Why Do You Need Arch Support for High Arches? Tips and Choices

If you have a high arch, do you want to overcome the challenges it presents or let it be? You must have some knowledge if your feet are arched higher than the average person. Regardless of your arch being an inheritance or an underlying condition, you must be aware that it can cause severe problems on bone and muscles if untreated.

If you want to prevent deformation of toes, foot dropping, plantar fasciitis, and hammertoes, then you should better look into why you need arch support for high arches. Sure, you must be thinking that if it is a dull pain that you can overlook it. However, are you sure that ignorance will serve you well in the long run? Well, no, it would not be so better to treat the problem right from the start.

The good thing is that it is not difficult since there are shoes and therapy methods developed to help people with high arches. All you need to do is convince yourself and adhere to the strict schedule. Let’s look into the reasons why you need arch support first: 

    • Customized orthotic devices help your high arches absorb shock.
    • Arch support helps reduce the chances of protonation, though they may be small but not insignificant.
    • Your knee and hip joints will be safe from jostling, resulting in thin tendons and brittle bones.
    • Soft padding helps you boost your run without risk of pain and twisting ankles.
    • Customized planter orthotics helps reduce the chance of ulceration in diabetic neuropathic feet.
    • In the case of past injuries, arch support would not let that influence your current running and hiking.
    • Improved function score and motion control in the supination of Cavus feet.
    • Support your inflamed and heated up muscle areas (plantar fascia) areas while running.
    • Pain relief and aid in up-down motion and sudden cuts in hilly terrains.
    • Individual customization regarding the arch’s height, the width of the feet, and inward curving of metatarsals.

How special features help you support the arch?

parts of walking shoe

Suppose you know about the importance of unique features that support your arch. Not only will it make purchasing the perfect shoe easier but also your way to recovery.

Rubber outsoles:

You can find rubber and silicon outsoles online, or you could customize them. They are the base of your shoes that provides rigidity and heel cupping. Your heels will not protonate or shift outward. The pressure that falls on the heels will be evenly distributed. So, you will feel natural propulsion for each step. While you are at it, look for additional supports like:


A cushioned midsole is necessary for your arches; they will provide a natural surface to your feet. In normal circumstances, you have to push harder so the arch contacts the ground. Especially if you are walking on tiled floors, granite, and smooth surfaces, hilly areas might not require it that much, but it is not like you are outside all the time.

Sock liners:

Sock liners are specially designed for protection to the Achilles tendon and the callouses. The soft material of stretchable quality will help your feet shift quickly in the shoes. Constant rubbing will not progress your hard scaling skin and will prevent blisters and bruising.


The main problem is the distribution of pressure. Why not use the alternative that does the job for you? You have special insoles for that purpose. They will stop the pain from reaching your knees and ankles. Protect yourself from ankle sprains and arthritis at a later age.


If you have faced the problem of finding the right shoes, then you can rest easy. A stretchable fabric lacework will help you find the right fitting. From the front toes to your heels, you can firmly secure your feet in shoes with just one tug.

Meshwork inlining:

Even if you end up securing your feet while running, you might feel cinching and narrowed space for movement. To gain smooth gliding in a firm yet breathable shoes, you can choose airy and spongy meshwork. It also reduces the accumulation of moisture in your shoes. With an ideal meshwork, you will have a higher jumping ability.

If the ability to change your high arches’ fate is in your hands, then why not ensure it? Maneuver a compromised situation that will work in your benefit and enjoy it!

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