you get. Try to walk normally and contract your foot muscle every once to push against seams. Take a break and then walk in them again. After a while, the shoes will start to loosen.

You can wear thick socks to gear up the stretchability process. However, if you fail, then remember to walk on soft surfaces if you might need to return the shoes. This way there will be no damage or scuffing on the outsole for exchange.


Heating works in expanding the shoes, especially the tight spots. You can use a blow dryer or steamer over the shoes. Make sure you are wearing leather shoes while doing that, so they fit perfectly. You will also know when to stop the heating.

Wear thick socks to produce quicker results. Blow-dry the hot air for fifteen to twenty minutes and flex your feet. Do not keep the heating in one area for long because that can damage the shoes. Use external chemicals like conditioners or moisturizers designed for leather shoes.

Once you have stopped heating, continue to wear for a few more minutes to ensure Stretchability.

Potato method:

Put a peeled potato the size of adjustment you want to keep in the shoes for two days. Check if it has generated results. If not, increase the size and leave it for another two days.


Wet newspaper is practical. However, to avoid wetting, you can use double the amount of dry newspaper. Like the peeled potato, leave it inside the shoes for two days. Pack the newspaper tightly against the tight area.

Spray Alcohol:

Take a mixture of sixty percent Alcohol and fifty percent water and spray it on the shoes’ exterior. Do that while you have inserted your feet inside the shoes. You can dilute the Alcohol mixture. Do not overspray or use concentrated Alcohol because it can damage the material or internal fabric of shoes.

Frozen water:

Place water in a plastic bag and fill it to the expansion you want in the shoes. Please place it in the shoes and put the shoe as well as the bag inside the freezer. Let the water freeze overnight for expansion. Take out the bag. Dry the leather shoes and try them on.

Stretching sprays:

Stretching sprays and mists are readily available in stores and online for all kinds of material. Sprays for leather are commonly used. Spray it on shoes and walk a few steps to accommodate the Stretchability.


Customization may sound like ordering a whole new shoe, but that’s not it. You can walk up to a cobbler and ask him to stretch or loosen the shoes across the seams. The professionals are better suited for this kind of work.

They can easily relax the shoe a tad bit with their expert handiwork.

How can you tell if the shoes need Stretchability?

Every two in three people wear ill-fitted shoes. There are a few obvious telltale signs that indicate that your shoes are ill-fitted:

    • More significant pressure on the toes and heel.
    • Restricted movement.
    • The big toe is crammed.
    • The shoes do not bend in the middle while wearing.
    • The shape is either too small or big.


I cannot emphasize the importance of stretchability because if not, you can get serious skin problems with hard and unrelenting leather, especially in hot, sweaty summers. Make the best out of classy leather shoes but take care of fitness!

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